Friday, July 16, 2010

Real 2K Insider: NBA 2K11 (News Update)

Ever the perfectionist, I have yet to release my 2K11 roster as I am still waiting for a few team's rosters to be filled out (notably: Bulls, Clippers, Hawks, Heat).

I've been spending the time perfecting each team's roster, making position tweaks where necessary, continuing to update player ratings and tendencies (as I had only completed about half the teams).

Still, I'm sure many of you are curious as to how the league's power is shifting, and I've got a sneak preview of how the league will primarily look once the dust has settled.

90 Heat - You already know
86 Bulls - Adding Boozer shored up biggest weakness
85 Bucks - Team won 46 last year, added Maggette and Gooden
84 Celtics - Could really use Barnes to replenish team depth
83 Bobcats - Full season of Tyrus will help
82 Magic - Downgraded from Barnes/J-Will to Q-Rich/Duhon
82 Hawks - Barely beat Milwaukee last year, yet making no moves
81 Sixers - Turner will bring this flawed team back to playoffs
79 Knicks - Finally gunning for the 8th seed, still plenty of questions
78 Pacers - Still need a PG and SG... very quiet this offseason
77 Nets - Replaced their backups with... younger backups
76 Pistons - Lots of depth, not enough talent... also quiet this summer
74 Wizards - Might be starting Yi - nuff said
73 Cavaliers - Things will get uglier before the summer is through
70 Raptors - Most unbalanced roster in the league

86 Lakers - Same team as last year, which favors them to win conference
85 Rockets - Might as well call this team "Superman Returns"
84 Mavericks - How many teams can say Shawn Marion would be their 7th man?
84 Nuggets - Harrington a big upgrade over Malik Allen
84 Blazers - Return to health makes them as dangerous as any western power
83 Spurs - Splitter shores up frontcourt, but SF still a weakness
83 Thunder - Same team as last year... will need to improve again
82 Jazz - Replaced Boozer with Big Al, but bench still thin
81 Grizzlies - Improved their depth, but still a starless team (hey Rudy)
81 Hornets - Another sideways season makes CP3 an unhappy camper
80 Clippers - Griffin returns, but team lacks depth
80 Warriors - Ironman David Lee joins most injured NBA team
79 Kings - Cousins provides instant improvement, but still lacking at PG/SF
78 Suns - Just replaced Amare with Turkoglu... I need convincing
75 Wolves - League's worst team gave away their best player for draft picks


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