Friday, December 12, 2008

Real 2K Insider 3.6

Due to personal reasons I cannot say whether or not I'll have another update. Update has all the recent player movement.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

My name is NBA 2K Insider. I'm a basketball expert!

Latest News

Jason Richardson - Suns
J-Rich heads back west and will provide the Suns with deadly 3pt shooting.
He should play well alongside a point guard of Nash's caliber.

This from a guy who was ripping Nash two weeks ago.

Javaris Crittenton - Wizards
Crittenton was traded to the Wizards who are desperate for point guard help.
Memphis had great depth at the point and could afford to give up Jarvis.

Mike Conley and Kyle Lowry = great depth? Double You Tee Eff?

Mike James - Wizards
James provides the Wizards with a proven point guard until Agent Zero returns.
He's probably glad to be out of Byron Scott's doghouse.

Mike James is a proven point guard? What? More proven than Antonio Daniels? He's an older Juan Dixon at this point.

J-Rich traded to Phoenix

As a Mets fan (K-Rod last night, J.J. Putz in 12 player trade tonight), I actually overlooked this trade for most of the day.

Suns Recieve
SG Jason Richardson (83)
SF Jared Dudley (74)

Bobcats Recieve
SG Raja Bell (80)
PF Boris Diaw (77)
PG Sean Singletary (72)

J-Rich would have been a great fit on this team two years ago with Mike D'Antoni; under defensive minded Terry Porter, I have to think this acquisition was more about dumping Boris Diaw's massive contract than anything else.

GM Steve Kerr is intent on rebuilding while staying as competitive as possible. The problem with such a plan is it rarely renders a championship, which players like Nash and Shaq are clearly seeking at this stage of thier careers.

J-Rich has more talent than Bell, but he may not be a better fit. J-Rich's defense is so pathetic that MATT CARROLL was drawing the tougher assignment last season. Since his knee surgery, J-Rich has become far more content bombing away from three (only average handles dont help hm get to the basket either). Raja Bell only bombs away from three (and he obviously isn't much for ball handling) so the Suns offensive gains could be minimal... while the leap from Bell to J-Rich defensively could be akin to the leap one makes off a cliff. Nash/J-Rich could easily be the worst defensive backcourt in the league, and this is a league with the Golden State Warriors we're talking here.

What's worse is Leandro Barbosa is no help in this department. Since he is no longer Nash's backup, I have to think he's the next one headed out of town. He is struggling without Mike D'Antoni (predictably, I might add) and is essentially a shorter J-Rich. Barbosa's contract makes him tough to trade, and the team would almost certainly need another guard in return. I doubt there's much of a market for him when guys like Anthony Roberson are willing to take minimum contracts

And can ya'll just sign Damon Stoudamire already? You only have two PGs and I can't imagine Goran Dragic playing 40 minutes per game if Nash got hurt. No, he doesn't help the defense, but I'd rather have a vet who played at Zona who could actually step in rather than a Kevin Ollie type, or worse, Smush Parker. (Speaking of Anthony Roberson types, and Damon Stoudamire, whats cousin Salim doing about now? He wouldn't be any worse than Barbosa's been).

Dudley for Diaw is a wash, at least talent wise. Diaw owes Mike D'Antoni at least half of that 45 million dollar contract. As a ball-handling center in a run/gun, Diaw's alright. He doesn't have much value on a team with a healthy Amare/Shaq, and his play has not improved one bit since signing the deal. Dudley is much cheaper and is an undersized PF, which is good enough. The little things that seperate Diaw and Dudley are not worth the additional 8 million per.

All in all, the Suns seem to be moving sideways in the present, but forward looking towards the future. Just don't expect Kobe Bryant to average fewer than 50 against the Suns the rest of the year.

J-Rich was not a good fit the moment Larry Brown signed on as head coach. He gets a defensive minded player he should love in Raja Bell.

Boris Diaw, as overpaid and overrated as he might be, is actually the best PF the Bobcats have (assuming the pre-injury Sean May is gone forever as it seems he might be.)

I suppose Sean Singletary fills the 3rd string PG role, not that he'll ever be needed as Felton/Augustin never get tired and are quite durable. Of course, Felton will probably see even more SG time now...

Overall, the Bobcats stand to improve more than the Suns did from this trade. Of course, when Gerald Wallace has his annual injury, things are going to get even uglier on the offensive end.

Michael Jordan traded 2006 #7 pick Brandan Wright for Raja Bell.

Wright's 21 years old now. Bell is 32.

Raja Bell: 5 years, 25 million
Matt Carroll: 6 years, 27 million

Bell's a bit underpaid, and at least Carroll's salary decreases as he gets older, but man, that was a lot of money and years to a D-Leaguer. Gerald Green was available for the minimum this summer.

I give kudos to MJ for realizing J-Rich shouldn't be the long-term starter, but it's not like Bell should be either. He should move to the bench next season (if not sooner!) but where does that leave Carroll and Morrison? (...I guess for a Bobcats fan the favorable answer would be "Not on the team".)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Derrick Rose: InsiderRU4Sheezy

Overall 89 (+4)
A higher rating than Steve Nash. Yes, that Steve Nash.

Med 85 (+2)
Deserved at moment.

3pt 81 (+11)
Rose is attemping one three pointer per game. He plays almost 40 minutes per game. He is 7 for 20 on the season. With an 81 rating you can bet cats will hit 2-3 threes per game with him.

Handle 99 (+3)
Is Rose's handle REALLY perfect? Nash/Iversonesque? Really? What was wrong with a 96? Didn't pump his overall rating high enough?

Then again, after he did this to Andre Miller

I guess people were calling for it.

Pass 83 (+2)
Deserved at moment.

Block 64 (+10)
Huh? Rose has 4 blocks in 19 games. Why does he suddenly deserve a higher rating than Gerald Wallace, Rashard Lewis, etc? He doesn't even deserve the 54 he had at default, much less a 10 point boost.

Speed 99 (+3)
Whatever, I guess people want to cheese with him that bad. I highly doubt he's the fastest dude in the league.

OffAwr 89 (+7)
Rose is averaging 19 points and 6 assists. Those aren't all-star numbers. Those are Steve Francis numbers. Taking into account his team is 5th in pace factor, they are a bit inflated. That 89 gives him an awareness rating equal to that of Chauncey Billups - a player who averaged 17 and 7 for the slowest team in the league last season. Billups also did this in 32 minutes, not 38. If Rose were really deserving of an 89 OffAwr, I somehow doubt the Bulls would be 24th in Offensive Efficiency. Just a hunch.

Vertical 99 (+1)
Off Dribble 81 (+2)
In Traffic 87 (+5)
Quickness 99 (+1)

It always boggles my mind that this guy has time to do a meaningless one point boost to an attribute nobody cares about, meanwhile Tony Battie has badly needed his shot ratings fixed since 2k3, and nuthin. Obviously he must have pissed someone off if he can't even get a 5 point boost to his 52 close whereas Rose is getting daily updates it seems.

Shot Tend 74 (+5)
3pt Tend 38 (+16)
Dunk Tend 78 (+8)

As pointed out above, Rose plays most of the game and only attempts 1 three per game.
4% of Rose's shots are dunks. Obviously he should be dunking as much as centers right?
(Dude has a higher dunk rating than Tyrus Thomas also, but that was covered in a previous blog).

Rose has dunked 8 times in 19 games. He is 81st in the league in total dunks. He ranks 2nd among PGs in dunks (Russell Westbrook leads with 13) and is only 10th among all guards.

6. Wade 32
7. R. Brewer 31
16. A. Iguodala 22
26. K. Bryant 18
45. Westbrook 13
81. D. Rose 8

Somehow, that equals a 92 dunk rating and a 78 tendency.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Real 2K Insider v3.5

3.5 was uploaded to 2K Share for 360.

It is essentially a 33% complete build of 4.0.

3.6 will come later in the week as I continue to update the file.

Some comparisons between R2K 3.5 and the latest 2k update

R2K rating (Insider rating)

Brand 89 (88)
Iguodala 83 (85)
Young 82 (83)
Miller 82 (83)
Dalembert 81 (82)
Green 78 (78)
Williams 76 (79)
Speights 75 (77)
Evans 74 (70)
Ratlif 73 (70)
Rush 73 (75)
Marshall 72 (72)
Ivey 72 (69)
Smith 70 (71)

Roy 89 (91 - Insider gave him a clutch rating, WHEN THE HELL ARE WE GONNA BE ALLOWED TO DO THAT?????? It's only been FIVE YEARS we've been requesting it.)
Aldridge 84 (85)
Oden 84 (82)
Fernandez 82 (83)
Outlaw 81 (80)
Blake 78 (78)
Przybilla 78 (75)
Frye 78 (77)
Webster 77 (77)
Batum 76 (75)
Rodriguez 76
Diogu 75 (73)
Bayless 72 (74)
LaFrentz 71 (71)
Randolph 69 (68)

Okafor 86 (84)
Wallace 84 (84)
Richardson 83 (82)
Felton 81 (81)
Augustin 79 (78)
Mohammed 77 (74)
May 75 (75)
Carroll 75 (72)
Morrison 74 (72)
Dudley 74 (72)
Brown 74 (70)
Jones 69 (72)
Hollins 69 (67)
Ajinca 67 (63)

Robinson 83 (84)
Marbury 80 (80)
Duhon 79 (78)
Lee 78 (80)
Harrington 78 (77)
Chandler 78 (77)
Mobley 78 (78)
Richardson 76 (72)
Thomas 75 (72)
Roberson 74 (70)
Curry 74 (74)
Gallinari 73 (73)
Jeffries 70 (65)
Rose 69 (69)
James 66 (60)

Stoudemire 90 (94)
Nash 89 (88)
O'Neal 85 (84)
Barbosa 82 (85)
Hill 81 (83)
Bell 80 (82)
Barnes 78 (77)
Diaw 77 (75)
Lopez 72 (72)