Sunday, January 11, 2009

Final LMAO at the 2K Insider

I went to the 2K Insider blog today just to check it out, and was going to make a comment.

The Following Error(s) have occurred: -Your account has been banned from posting in this section

LOL I haven't even posted on 2K forums in two months!

Welcome, Rashidi.You last visited: 4 Weeks Ago at 09:03 PM

LMAO once again, 2K Insider, you're a bit late.

Btw, my retirement is going very well. It's been one month since I've played a video game not named Rockband 2. I'm getting things done I previously didn't give myself time for, seeing all the friends I never made time for.

I also haven't watched the NBA in over a month. Interesting cost cutting trades made by teams, and it's my thought that GMs are going to want to restructure the CBA as the NBA is seemingly turning into baseball, as teams are either stacking themselves, or selling off their assets to chase big name free agents later on. I was really enjoying watching the Knicks, so maybe I'll start watching them again. I kinda pulled the plug on my TV too.

I don't think I was addicted to video games so much, I was more a basketball addict and there's so much more content available compared to when I was a kid. For the first time in 10 years, I wouldn't be able to name every player on every team. I don't know if Jeremy Richardson was cut by Orlando again or not, or who the 15th man is on the Spurs (that's pretty much all I don't know, LOL, but thats huge for someone who prided themself on knowing).

Maybe in the future, I'll have a desire to get back into both. But right now, I'm enjoying my life for the most part.

You can consider this an open message to all other roster editors:
Take a good long look at your life, and ask yourself... Is it worth it?


jerry_kelvin said...

Good to see you're living life. But it would be nice if you just got back to blogging NBA Games, and your views on the NBA. But yeah, have fun.

tyrthomas said...

Good to hear from you again bro! Glad your enjoying life. Don't know if this answers your question but the work you did over the years made 2K much more enjoyable for me! Take care and enjoy life!

Pragpro said...

Good for you, dude. Diversifying your life is never a bad idea. Yeah the internet is tough on you, but the NBA is finite, imagine if you were a music and politics nerd as well. Exhausting.

DJ said...

wow. it took you this fcking long to realize that life is outside and that while you're spending your spare time editing some stupid sports video game, others are living and having real fun.

All this time you spent editing this damn video game for other nerdz that really didn't care that much... it was really worth it hahaha.

Damn nerd... and then these people claim they're more intelligent or something ? hahahahahaha. hope you're enjoying REAL life, it's much better than a video game ;)