Sunday, April 4, 2010

2K Sports: consistently stealing my consistency ratings

2K Sports updated consistency ratings in their April Fools update, but the joke is on them. The majority of their changes are ripped right from my roster.

Chauncey Billups: 85 (from 99)
Jason Terry: 80 (from 99)
Vince Carter: 80 (from 99)
Jameer Nelson: 75 (from 99)
Ben Gordon: 75 (from 99)
Nate Robinson: 65 (from 99)
J.J. Redick: 50 (from 25)

There are surely a few others... and surely more to come since 2K hasn't adjusted consistency for every team yet.

While I appreciate the fact that 2K Sports continues to be a fan of my work, it's really quite annoying that they employ talentless hacks.


Shelb said...

I'm guessing you're planning on releasing a file with playoff rosters?

Anonymous said...