Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Confirming 2K's new rating formula

Using the fanshot video again...

Elton Brand 2K12 (2K11 change in parenthesize)
77 Overall (-1)
83 Inside (-2)
99 Close (+9)
71 Mid (-3)
25 3pt (0)
?? LPS (82) - Not shown on roster screen; hopefully it's still a rating.
78 FT (+10)
48 Layup (0)
58 Dunk (0)
55 S.Dunk (0)
?? SOD (67) - Not shown on roster screen; same as with LPS.
68 SIT (0)
?? Handle (45) - Not shown, but surely still a rating.
33 OHD (0) - For whatever reason OHD is shown on roster screen but NOT handle? Weird.
34 SEC (0)
27 Pass (0)
72 Block (0)
71 Steal (0)
86 Hands (0)
62 OBD (0)
85 O-Reb (0)
70 D-Reb (0)
?? O-Post (79) - Not shown on roster screen, are they insane??? Roster interface is garbage if that's the case since this is one of most important ratings. IF IT AIN'T BROKE WHY FIX IT?????
70 D-Post
79 O-Awr (0)
72 D-Awr (0)
?? O-Clutch (35)
?? D-Clutch (25)
70 Cons (0)
83 Stam (0)
47 Speed (0)
45 Quick (0)
73 Str (0)
52 Vert (0)
77 Hustle (0)
55 Dur (0)
?? Pot (92)
?? Emo (60)

I think it's safe to assume that the hidden ratings remained unchanged as the ONLY ratings that DID change for Brand were his shot ratings. That is probably the case with most players (Yet another lazy summer for 2K Sports).

Brand saw a substantial increase in Close (+9) and FT (+10) ratings, minimal decreases from Inside (-2) and Mid (-3), YET STILL DROPPED ONE POINT OVERALL.

Brand with those EXACT ratings in 2K11 has 79 overall, TWO POINT HIGHER than his 2K12 rating


As with Brand, Jrue Holiday's non-shot ratings are also identical to last season.  Let's go over his changes and see why he didn't decrease in rating.

Jrue Holiday

79 Overall (0)
79 Inside (-10)
76 Close (-3)
80 Mid (+10)
82 3pt (+6)
82 FT (+3)

Holiday is an 80 (+1) in 2K11 with those changes.  Let's look at a SG now.

Evan Turner
71 Overall (+1)
78 Inside (-5)
77 Close (+7)
74 Mid (+2)
74 3pt (+13)

The reasons for Turner's improvement should be obvious, as that is a huge boost to his 3pt rating.  Turner with those changes rates 72 overall in NBA 2K11.

Time for a SF.

Thaddeus Young
74 Overall (-1)
99 Inside (+11)
69 Close (-2)
70 Mid (-3)
76 3pt (0)

Young with those changes is still 75 overall in 2K11.  That is three players who have rated +1 in 2K11 using their 2K12 ratings, whereas Elton Brand, a PF, was +2 (confirming that bigs are taking larger hits than smalls).

Unfortunately, the way the video was shot, we cannot confirm all of Spencer Hawes' specific ratings... but given that he was never even edited the entire year last season, we can safely assume that he still hasn't been touched!

Spencer Hawes
59 Overall (-7)
85 Inside (+3)
70 Close (-5)
81 Mid (+5)
66 3pt (-1)

Hawes with those ratings is still 66 overall in 2K11.  He doesn't drop in rating at all.  2K12 knocks him down a whopping 7 overall points.  WHAT IN THE HELL?  Either something is majorly up with those hidden post offense ratings, or 2K added a new rating that is not at all favorable towards bigs.  This rating imbalance is so awful that it almost feels like a glitch to me.  Players are being PENALIZED for playing the center position.  This would make sense if the league were chock full of quality centers and crappy guards (like the 1960s), but the league has historically had it's share of stiffs and THE MAJORITY OF BACKUP CENTERS WERE ALREADY THE LOWEST RATED PLAYERS IN THE GAME.

Marreese Speights
67 Overall (-4)
88 Inside (+2)
78 Close (+3)
89 Mid (+11)
54 3pt (+7)

LOL at 2K Sports finding and going wayyyyyyyy overboard with it.  All statistics require context.  89 Mid for Speights is about the most laughable rating I have seen so far.  He only shot 42% last season in a limited sample (54-129) and more importantly was assisted on 80% of his shots!  Anyway Speights went up in ALL FIVE shot categories yet still dropped 4 points.  2K11 Speights would be 72 overall which is 5 points higher than his 2K12 counterpart.

Tony Battie
47 Overall (-10)
60 Inside (-14)
64 Close (-22)
65 Mid (-8)
46 3pt (+14)

Battie was worthy of a substantial drop.  However after making those changes in 2K11 he only drops 3 points overall.  Seven more points are dropped by 2K12 for only god knows why?

I could comb over every player (and I might), but I think my point has been made clear.  Nothing has changed, but everything has gotten worse.


TGballin said...
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TGballin said...

I can't say without a doubt those ratings are still in game.

but,when i tried implementing your ratings to a newer ros. file last year I first tried taking photos from this screen..

I later found out for some reason alot of ratings were, missing.

you have to click on each player individually to see all the ratings even in 2k11. pop 11 in and check and see if LPS and all the "missing" ratings arent missing from the so called rating screen in this video.

DaJuan said...

Horrible shooting rating this year.

Haddadi 96 for inside shot ! (22-31)

Furthermore, Dunks are including in the inside shoot rating this year, all the big man who dunk have a high shot rating.

Same thing for the slashers like Gay or Iggy, they got 90+

Insider is a sick man.

PS: Sorry for my poor english, i'm French.

DaJuan said...

I'm forgotten:

It seems Close rating in NBA 2k are ONLY the 10-15 feet from hoopdata and no include 3-9 feet.

Rashidi said...

Post Offense definitely shouldn't be hidden, that is a rating that I want to compare among my players without clicking them.

I mean, they ONLY revamped the post system...

javo said...

hi Rashidi I can't find The Real NBA 2K12 ... this roster is for NBA 2K11 game or will be for NBA 2K12?