Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NBA 2K12 Point Guard Ratings (Final)

These are my final 2K12 ratings for all 78 NBA point guards currently in the league.  They can be found in my XBox 360 roster file found on 2K Share (search via Gamer Tag "Real 2K Insider")

If a player is not listed, it's because I have them listed at shooting guard (or they are a free agent).  Free agents will be added as they sign (I am only expecting 1-2 more based on available roster spots in the NBA).
If you weren't aware, all my ratings are compiled using stats/video/scouting reports predominantly from Basketball-Reference, MySynergySports, 82games, and DraftExpress.

The average starting PG = 77 Overall

Rating Flaws
As I've covered in the past, 2K's formula's for overall rating are far from perfect and here's the list of flaws I've got
Defensive Awareness counts way too heavily into a PG's rating.  There are very few PGs who have a high level of defensive impact. In the case of a player like Kyrie Irving who posted better offensive numbers than some of the players rated higher, his defense measures extremely poor.
Athleticism ratings, specificially Speed and Quickness increase a player too much.  Super athletes like Nate Robinson, Will Bynum, etc will rate well compared to slow-footed players like Jason Kidd and Andre Miller who can't guard quick PGs, but have the strength required to guard SGs.  2K's formula doesn't factor in that kind of versatility.
Mediocre 3pt shooters end up penalized, while at the same time 3pt Specialists like Steve Blake, Daniel Gibson, Derek Fisher, etc end up getting penalized even harder for their lack of passing ability.

Bear in mind that all ratings will change as the 2012-13 season progresses.  Young players generally improve, older players generally regress, players gain/lose opportunities due to injuries, while the added variable of the post-lockout improvement for a number of players who weren't ready for the shortened 2012 season may end up being a factor (Knicks fans and Raymond Felton can only hope).

INJ = Injured, w/ estimated return date.
NGC = Non-Guaranteed Contract (could be cut during training camp)
R = Rookie

94 - Chris Paul
92 - Derrick Rose (INJ - ETA March 2013)

86 - Russell Westbrook
86 - Rajon Rondo

84 - Steve Nash
83 - Deron Williams
82 - Tony Parker
82 - Brandon Jennings
81 - Jeremy Lin
81 - Ty Lawson
80 - Louis Williams

79 - Kyrie Irving
79 - Kyle Lowry
78 - Stephen Curry
78 - Michael Conley
77 - Isaiah Thomas
77 - Goran Dragic
77 - John Wall
77 - Jrue Holiday
76 - Nate Robinson
76 - Jarrett Jack

74 - Jerryd Bayless
74 - George Hill
74 - Darren Collison
73 - Ramon Sessions
73 - Jeff Teague
73 - Kemba Walker
73 - Greivis Vasquez
73 - Raymond Felton
72 - Jose Calderon
72 - Devin Harris
72 - Delonte West
72 - Ricky Rubio
72 - John Lucas
71 - Rodrigue Beaubois
71 - J.J. Barea
71 - Mario Chalmers
71 - D.J. Augustin
71 - Aaron Brooks
71 - Jason Kidd
70 - Andre Miller
70 - Jameer Nelson
70 - Mo Williams
70 - Sebastian Telfair
70 - Eric Bledsoe
70 - Will Bynum

69 - Luke Ridnour
69 - Beno Udrih
69 - Brandon Knight
68 - C.J. Watson
68 - Damian Lillard (R)
67 - Kirk Hinrich
67 - Eric Maynor
66 - Shelvin Mack
65 - Jimmer Fredette
65 - A.J. Price
65 - Chris Duhon

64 - Charles Jenkins
64 - Earl Watson
64 - Jamaal Tinsley
64 - Daniel Gibson (NGC)
64 - Norris Cole
64 - Reggie Jackson
64 - Kendall Marshall (R)
64 - Tyshawn Taylor (R)
63 - Toney Douglas
63 - Pablo Prigioni (R)
63 - Marquis Teague (R)
62 - Nolan Smith
62 - Julyan Stone (NGC)
61 - Jerome Dyson (NGC)
61 - Jeremy Pargo

59 - Courtney Fortson (NGC)
59 - Steve Blake
59 - Darius Morris
58 - Donald Sloan (NGC)
57 - Cory Joseph
57 - Josh Selby

I might consider adding player "Styles" to this post to dress it up a bit and make it a bit more comprehensive.  All-Around, Scoring, Pass First, 3pt Specialist, Defensive, and Athletic are the styles a PG can be given.  TBQH "Pass First" shouldn't even be a style and should really be titled "Floor General". It's an out-dated term that is more derogatory than complimentary nowadays. Chris Paul and Kendall Marshall are both "pass first" players but CP3 averages 20 points because he can actually get his shot off AND make it whereas Marshall or Chris Duhon cannot.  But I digress.

I have not decided which position will be the next I finish off, nor when that release will be.  It primarily depends on the free agent market, as there are still a bunch of players at each position that are unsigned.  The center market is probably the next-closest to being dried up, so don't be surprised to see that next.


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