Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NBA 2K13 Roster Analysis 6/25/13

The NBA season is over and injuries have been removed from all NBA players in NBA 2K13's final roster update.  There were no rating changes or added players, but nearly every team had a change to their lineup that affects online gameplay.

76ERS (87 Overall)
Andrew Bynum returns to the active roster after a season-long absence.  Considering it's unlikely he will be re-signed by the Sixers, now is your chance to see what could have been.

BOBCATS (71 Overall)
Ramon Sessions and Brendan Haywood are back although only a handful of players will notice.

BUCKS (73 Overall)
Samuel Dalembert (73/C) was left on the inactive list in favor of Gustavo Ayon (63/C).  The Bucks will probably lose both Monta Ellis and J.J. Redick this summer, so enjoy the guards while they last.

BULLS (88 Overall)
Derrick Rose is back in the starting lineup, and this will surely make the Bulls a hot online pick for the next few months.  Backup center Nazr Mohammed is inexplicably inactive in favor of Daequan Cook who barely played this year (as if he will get any burn over Hinrich, Hamilton, Robinson, or Belinelli w/ Rose logging 80+% of PG minutes).  We also are treated to the ultimate video game backcourt of Robinson/Rose.

CAVALIERS (76 Overall)
Anderson Varejao is back, which is a welcome sight for Cavs fans who were stuck with Tyler Zeller most of the season.

CELTICS (86 Overall)
Rajon Rondo returns to active duty and nostalgic fans may want to get their last few Celtics games in before the team breaks up this summer.  Jared Sullinger also gives Boston some added front court depth.

CLIPPERS (85 Overall)
Though most of the core should remain intact, this is your last chance to play with the retiring Grant Hill.

GRIZZLIES (86 Overall)
The team is as steady as ever, with Tony Allen and Jerryd Bayless the only key free agents and both unlikely to leave.

HAWKS (79 Overall)
Lou Williams returns from his season ending injury, although 2K seems to have forgotten he was the sixth man (they have him starting at SG over Devin Harris).  This could be your last chance to use Josh Smith as a member of the Hawks.

HEAT (92 Overall)
The two-time defending champs will be a popular pick over the next few months, and their core is locked in for a chance at a three-peat.

HORNETS (74 Overall)
Anthony Davis return to active duty, which makes the team usable.

JAZZ (76 Overall)
Enes Kanter is back and you may want to get used to him since the Millsap/Jefferson core is likely at it's end.

KINGS (76 Overall)
Nothing has changed, but Sacramento fans can surely rejoice that they still have a team.  Tyreke Evans may depart as a free agent, though.

KNICKS (86 Overall)
Jason Kidd has been my favorite player since he entered the league, and retired in the middle of a 3-year contract in order to take the Nets head coaching job.  This will be fans' last opportunity to use him.  Marcus Camby (73/C) is still inactive rather than Quentin Richardson (64/SF on a team w/ Novak and Copeland).

LAKERS (83 Overall)
Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash return to the starting lineup, although Kobe should hit the inactive list again when NBA 2K14 releases their opening day roster.  It's starting to look like Dwight Howard will depart as a free agent, meaning this is probably the last chance fans will have to abuse this "super" team.

MAGIC (70 Overall)
Hedo Turkoglu and Al Harrington are both still on the inactive list.  Not that anyone besides hardcore fans use the Magic online.  Glen Davis is healthy again which would give the team some added depth if they weren't losing the other two veterans.

MAVERICKS (81 Overall)
Roddy Beaubois is healthy which is another reason not to ever use "starter" Mike James.

NETS (80 Overall)
Still the same mediocre 1st/2nd round bubble team.  Decent chance one of Andray Blatche or Kris Humphries is gone by next season.

NUGGETS (84 Overall)
Andre Iguodala could be on the way out as the team could really shouldn't be throwing a massive contract his way.

PACERS (85 Overall)
Danny Granger is healthy and starting over Lance Stephenson, giving the Pacers the added scoring punch they need to be an elite level team.

PISTONS (73 Overall)
Jason Maxiell is back in the starting lineup.  Corey Maggette is finally on the inactive list (and may have played his last NBA game).

RAPTORS (76 Overall)
Andrea Bargnani returns to health and is starting over Amir Johnson (which I disagree with).  Bargnani's days in Toronto are numbered.

ROCKETS (72 Overall)
They are expected to be big players in free agency, likely declining options on Carlos Delfino and Aaron Brooks and salary dumping Thomas Robinson on draft night.  Whether they can secure the services of Dwight Howard or Josh Smith, this is likely the final iteration of the current team.

SPURS (88 Overall)
Tracy McGrady might be overrated, but at least 2K had the good sense to keep him inactive.  The NBA Finalists should remain a slightly more popular pick than usual.

SUNS (72 Overall)
Jermaine O'Neal is inactive, which is a bit mind-boggling given the role he held for the team this year.  Channing Frye is healthy which makes up for it some what.  Marcin Gortat also returns to active duty to give the Suns some much needed size.

THUNDER (87 Overall)
Russell Westbrook is healthy which will once again make this team a popular pick for 2K fans.

Kevin Love hits the starting lineup and fans finally get to use a full-strength Minnesota roster, excluding Brandon Roy who was removed from the team.

TRAIL BLAZERS (78 Overall)
Wesley Matthews and Nicolas Batum are healthy again.  Jared Jeffries who was cut after the playoffs began is not on the team.

WARRIORS (86 Overall)
Brandon Rush returns to health to provide some added shooting and effectively replace Richard Jefferson in the lineup.

WIZARDS (71 Overall)
Bradley Beal, Nene, and Trevor Ariza ended the season hurt, but their presence allows the Wizards to be usable team.


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