Saturday, September 26, 2015

Philadelphia 76ers NBA 2K16 Ratings (9/26/15)

77/C: Nerlens Noel (Interior Defender)
77/C: Jahlil Okafor (Offensive-Minded Center)
76/C: Joel Embiid (Inside Scorer)
75/PG: Tony Wroten (Penetrating Point)
74/PF: Carl Landry (Offensive-Minded Four)
74/SF: Robert Covington (Skilled Shooter)
73/PG: Isaiah Canaan (Offensive-Minded Point)
71/PG: Kendall Marshall (Reliable Playmaker)
71/SF: Hollis Thompson (Perimeter Threat)
70/SF: JaKarr Sampson (Raw Wing Defender)
69/SF: Jerami Grant (Wing Defender)
69/SG: Nik Stauskas (Skilled Shooter)
69/PG: Pierre Jackson (Shoot-First Point)
68/C: Furkan Aldemir (Rebounding Center)
68/SF: Gerald Wallace (Scrapper)
67/PF: Richuan Homes (Faceup Four)

POINT GUARD (Average Starter = 80)
75 - Tony Wroten (14.9 PER, 30 MPG)
73 - Isaiah Canaan (12.4 PER, 26 MPG)
71 - Kendall Marshall (12.4 PER, 15 MPG)
69 - Pierre Jackson (Rookie)
  • Tony Wroten was effective in 2015 with Michael Carter-Williams sidelined, before tearing his ACL.  He should be the starter out of the gates but his ball-dominant style is better served in a sixth man role.
  • Kendall Marshall is one of the league's best passers, but can't seem to catch a break or stay healthy.  Look for him to take the starting role from Wroten once he is ready and able to do so.
  • Isaiah Canaan isn't much of a playmaker or defensive player, but he is the team's best shooter off the dribble. He's also the only PG on the roster not recovering from a major injury.
  • Pierre Jackson is on the roster bubble.  As a 5'10" scoring PG coming off a ruptured Achilles he has a tough road.  It's been reported that the Sixers will only keep three PGs out of camp, but Wroten (6'6", 205 lbs) is really more of a SG anyway.
SHOOTING GUARD (Average Starter = 78)
71 - Hollis Thompson (10.9 PER, 25 MPG)
69 - Nik Stauskas (7.5 PER, 15 MPG)
  • Nik Stauskas is expected to start, and will have every opportunity to build upon his putrid rookie season with the Kings.  He received rave reviews playing for Team Canada in the off-season.  A player to watch throughout the year, and an early candidate for Most Improved Player.
  • Hollis Thompson isn't much beyond a spot-up shooter (Career 40 3PT%).  The Sixers are so desperate for shooting that he should make the team (but can't afford to slip, as his contract is not guaranteed).
SMALL FORWARD (Average Starter = 79)
74/SF: Robert Covington (14.7 PER, 28 MPG)
70/SF: JaKarr Sampson (9.4 PER, 15 MPG)
69/SF: Jerami Grant (8.7 PER, 21 MPG)
68/SF: Gerald Wallace (6.2 PER, 9 MPG)
  • Robert Covington is expected to reprise his starting role, and it would take monumental offensive improvement from Jerami Grant to change that.
  • Gerald Wallace will likely be waived in favor of JaKarr Sampson (or another young player like J.P. Tokoto or Christian Wood).
Editor's Note: Wallace was indeed waived 12 hours after this posting.
POWER FORWARD (Average Starter = 80)
74 - Carl Landry (14.9 PER, 17 MPG)
67 - Richuan Homes (Rookie)
  • Nerlens Noel will start at PF with Jahlil Okafor locked in at center.  Defensively he should compliment Okafor well, but offensively the spacing will be a nightmare until Noel expands his range (ala Serge Ibaka).
  • While there has been no indication that Carl Landry will suit up for the Sixers, he is unlikely to be outright waived since he still has another year left on his contract.  Once he recovers from injury the team will hope to move him to a playoff team for a draft pick, not dissimilar from Jason Richardson's situation last season.
  • Richuan Holmes should carve out a bench role with the team given how thin the Sixers are up front.
CENTER (Average Starter = 79)
77 - Nerlens Noel (15.0 PER, 31 MPG)
77 - Jahlil Okafor (Rookie)
76 - Joel Embiid (Rookie)
68 - Furkan Aldemir (12.0 PER, 13 MPG)
  • Jahlil Okafor will start, with Noel playing along side him.  He's the early favorite for Rookie of the Year given the playing time and usage he's expected to receive. 
  • Furkan Aldemir is a solid rebounder and exhibited 3PT range during summer league (currently 25 Standing/Moving 3PT Rating).  The Sixers would be thrilled if he can bring some of what Spencer Hawes brought them, in order to provide a different look when Okafor/Noel hit the bench.
  • Joel Embiid will once again miss the season with a broken foot. It's a highly disappointing start for the 3rd overall pick of the 2014 draft.

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