Friday, December 5, 2008

Derrick Rose: InsiderRU4Sheezy

Overall 89 (+4)
A higher rating than Steve Nash. Yes, that Steve Nash.

Med 85 (+2)
Deserved at moment.

3pt 81 (+11)
Rose is attemping one three pointer per game. He plays almost 40 minutes per game. He is 7 for 20 on the season. With an 81 rating you can bet cats will hit 2-3 threes per game with him.

Handle 99 (+3)
Is Rose's handle REALLY perfect? Nash/Iversonesque? Really? What was wrong with a 96? Didn't pump his overall rating high enough?

Then again, after he did this to Andre Miller

I guess people were calling for it.

Pass 83 (+2)
Deserved at moment.

Block 64 (+10)
Huh? Rose has 4 blocks in 19 games. Why does he suddenly deserve a higher rating than Gerald Wallace, Rashard Lewis, etc? He doesn't even deserve the 54 he had at default, much less a 10 point boost.

Speed 99 (+3)
Whatever, I guess people want to cheese with him that bad. I highly doubt he's the fastest dude in the league.

OffAwr 89 (+7)
Rose is averaging 19 points and 6 assists. Those aren't all-star numbers. Those are Steve Francis numbers. Taking into account his team is 5th in pace factor, they are a bit inflated. That 89 gives him an awareness rating equal to that of Chauncey Billups - a player who averaged 17 and 7 for the slowest team in the league last season. Billups also did this in 32 minutes, not 38. If Rose were really deserving of an 89 OffAwr, I somehow doubt the Bulls would be 24th in Offensive Efficiency. Just a hunch.

Vertical 99 (+1)
Off Dribble 81 (+2)
In Traffic 87 (+5)
Quickness 99 (+1)

It always boggles my mind that this guy has time to do a meaningless one point boost to an attribute nobody cares about, meanwhile Tony Battie has badly needed his shot ratings fixed since 2k3, and nuthin. Obviously he must have pissed someone off if he can't even get a 5 point boost to his 52 close whereas Rose is getting daily updates it seems.

Shot Tend 74 (+5)
3pt Tend 38 (+16)
Dunk Tend 78 (+8)

As pointed out above, Rose plays most of the game and only attempts 1 three per game.
4% of Rose's shots are dunks. Obviously he should be dunking as much as centers right?
(Dude has a higher dunk rating than Tyrus Thomas also, but that was covered in a previous blog).

Rose has dunked 8 times in 19 games. He is 81st in the league in total dunks. He ranks 2nd among PGs in dunks (Russell Westbrook leads with 13) and is only 10th among all guards.

6. Wade 32
7. R. Brewer 31
16. A. Iguodala 22
26. K. Bryant 18
45. Westbrook 13
81. D. Rose 8

Somehow, that equals a 92 dunk rating and a 78 tendency.



Brent Nahmias said...

I don't even check to see if they patched online because those roster's and the changes the insider made destroy any chance of the game being playable.

They would be better off just releasing the first roster and NEVER changing it lmao.

Brent Nahmias said...

Wow I thought I was the only one with the Battie thing.

He even has extended his range on his midrange jumper, the other night v.s. boston he hit three or four in the first quarter all 17-19 feet. Been doing that all year it seems.

He's always been a pretty good finisher around the rim as well, his shooting ratings have always been atrocious.

He's shooting 60% this year overall.

According to Battie is shooting 49% on 2 pt jumpers. This is FIFTEENTH, yes 15th, TONY BATTIE FIFTEENTH highest fg% on 2 pt jumpers. Higher than Granger Wade Kobe Amare Paul and on and on and on.

Yeah 52 my fucking ass.

Kaanyr Vhok said...

You know I would only join this blog to disagree with you. And you know which one of Rose's ratings it is.

anagram time


The 64 is fitting even if its not consistent with everyone else. You aren't going to get much more than one block every three games with a 64.

Everything else is just common sense. I cant believe this Insider dude is that dense. Its not just Tony Battie. The close ratings are as baseless as anything in the world. You have players like Charlie Villenueva with an 89 in close.

Anonymous said...

Rashidi all you do is HATE. Aren't you tired of HATING?!! What has it gotten you? A job with 2KSports? Nope!! God help this pathetic creature by removing the HATE IN HIS HEART!!! I know the HATE is eating him up from the inside out...

Anonymous said...

2K insider always trys to appease the casual fan. He knows he's gonna make a lot of cheesers happy by inflating popular players throughout the game.

Anonymous said...

I am from Hong Kong so please forgive my poor English.

Rashidi, IMO you should just spend more time to do more recaps and update your roster file, but not just showing us every details of the 2Kinsider's update and barely intended to tease him and show us who's superior.

As you already know he is not doing a good job, so what's the point to analyze those rubbish everytime it got updated? Why don't you concentrate on doing more recaps and update us more about your work progress?

I think the best way for you to promote yourself and your work is to release 3.6, 3.7.... instead of blaming 2ksports that won't change anything or do you any good.

Reshidi, I must tell you my friends and I all use your roster file and loved it so much, I can't imagine how the game will looks like if I don't use your roster file and a custom sliders. I even share and promote your roster files in many Chinese Game forums, hopeing other 2k9 Chinese players can be benefited from you work.

I am not trying to say you become lazy and I don't mean that your effort isn't admirable. We all repsect your work, but we love to see you give us updates about your roster but not showing us your hating that lead us to nowhere.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much the "Rashidi all you do is HATE. Aren't you tired of HATING?!!..." troll is paid by 2k

Carlos said...

If they do so, they are really wasting their money

Rashidi said...

How I spend my time is my business and mine alone.

By pointing out flawed ratings, it doubles as explaining my viewpoints to the public, which better helps them understand my ratings and logic. The main reason I am considered numero uno in the ratings dept is because I can explain what was going through my brain when I made so and so a 77 rather than 78.

Further, the columns illustrate the subpar job 2k sports is doing in this area. When all is said and done, they are the one pushing the product, and SOMEONE has to complain about it or else they won't fix it.

Anonymous said...

The Insider probably has a multi-year contract anyways, so it's not like your going to be the or an insider anytime soon. Not with the way you critize 2k the way you do.

Anonymous said...

All I know is the Insiders updates come out often.....Yeah Rashidis on top of downloading and criticizeing them at the speed of light, but where is this "4.0" the last 5 topics have been about?


Anonymous said...

The commment from the guy from Hong Kong is spot on....the fact Shidi cant understand and process that shows how childish he is...Im deleting my real insider file right now. I cant support this child anymore.

Rashidi said...

"All I know is the Insiders updates come out often."

His last update was a week ago. I'm updating when I get home from work. Would have updated last night but spent some time adjusting Detroit since they underwent massive lienup changes.

"Yeah Rashidis on top of downloading and criticizeing them at the speed of light"

How many blog posts have I made in the last two weeks?

"but where is this "4.0" the last 5 topics have been about?"

As said, it's a work in progress. I'm updating the entire league, not just the top players on each team, or the same players every week, for that matter (Insider has edited Al Horford what, 6 times now?).

Maybe if I were getting financial benefit out of it, or had something to gain, I might work a little faster. I get a paycheck from my job. The only thing I get from this volunteer work is ungrateful messages from pieces of garbage like yourself.

Wonder which you would put your time into?

And finally, people who don't edit rosters themselves really have no room to criticize the work of others. I "criticize" the Insider because I put out better work despite having a job and without all those nifty 2K Sports resources at my disposal. When you put out work that rivals mine, then I might take you seriously.

In any event expect 3.6 in about an hour or two.

Flight Risk said...

ha ignore the haters, don't let them get to you. i would ask about when 4.0 is coming out by my 360 has the red rings of death, and it will be a while before i play 2k again.

in the meantime may i suggest a few things for future updates.

shots that need changing
-duncan(brad miller)
-kurt thomas(they gave him kenny thomas' shot)
-wilson chandler(don't know what to change it to)
-zach randolph(i use lean/stephen jackson)
-ryan anderson from the nets(not sure what to change it to)
-anthony roberson
-bryan simmons
-jarvis hayes

thats all i can think of off of the top of my head.

also, if anyone out there wants to go through the rosters and make a list of all the players with ridiculous foul tendencies that would be nice too.

loonyadam said...

you do great just because it takes longer these guys just like it done right away.

Anonymous said...

will today trades be in 3.6

Anonymous said...

Rashidi=quality 2k insider=quantity, simple as that.

Rashidi said...

Chandler's shot I have as KG btw.

And yes J-Rich trade will be in 3.6