Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Real 2K Insider v3.5

3.5 was uploaded to 2K Share for 360.

It is essentially a 33% complete build of 4.0.

3.6 will come later in the week as I continue to update the file.

Some comparisons between R2K 3.5 and the latest 2k update

R2K rating (Insider rating)

Brand 89 (88)
Iguodala 83 (85)
Young 82 (83)
Miller 82 (83)
Dalembert 81 (82)
Green 78 (78)
Williams 76 (79)
Speights 75 (77)
Evans 74 (70)
Ratlif 73 (70)
Rush 73 (75)
Marshall 72 (72)
Ivey 72 (69)
Smith 70 (71)

Roy 89 (91 - Insider gave him a clutch rating, WHEN THE HELL ARE WE GONNA BE ALLOWED TO DO THAT?????? It's only been FIVE YEARS we've been requesting it.)
Aldridge 84 (85)
Oden 84 (82)
Fernandez 82 (83)
Outlaw 81 (80)
Blake 78 (78)
Przybilla 78 (75)
Frye 78 (77)
Webster 77 (77)
Batum 76 (75)
Rodriguez 76
Diogu 75 (73)
Bayless 72 (74)
LaFrentz 71 (71)
Randolph 69 (68)

Okafor 86 (84)
Wallace 84 (84)
Richardson 83 (82)
Felton 81 (81)
Augustin 79 (78)
Mohammed 77 (74)
May 75 (75)
Carroll 75 (72)
Morrison 74 (72)
Dudley 74 (72)
Brown 74 (70)
Jones 69 (72)
Hollins 69 (67)
Ajinca 67 (63)

Robinson 83 (84)
Marbury 80 (80)
Duhon 79 (78)
Lee 78 (80)
Harrington 78 (77)
Chandler 78 (77)
Mobley 78 (78)
Richardson 76 (72)
Thomas 75 (72)
Roberson 74 (70)
Curry 74 (74)
Gallinari 73 (73)
Jeffries 70 (65)
Rose 69 (69)
James 66 (60)

Stoudemire 90 (94)
Nash 89 (88)
O'Neal 85 (84)
Barbosa 82 (85)
Hill 81 (83)
Bell 80 (82)
Barnes 78 (77)
Diaw 77 (75)
Lopez 72 (72)


Anonymous said...

nice nice. raise Trevor Arizas rating too. hes doin good.

Rashidi said...

Yeah didn't get to the Lakers this time around.

Anonymous said...

Yeah clutch rating needs to be available for edit. Kinda ridiculous.

CB said...

I guess we should give up on a PS3 roster?
Is there any possibility of you posting a text doc for download?
I would imagine that you have a text backup on your computer, yes?

Rashidi said...

there will be a text doc eventually.

i haven't given up on a ps3 roster yet. Really though, if I can't keep up with a roster for one system, I certainly can't be expected to handle two systems since that would double the time between submissions.

Ideally I'm gonna have to make a PS3 roster later on when changes aren't as frequent.

I also would rather take care of my christmas shopping before I throw down $500+ on a PS3 for myself. Just so I can edit a roster file.

Anonymous said...

No PS3 love? 360 FANBOY!! Your credebility is SHOT!! How many 360's have You gone through?

Anonymous said...

The PS3 sucks ass anyways. Don't be a fag.

Anonymous said...

PS3 sucks ass?!! You've never played it. You have to be a pimple-faced kid.

Brad said...

Thanks so far Rashidi. I was the second person to DL 3.5.

One thing I noticed, on the Cavs, Varejao has been playing terrific this year. Any chance you bump him up or do I have to keep doing it manually?

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, you can edit the clutch rating and a couple of others on the PC version. You just need a roster editor.

Rashidi said...

Varejao I thought I already raised to a 77. He might rate a point higher as a C, I forget.

Progress update: Finished the rest of the Bucks last night, started working on Bulls

Redd 86
Jefferson 84
Bogut 84
Villanueva 79
Sessions 79
Ridnour 77
MbahaMoute 77

Gordon 85
Hinrich 83
Deng 81

Working on D.Rose when I get home. Probably gonna LOL at the 89 rating the Insider gave him. Btw the Nets are the new cheese team right now if you wanna use them. Just run up court with Devin Harris and pound the paint every possession, and press for inbound steals. If you actually stop him temporarily, watch out for a Carter/Williams/Yi dunk.

CB said...

Text Doc sounds much cheaper you.
Would be great if you could do so soon.
Just downloaded the latest Living Rosters & they still have 2 Sonny Weems. One of which has Aaron Williams face/profile? WTF??
Can't wait to start my Association, but I need a good roster to begin with!

Anonymous said...

Could you explain the clutch rating and why you aren't allowed to edit it?

Rashidi said...

"Clutch Factor" option in the game is determined by hidden clutch ratings, for both offense and defense. Like Standing Dunk, players have 50, 75, or 99. Nearly 99% of the league has 50 in ClutchOff and ClutchDef.

Players with clutch ratings include basically any 90s overall player. The best way to tell if a player has clutch ratings is to create a player with the exact same ratings. Kobe for example has a 99 ClutchOff and 75 ClutchDef which pumps up his overall rating massively (take it away and he's not 100+ overall, more like mid-90s).

Created Players always have 50 clutch ratings by default, which means yes, every time you create Michael Jordan, every downloadable Michael Jordan, every imaginary Michael Jordan... is 50 in the clutch.

And this has been the case since the beginning of 2k. It's embarrassing, to say the least.

The main thing the Insider has used it for is pumping up/lowering overall ratings. Ex: Roy a 91 in latest update, while Nash got a 6 point drop in overall (w/o a massive drop in his core PG ratings)

Brandon said...

Some random Blazer thoughts:

Bayless is better than a 72, he just can't get on the floor because the Blazers are so deep. He'd be making a much bigger impact if he was in a different situation.

I haven't checked, but I hope you gave Batum a solid on-ball D rating, cause that dude D's up with his freakish arms.

You got Frye a little high IMO, he's off to a rough start this year.

Anonymous said...


Please do not squander your money by purchasing a PS3 just to do a roster update. I will encourage you that this is not needed as you can complete a text document, and get someone who owns a PS3 to host it on 2k Share.

CB said...

I agree with the bloke above.
I would offer to host it, but would only have time to modify and re-host it sparingly.
If you have it in a text & want 4.0 hosted when completed. Let me know and I will send you my email (would prefer not to publish it).

Anonymous said...

Hey Rashidi, since 2k finally fixed the team ppg problem (though now they seem a little too low) does that effect your tendencies or anything that you have set? Or is it not a problem really?

Rashidi said...

Is that something that was patched? I hadn't checked yet.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that fixed that and some other things like framerate with 2k camera(which they finally added online) ft shooting online etc.

Rashidi said...

I heard the patch was worthless for offline play though.

carlo_edmon said...

I don't Live account or DSL. Is there any way so that I can upload this to my 360?