Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New York Knicks Ratings

86 – Nate Robinson (PG/SG)
84 – David Lee (PF/C)
82 - Al Harrington (PF/SF)
81 - Larry Hughes (SG/SF)
80 – Wilson Chandler (SF/SG)
80 – Chris Duhon (PG)
76 – Darko Milicic (C/PF)
74 – Danilo Gallinari (SF/SG)
74 – Eddy Curry (C)
74 – Jordan Hill (C/PF)
74 – Toney Douglas (PG/SG)
73 – Jared Jeffries (PF/C)
70 – Morris Almond (SG/SF)
68 - Cuttino Mobley (SG)

Inside Scoring: Curry (B)
Outside Scoring: Gallinari (B+), Robinson (B+), Duhon (B+), Hughes (B), Harrington (B), Almond (B)
Perimeter Defense: Hughes (A-), Douglas (A-), Robinson (B+), Duhon (B+), Jeffries (B)
Post Defense: None
Ball Handling: Robinson (A-), Duhon (B+), Douglas (B)
Rebounding: Lee (A), Milicic (B+), Hill (B)
Basketball IQ: Robinson (B), Harrington (B), Duhon (B), Lee (B), Hughes (B), Chandler (B)
Athleticism: Robinson (A+), Chandler (A), Lee (B+), Douglas (B), Duhon (B), Hill (B)


Nate Robinson (PG/SG)
Overall 85 (down from 87)
Close 90
Med 85
3pt 79 (down from 80)
FT 84 (up from 79)
Layup 96
Dunk 79 (down from 89)
Handle 94 (down from 96)
Pass 78 (down from 82)
PostOff 50
PostDef 55 (up from 50)
Block 51 (up from 50)
Steal 81 (down from 84)
RebOff 71 (down from 78)
RebDef 64 (down from 72)
Speed 97
Stam 99
Dur 85 (down from 95)
DefAwr 74 (down from 78)
OffAwr 87 (down from 88)
Potential 79 (up from 76)
Strength 84
Vertical 99
Off Dribble 88
In Traffic 85
Quickness 99
Hustle 99
Hands 91
Ball Defense 78
Standing Dunk 50

Outlook: I was probably the only happy Knick fan when they missed out on Stephen Curry on draft night, as that surely would have ended Nate's tenure with the team. And that would be just wrong, because it was evident that he and Lee were the top two players on the team. Nate gets to the basket better than anyone on the team, by far. And it's not just for show, as he's a damn good finisher when he gets there too, which is simply incredible for a player 5 foot 9. Tony Parker. Chris Paul. Rajon Rondo. These are the PGs Nate compares to in this field. He will obviously never be as good a "point guard" as any of those guys, but the fact is he made huge strides in that area this season, and any further improvement would make it impossible to keep him out of the starting lineup any longer.


David Lee (PF/C)
Overall 83 (down from 85)
Close 86 (down from 90)
Med 75 (down from 76)
3pt 50
FT 76 (down from 82)
Layup 69
Dunk 83
Handle 69 (up from 66)
Pass 62
PostOff 77 (up from 73)
PostDef 77 (down from 79)
Block 59
Steal 65 (down from 73)
RebOff 88 (down from 96)
RebDef 95
Speed 74 (up from 72)
Stam 95
Dur 85 (up from 80)
DefAwr 76
OffAwr 81
Potential 72 (up from 67)
Strength 79
Vertical 84
Off Dribble 69
In Traffic 75
Quickness 70
Hustle 99
Hands 86
Ball Defense 69
Standing Dunk 75

Outlook: The only rebounder and dependable inside scorer on the whole team. Offensive improvement was legit as he became deadly on the pick and roll, and his shooting percentages were not affected as a 1st or 2nd option. However, if he spends another season at center, I will not be a happy camper. Posted the worst shot blocking numbers of his career there, and the Knicks will have depth presuming a healthy Curry.


Al Harrington (PF/SF)
Overall 82 (down from 85)
Close 85
Med 80 (down from 83)
3pt 82 (down from 84)
FT 80 (up from 77)
Layup 74
Dunk 77
Handle 75
Pass 59 (down from 61)
PostOff 82 (down from 87)
PostDef 74
Block 60
Steal 71 (down from 75)
RebOff 69
RebDef 78 (down from 86)
Speed 74 (up from 72)
Stam 95
Dur 85
DefAwr 72
OffAwr 87 (down from 89)
Potential 78 (up from 75)
Strength 70
Vertical 76
Off Dribble 85
In Traffic 72
Quickness 75
Hustle 66
Hands 76
Ball Defense 64 (up from 61)
Standing Dunk 75d

Outlook: He's like Hedo Turkoglu, minus the whole making teammates better thing. Fyi, this is about as optimistic as it gets for me going forward.


Larry Hughes (SG/SF)
Overall 81 (down from 82)
Close 79
Med 79 (down from 82)
3pt 84 (down from 86)
FT 81 (up from 80)
Layup 86
Dunk 73 (down from 79)
Handle 83 (down from 86)
Pass 65 (down from 68)
PostOff 56
PostDef 67
Block 57 (up from 54)
Steal 84
RebOff 57 (down from 59)
RebDef 64
Speed 84
Stam 95
Dur 70
DefAwr 79
OffAwr 78
Potential 80 (down from 83)
Strength 63 (down from 68)
Vertical 82
Off Dribble 82
In Traffic 72
Quickness 86
Hustle 72
Hands 82
Ball Defense 85 (down from 88)
Standing Dunk 50

Outlook: Like most sensible people, I would not want Larry Hughes on my team. He settles for 15 foot jumpers on fastbreaks far too often for me, and his defense has long been overrated. But at the moment he's the only SG on the Knicks and the only one capable of defending them, which counts for something. And at long last, Hughes was actually a 3pt threat last season, which he surely will have to maintain in order to keep his minutes. He is the only Knick adept at getting into passing lanes and picking pockets, which also counts for something. Aside from Minnesota, there isn't any other team out there with no competition at SG, though I still wouldn't put Hughes past blowing his opportunity.


Wilson Chandler (SF/SG)
Overall 80 (down from 82)
Close 80 (down from 88)
Med 81 (up from 79)
3pt 77 (down from 80)
FT 80 (down from 82)
Layup 80
Dunk 86
Handle 75 (up from 72)
Pass 61
PostOff 69 (up from 67)
PostDef 70 (up from 68)
Block 67 (down from 75)
Steal 63 (down from 73)
RebOff 69 (down from 74)
RebDef 73 (down from 84)
Speed 83
Stam 95
Dur 85
DefAwr 79 (down from 84)
OffAwr 77 (up from 76)
Potential 79 (up from 64)
Strength 72 (down from 82)
Vertical 95
Off Dribble 76
In Traffic 73
Quickness 83
Hustle 95
Hands 79
Ball Defense 77 (down from 82)
Standing Dunk 75

Outlook: Solid young player coming off a good sophomore season, but I should be clear that Chandler's ceiling isn't much higher than where he's at now. He's the same age as Rudy Gay and Jeff Green, two years older than Kevin Durant and Thaddeus Young, and a year younger than Luol Deng, Marvin Williams, Trevor Ariza, and Travis Outlaw. Just want to keep Knick fans in perspective since Chandler isn't really a better player than anyone I just mentioned. Continuing to improve upon his scoring efficiency and defense would be steps in the right direction.


Chris Duhon (PG)
Overall 80 (down from 81)
Close 74
Med 80 (down from 82)
3pt 85
FT 86
Layup 82
Dunk 59
Handle 86
Pass 83 (down from 87)
PostOff 50
PostDef 60 (up from 55)
Block 51
Steal 65 (down from 73)
RebOff 57 (up from 56)
RebDef 59 (up from 58)
Speed 88
Stam 99
Dur 80
DefAwr 78 (up from 77)
OffAwr 80
Potential 67 (up from 62)
Strength 58
Vertical 75
Off Dribble 80
In Traffic 63
Quickness 91
Hustle 84
Hands 83
Ball Defense 84
Standing Dunk 50

Outlook: Has a similar situation to Michael Finley/Roger Mason in San Antonio, starting in front of a better player for the sake of team functionality. If he averages 40 minutes per game again, I'll scream.


Darko Milicic (C)
Overall 76 (up from 70)
Close 74
Med 64 (up from 59)
3pt 50
FT 56 (up from 55)
Layup 64
Dunk 67
Handle 61 (down from 67)
Pass 56
PostOff 72
PostDef 73
Block 81 (up from 79)
Steal 60
RebOff 83 (up from 80)
RebDef 85 (up from 81)
Speed 57
Stam 85
Dur 75 (up from 70)
DefAwr 73 (up from 58)
OffAwr 67 (up from 57)
Potential 78
Strength 68
Vertical 66
Off Dribble 62
In Traffic 74
Quickness 56
Hustle 61
Hands 66
Ball Defense 58
Standing Dunk 75

Outlook: If Darko can't make this work, he might as well go back to Europe. He's the only shot blocker on the whole team for christ's sake. This is a team that was starting Jared Jeffries at center last season. If JJ can do it, there's no reason why Darko can't be the team's starting center. Which is as damning a thought one can think of for the Knicks' chances, but isn't this the opportunity Darko has been waiting his whole career for?


Danilo Gallinari (SF/SG)
Overall 74
Close 71 (down from 76)
Med 78 (down from 79)
3pt 89 (down from 91)
FT 90 (up from 83)
Layup 77
Dunk 71 (down from 74)
Handle 74 (down from 77)
Pass 58 (down from 66)
PostOff 66 (down from 69)
PostDef 64 (up from 61)
Block 58 (up from 54)
Steal 71 (up from 68)
RebOff 65 (up from 62)
RebDef 68
Speed 74 (up from 70)
Stam 85 (up from 80)
Dur 75
DefAwr 60
OffAwr 74 (up from 69)
Potential 80
Strength 64
Vertical 76
Off Dribble 81
In Traffic 70
Quickness 73 (up from 68)
Hustle 64
Hands 77
Ball Defense 68
Standing Dunk 50

Outlook: I've actually warmed to Gally a bit, which I'd have thought impossible given that he was clearly drafted more for his family ties (there is no way I am passing up Brook Lopez, I don't care what kind of system you want to play or who your father played with). He's one of the few good shooters on the Knicks, and the team actually played well when he took the court (despite playing with a very bad back). If he can stay healthy, he'll probably be in line for Al Harrington's job when he walks as a free agent at season's end.


Eddy Curry (C)
Overall 74
Close 88
Med 61 (down from 63)
3pt 51 (up from 50)
FT 62
Layup 71
Dunk 72
Handle 57 (down from 62)
Pass 54
PostOff 87 (up from 83)
PostDef 78
Block 59
Steal 52
RebOff 81
RebDef 68
Speed 58
Stam 70
Dur 70 (down from 75)
DefAwr 63 (down from 68)
OffAwr 79
Potential 80
Strength 93
Vertical 53
Off Dribble 61
In Traffic 85
Quickness 57
Hustle 63 (down from 73)
Hands 80
Ball Defense 55
Standing Dunk 75

Outlook: Honestly, at this point, I'm pulling for the guy. Yeah, Isiah Thomas foolishly mortgaged the future on him. But that's not his fault, and living in the past won't do us any good. He went through a lot off the court last season, and wasn't really given a fair shot from the coach at day one. I'm optimistic he can play a role off the bench given that he's playing for his career at this point. But if he doesn't, it won't surprise me.


Jordan Hill (C/PF)
Overall 74
Close 80
Med 67
3pt 50
FT 65
Layup 64
Dunk 79
Handle 65
Pass 55
PostOff 72
PostDef 72
Block 68
Steal 58
RebOff 85
RebDef 79
Speed 69
Stam 90
Dur 85
DefAwr 62
OffAwr 73
Potential 77
Strength 85
Vertical 80
Off Dribble 64
In Traffic 78
Quickness 69
Hustle 70
Hands 72
Ball Defense 61
Standing Dunk 75

Outlook: I don't like him. Maybe I'm pessimistic after his so-so summer league. Or maybe I just hate Chris Wilcox, and by extension hate the new one. Or maybe I just remember NY's sparkling lottery history: Mike Sweetney, Channing Frye, Danilo Gallinari, and then that time where we gave away LaMarcus Aldridge and Joakim Noah via the Eddy Curry trade... or MAYBE it's that Hill's strength's and weaknesses are exactly the same as Eddy Curry's... (D'Antoni confirmed Hill will be playing center, so please spare the complaints about his position...)


Toney Douglas (PG/SG)
Overall 74
Close 74
Med 74
3pt 80
FT 81
Layup 81
Dunk 59
Handle 88
Pass 66
PostOff 54
PostDef 60
Block 55
Steal 77
RebOff 58
RebDef 66
Speed 87
Stam 95
Dur 80
DefAwr 77
OffAwr 72
Potential 65
Strength 62
Vertical 81
Off Dribble 78
In Traffic 72
Quickness 90
Hustle 77
Hands 85
Ball Defense 84
Standing Dunk 50

Outlook: I caught a glimpse of Toney in summer league. He can dribble, but not much else. Marcus Williams dominated him (Bear in mind that Williams, a free agent, is just one year older than Douglas). Skillswise, he seems like a poor man's Chris Duhon, except he can't pass. Wait, isn't that the only reason Duhon has a job in the league? Err, Lindsey Hunter maybe?


Jared Jeffries (PF/C)
Overall 73 (up from 68)
Close 79 (up from 74)
Med 63 (up from 60)
3pt 59
FT 61 (up from 53)
Layup 70
Dunk 76 (up from 68)
Handle 70 (down from 73)
Pass 61
PostOff 67 (up from 50)
PostDef 80 (up from 65)
Block 67 (up from 59)
Steal 74 (up from 66)
RebOff 85 (down from 87)
RebDef 63 (down from 65)
Speed 73
Stam 90
Dur 75 (down from 80)
DefAwr 85 (down from 86)
OffAwr 59 (down from 61)
Potential 68
Strength 69 (up from 64)
Vertical 78
Off Dribble 66
In Traffic 67
Quickness 76
Hustle 76 (up from 71)
Hands 76
Ball Defense 80
Standing Dunk 75

Outlook: Honestly, as a Knick fan, I'm tired of seeing Jeffries on the team. Maybe it's because 2K has him so poorly rated each year that I can't even use him in online play effectively, (though I'd really only use him sparingly since he's not that good either way). Maybe it's because Isiah gave him the full MLE for five years on the merit of "alma mater". Would you believe JJ has a PLAYER OPTION for 6.9 million next season? Oh wait, Jerome James had one on his MLE deal too. Is Isiah Thomas the world's worst negotiatior or what? I can only imagine the riches he'll throw at his FIU recruits.


Morris Almond (SG/SF)
Overall 70 (down from 72)
Close 72 (down from 80)
Med 80
3pt 80 (up from 75)
FT 83 (down from 85)
Layup 76 (down from 79)
Dunk 69 (down from 72)
Handle 74
Pass 57 (up from 54)
PostOff 65 (down from 72)
PostDef 60
Block 56 (down from 66)
Steal 64 (down from 72)
RebOff 63
RebDef 65 (down from 68)
Speed 75
Stam 90
Dur 80
DefAwr 54
OffAwr 72 (down from 77)
Potential 67
Strength 61
Vertical 78
Off Dribble 82
In Traffic 72
Quickness 73
Hustle 68
Hands 81
Ball Defense 67
Standing Dunk 50

Outlook: Technically not under contract yet, but he's going to training camp with the team, and led them in summer league scoring. That'll make him the only SG on the team not named Larry Hughes. It would be great if the Knicks grabbed someone a bit more capable with the MLE though. It's not like Flip Murray, Von Wafer, Rashad McCants, or even Gerald Green aren't available. Heck, that wouldn't even cost Almond his spot since he's probably more suited to SF anyway...


Cuttino Mobley (SG)
Overall 68
Close 61
Med 71
3pt 77
FT 82
Layup 74
Dunk 64
Handle 78
Pass 61
PostOff 54
PostDef 59
Block 52
Steal 63
RebOff 55
RebDef 56
Speed 74
Stam 50
Dur 50
DefAwr 63
OffAwr 68
Potential 50
Strength 66
Vertical 77
Off Dribble 80
In Traffic 72
Quickness 78
Hustle 68
Hands 85
Ball Defense 73
Standing Dunk 50

Outlook: Mobley is effectively retired due to a heart condition. Annoyingly, the 2K Insider removed him from the game despite the fact that he still takes up a roster spot on the Knicks roster. Eric Snow had a similar role this season in Cleveland, and the Knicks should still be penalized with both his contract and roster spot. Rather than reduce him to 50 in all stats though, I left him bad enough that he'll never see court time with any team, and just good enough that he can still be included in salary related trades without the CPU flat out rejecting it due to his rating. Mobley wasn't bad with the Clippers this season, and it's a shame we have to intentionally misrepresent him for gameplay purposes.


Daryl said...

IMO Gallo has the most to improve, in terms of his rating, this season.

Once he shows what he can do without the back pain he very well improve his rating.

And what are your thoughts on the Knicks contemplating either Sessions (long-term, MLE) or Tinsley (1 year, veteran's minimum)?

Rashidi said...

Right now they're waiting on what happens with Bruce Bowen in Milwaukee before going after Sessions. Bowen's option has to be exercised by August 1st, so if the Bucks don't pick it up they only owe him half his salary (and open up a roster spot for Sessions on top of that). If they trade Bowen for another player, then they probably aren't bringing Sessions back and will go with Ridnour, Jennings, and another player (if I were Milwaukee, I'd take this route).

I like Sessions as a player, but I don't know if I like him for five years, as he hasn't shown an ability to hit the 3pter. Let's not forget that his numbers have been padded by playing for a lottery team. He spent most of last season in the D-League, and now we're talking about a five year deal? Very risky.

I'm not a Tinsley fan, and who knows what you'd get from him after all this time off (looking at Marbury, probably not much). It's a tough call because point guards come at such a premium in this league.

My gut is I'd prefer Tinsley because of the short term/cheaper committment. I think a 5 year deal to Sessions ends Nate Robinson' tenure in NY, and I don't think Sessions has proven to be a better player than Nate yet (or a better fit in a D'Antoni's offense, for that matter).

Of course, the end of the Nate era wouldn't be all bad provided the Knicks can get some value for him in a trade.

Rashidi said...

Nevermind, I'm crazy. Tinsley sucks, and Sessions is 23 years old. Even if he doesn't improve, he's better than Duhon right now, and the Knicks gave Duhon the full MLE last year.

So yeah, take the best player for the reasonable contract, and worry about how the parts fit later. Sessions it is.

Rainier said...

With the latest news being the Knicks finally giving Sessions an offer then I guess we'll just have to wait if they will match.

The thing is, the Milwaukee front office has not given any indication about the direction they're headed.

We can only assume given the fact they (1) they drafted Jennings, and (2) why didn't they outright sign Sessions if he is in their plans.

Rashidi said...

Milwaukee seems to be going after Hakim Warrick, which probably makes sense as I wouldn't want to go into my season with 22 year old Amir Johnson as my starting PF.

That's why NY doesn't think they'll match for Sessions.