Thursday, December 2, 2010

Analysis of NBA 2K11's [12-1-10] Roster

EDIT: Now includes the few player edits from the 12-4-10 roster.

Once again, The Real 2K Insider breaks down 2K's latest roster update and keeps you informed on what 2K would rather keep in the dark.


NEW! From 12-4-10 roster

O.J. Mayo
77 Overall (-3)
75 Medium (-6)
80 FT (-3)
80 Layup (-5)
72 SOD (-9)
75 Security (+18)
46 Pass (-3)
62 Steal (-14)
31 OffReb (-1)
38 DefReb (-2)
78 OffAwr (-2)
45 Consistency (-15)

LeBron James
77 Close (+7)
80 Medium (-3)
72 3pt (-4)

David West
76 Overall (+1)
93 Inside (+6)
81 Close (+4)

George Hill
77 Overall (+1)
78 3pt (-4)
72 DefAwr (+8)

One major edit and three minor edits in three days.  Ain't that incredible?

From 12-1-10 roster

Rajon Rondo
90 Overall (-1)
93 Steal (-4)

Joe Johnson
85 Overall (-2)
86 Inside (-1)
87 Close (-4)
71 3pt (-5)
80 FT (-2)
79 SOD (-2)
64 Steal (-6)
90 OffAwr (-3)
80 DefAwr (-2)
60 OffClutch (-10)

Dwyane Wade
95 Overall (-2)
92 Inside (-3)
80 Close (-6)
72 Medium (-9)
67 3pt (-2)

Chris Paul
96 Overall (+1)
84 3pt (+1)
97 Steal (+5)

Marco Belinelli
85 3pt (+4)

Tyreke Evans
80 Overall (-2)
88 Inside (+3)
65 Close (-8)
72 Medium (-3)
54 3pt (-7)
75 FT (-2)
90 Layup (-2)
65 Dunk (-5)
70 SOD (-4)
75 SIT (-2)
36 OffReb (+3)
52 DefReb (-3)
50 OffClutch (-10)
30 DefClutch (-5)
55 Consistency (-5)

J.R. Smith
66 Overall (-5)
77 Inside (-6)
76 Medium (-3)
67 OffAwr (-9)
41 DefAwr (-8)
30 Consistency (-30)

Kevin Martin
81 Overall (+1)
92 Inside (+8)
82 Medium (+3)
84 3pt (+3)

Tony Parker
81 Overall (-2)
72 OBD (-4)
68 DefAwr (-8)

Kevin Durant
79 Medium (-3)
75 3pt (-4)

Russell Westbrook
88 Overall (+2)
88 Inside (+2)
64 3pt (+6)
87 FT (+2)
76 SOD (+4)
70 SIT (+10)
89 Steal (+4)
93 OffAwr (+4)
86 DefAwr (+3)
60 OffClutch (+20)
40 DefClutch (+15)

Wesley Matthews
70 Overall (+4)
84 Inside (+7)
72 Close (+11)
69 3pt (-10)
81 FT (+7)
78 Layup (+4)
82 Dunk (-5)
63 SIT (+14)
75 Handle (+2)
69 OHD (+2)
52 Security (+11)
66 Steal (+10)
74 Hands (+12)
41 DefReb (+6)
68 OffAwr (+6)
50 Consistency (+15)
85 Stamina (+6)
85 Speed (+3)
88 Quickness (+4)
55 Strength (+4)
82 Hustle (+30)

There are no missing players.

No players are currently missing (it only took 7 weeks).

Sixers: Jodie Meeks is STILL missing from the active roster.

Bobcats: Kwame Brown is STILL not on the active roster instead of Sherron Collins.  He is ONLY the team's backup center ahead of DeSagana Diop.

Clippers: Baron Davis is starting over Eric Bledsoe.  He came off the bench last night.

Hawks: Announed yesterday that Joe Johnson is out for the next 4-6 weeks, but he's still starting.

Hornets: David Andersen has yet to play a game for the Hornets and he's in their rotation ahead of Mbenga and Pondexter.

Jazz: Earl Watson isn't in the rotation.  Kyrylo Fesenko and Gordon Hayward barely play, but they are the team's 7th and 8th men.

Magic: Marcin Gortat STILL isn't part of the rotation.  LOL.

Mavericks: Dominique Jones was sent down to the D-League.

New Injuries: Delonte West (Celtics), Devin Harris (Nets), Reggie Evans (Raptors)
Recovered: Chris Douglas-Roberts (Bucks), Carlos Boozer (Bulls), Baron Davis (Clippers), Ed Davis (Raptors), Brandon Roy (Blazers), David Lee (Warriors)
Incorrect: Gerald Henderson (Bobcats) has now missed the last 9 games but STILL isn't "injured".  Joe Johnson is out for the next 4-6 weeks due to elbow surgery.
Usable Injured (Minor injury, on active online roster): None

All of these injuries are dissolved when an Association is started, which means this information is primarily relevant to online players.  Red denotes a player who cannot be used due to a major injury.  All other injuries are considered "minor" and can be played through IF the player is on the active roster (even though EVERY player on this list is NOT playing through their injuries in real life).

76ers: None
Bobcats: None
Bucks: Carlos Delfino (-10), Darington Hobson (-4), Michael Redd (-24)
Bulls: None
Cavaliers: None
Celtics: Jermaine O'Neal (-10), Kendrick Perkins (-10), Delonte West (-12)
Clippers: Chris Kaman (-24)
Grizzlies: None
Hawks: None
Heat: Udonis Haslem (-9)Mike Miller (-11)
Hornets: None
Jazz: Mehmet Okur (-27)
Kings: None
Knicks: Eddy Curry (-5), Kelenna Azubuike (-24)
Lakers: Andrew Bynum (-9)Theo Ratliff (-8)
Magic: Daniel Orton (-7)
Mavericks: Rodrigue Beaubois (-12)
Nets: Devin Harris (-14)
Nuggets: Kenyon Martin (-10)
Pacers: None
Pistons:  Terrico White (-11)Jonas Jerebko (-20)
Raptors: Reggie Evans (-9)
Rockets: Yao Ming (-10)Aaron Brooks (-24)
Spurs: James Anderson (-10)
Suns: Robin Lopez (-9)
Thunder: None
Timberwolves: Jonny Flynn (-6), Martell Webster (-6), Nikola Pekovic (-7)
Trail Blazers:  Greg Oden (-10)Joel Przybilla (-22)Elliot Williams (-20)
Warriors: Brandan Wright (-6)Ekpe Udoh (-11), Louis Amundson (-8)
Wizards: Yi Jianlian (-9)Josh Howard (-23)
Free Agents: Jeff Pendergraph (-21)

For the most part, injured players are moved to the IR, regardless of their status, but in some cases, teams suffer so many injuries that there isn't enough room on the IR.  If that player has "Yellow" status, it means they can still be used in online games.  This will surely come into play later in the season, but for now there is only one injured player still on their team's active roster.


Anonymous said...

ETA on your roster update?

Anonymous said...

I remember in a past update you released, you said you hadn't yet touched some of the small market teams. Have those teams received edits for this upcoming release?

Anonymous said...

He said he was planning on releasing a complete roster today thursday.

Anonymous said...

Rashidi, can you post the full team ratings

Lunatic Wolf said...

@Beast That takes more time than actually creating the roster, so the answer is probably no.

Rashidi said...

Update will come tonight sometime after the TNT games.

Rashidi said...

Get your requests in while you still can.

ATL's own said...

I know I sound like a homer here, but I actually keep up with a lot of the stats

Josh Powell's Midrange should be higher

Etan Thomas has played in 1 game this season, and has totally sucked blowing a couple of lay ups in garbage time against the magic, he should be worse than Jason Collins

ATL's own said...

Zaza Pachulia has been horrible from midrange this season, most his shots come from around the rim mostly from offensive rebounds, loose balls & bobbled passes. A higher hustle rating would be work well for him.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Rashidi. Get to watch the best basketball game of the year and than check out hopefully your master piece. Is every team down now?

Anonymous said...

Jason Smith got a little boost of rating also, from 56 to 59.

Anonymous said...

Arroyos 3pt shot... Verify it

Anonymous said...

Rashidi can you post the players accessories

i'm sorry if i misspelled accessories

Caveman said...

Beast, go there.

Anonymous said...

All three of us pistons fans would appreciate an adjustment to the whole team's ratings if you could.

Anonymous said...

So... basically, except an update on Friday morning?

Anonymous said...


Rashidi said...

Update posted. Time for bed.

Anonymous said...

How can I play an exhibition match with a friend (not online) and use the injured players as they were healthy? And this by using the 12/1/10 roster update

Rashidi said...

Added in updates from the 12-4 roster.

Anonymous said...

Is Devin Harris still injured in last update?

fuinle said...

I really like your work, especially your comments on player edits.

Did the 2k updated Garnett's skills? Can you post Landry Fields stats and tendencies? I really like this guy, but the internet acces in my console is broken, so i must do all of updates manually... :(

keep up the good work!! :)