Thursday, November 1, 2012

NBA 2K13's opening night rosters: the worst ever?

After combing through NBA 2K13's opening night roster, I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed in the efforts of "The 2K Insider", as this is the sloppiest roster 2K Sports have released in quite some time.

NBA 2K13 was released with an incomplete Dwight Howard trade, and now for the season opener we have an incomplete James Harden trade.

The Knicks are still missing four players, two of whom used to be in a 2K game (James White and Rasheed Wallace).  We can get Chris Douglas-Roberts re-added to the FA pool, but not guys who are actually on teams?

2K deserves to be ROASTED for this as there are no shortage of fan made rosters with better attention to detail.  It's one thing to have missing players due to legal reasons.  It's another to have players mish-mashed all over the place and to not pay attention to simple transaction details.  I have been doing this since NBA Live 95, and I assure you, IT IS NOT HARD.  This is not the pre-internet age. This is all readily and easily accessible information.  2K simply refuses to put any type of effort into this, and I think the cold hard reality is that they will NEVER "get it."  Which is disappointing, because EA Sports and NBA Live NEVER had these problems.  They won't be a train wreck forever, which is more than we can say for 2K Sports' rosters.

Jordan Williams (PF) - Hawks (should be Free Agent)
Quentin Richardson (SF) - Magic (should be Free Agent)
Donte Greene (SF) - Nets (should be Free Agent)
Shaun Livingston (SG) - Rockets (should be Free Agent)
Daequan Cook (SG) - Thunder (should be Rockets)
Lazar Hayward (SF) - Thunder (should be Free Agent)
Cole Aldrich (C) - Thunder (should be Rockets)
Shawne Williams (SF) - Trail Blazers (should be Free Agent)
E'Twaun Moore (SG) - Free Agent (should be Magic)
DeAndre Liggins (SG) - Free Agent (should be Thunder)
Sam Young (SF) - Free Agent (should be Pacers)
Dominic McGuire (SF) Free Agent (should be Raptors)
Damien Wilkins (SF) Free Agent (should be 76ers)
DeMarre Carroll (SF) Free Agent (should be Jazz)
Sasha Pavlovic (SF) Free Agent (should be Trail Blazers)
Jon Leuer (PF) Free Agent (should be Cavaliers)
Eddy Curry (C) - Free Agent (should be Mavericks)
Earl Barron (C) - Free Agent (should be Wizards)

Maalik Waayns (PG) - 76ers
Cory Higgins (PG) - Bobcats
Donald Sloan (PG) - Cavaliers
Terrel Harris (SG) - Heat
Brian Roberts (PG) - Hornets
Lance Thomas (SF) - Hornets
Pablo Prigioni (PG) - Knicks
James White (SF) - Knicks
Chris Copeland (PF) - Knicks
Rasheed Wallace (C) - Knicks
Darius Johnson-Odom (SG) - Lakers
Robert Sacre (C) - Lakers
DeQuan Jones (SG) - Magic
Mirza Teletovic (PF) - Nets
Julyan Stone (PG) - Nuggets
Ben Hansbrough (SG) - Pacers
Kyle Singler (SF) - Pistons
Slava Kravstov (C) - Pistons
Alan Anderson (SF) - Raptors
Scott Machado (PG) - Rockets
Greg Smith (C) - Rockets
Nando De Colo (SG) - Spurs
Diante Garrett (SG) - Suns
P.J. Tucker (SF) - Suns
Luke Zeller (C) - Suns
Will Conroy (PG) - Timberwolves
Alexey Shved (SG) - Timberwolves
Victor Claver (SF) - Trail Blazers
Joel Freeland (PF) - Trail Blazers
Kent Bazemore (SG) - Warriors

78 - Evan Turner (SF) - 76ers
77 - Ben Gordon (SG) - Bobcats
86 - Monta Ellis (SG) - Bucks
66 - Luke Waltson (SF) - Cavaliers
70 - DeShawn Stevenson (SG) - Hawks
68 - Roger Mason (SG) - Hornets
78 - Mo Williams (PG) - Jazz
71 - Raja Bell (SG) - Jazz
78 - Aaron Brooks (PG) - Kings
72 - John Salmons (SF) - Kings
80 - Jason Kidd (PG) - Knicks
89 - Carmelo Anthony (SF) - Knicks
83 - Amare Stoudemire (PF) - Knicks
93 - Kobe Bryant (SG) - Lakers
71 - Ishmael Smith (PG) - Magic
79 - Arron Affalo (SG) - Magic
70 - Quentin Richardson (SF) - Magic
80 - Vince Carter (SF) - Mavericks
70 - Keith Bogans (SG) - Nets
68 - Jerry Stackhouse (SG) - Nets
81 - Gerald Wallace (SF) - Nets
74 - Andray Blatche (PF) - Nets
80 - Brook Lopez (C) - Nets
72 - Toney Douglas (PG) - Rockets
73 - Kendrick Perkins (C) - Thunder
80 - Brandon Roy (SG) - Timberwolves
77 - Gilbert Arenas (PG) - Free Agent
76 - Terrence Williams (SF) - Free Agent
74 - Jonny Flynn (PG) - Free Agent
70 - Derek Fisher (PG) - Free Agent
73 - Michael Redd (SG) - Free Agent
71 - Kelenna Azubuike (SG) - Free Agent
65 - Charlie Bell (SG) - Free Agent
76 - Kenyon Martin (PF) - Free Agent
72 - Maurice Evans (SF) - Free Agent
70 - Damion James (SF) - Free Agent
70 - Joey Graham (SF) - Free Agent
69 - Mehmet Okur (C) - Free Agent

74 - Thaddeus Young (PF) - 76ers
60 - Kwame Brown (C) - 76ers
62 - Byron Mullens (C) - Bobcats
73 - Anderson Varejao (C) - Cavaliers
51 - Vladimir Radmanovic (PF) - Bulls
49 - Hamed Haddadi (C) - Grizzlies
63 - Kyle Korver (SG) - Hawks
60 - Anthony Tolliver (PF) - Hawks
63 - Zaza Pachulia (C) - Hawks
70 - Grevis Vasquez (PG) - Hornets
69 - Ryan Anderson (PF) - Hornets
65 - Hakim Warrick (PF) - Hornets
61 - Jason Smith (PF) - Hornets
65 - Robin Lopez (C) - Hornets
66 - Marvin Williams (SF) - Jazz
56 - Jeremy Evans (PF) - Jazz
75 - Isaiah Thomas (PG) - Kings
66 - James Johnson (SF) - Kings
70 - Jason Thompson (PF) - Kings
53 - Steve Novak (SF) - Knicks
77 - Tyson Chandler (C) - Knicks
61 - Nikola Vucevic (C) - Magic
75 - Kris Humphries (PF) - Nets
72 - Danilo Gallinari (SF) - Nuggets
57 - Kosta Koufos (C) - Nuggets
59 - Andre Drummond (C) - Pistons
63 - John Lucas (PG) - Raptors
64 - Linas Kleiza (SF) - Raptors
59 - Jonas Valanciunas (C) - Raptors
81 - James Harden (SG) - Rockets
59 - Terrence Jones (PF) - Rockets
77 - Goran Dragic (PG) - Suns
65 - Boris Diaw (PF) - Spurs
64 - Tiago Splitter (PF) - Spurs
51 - Matt Bonner (C) - Spurs
65 - Nick Collison (PF) - Thunder
59 - Luke Babbitt (SF) - Trail Blazers
59 - Meyers Leonard (C) - Trail Blazers
52 - Festus Ezeli (C) - Warriors
55 - A.J. Price (PG) - Wizards
67 - Trevor Booker (PF) - Wizards

PG Royal Ivey (should be SG)
PF Bismack Biyombo (should be C)
C Byron Mullens (should be PF)
PF Drew Gooden (should be C)
PG Daniel Gibson (should be SG)
SF Luke Walton (should be PF)
PF Samardo Samuels (should be C)
PF Kevin Garnett (should be C)
SG DeShawn Stevenson (should be SF)
SG Kyle Korver (should be SF)
SF LeBron James (should be PF)
SF Rashard Lewis (should be PF)
PF Chris Bosh (should be C)
PG Austin Rivers (should be SG)
PF Jason Smith (should be C)
C Anthony Davis (should be PF)
SG Gordan Hayward (should be SF)
PF Chuck Hayes (should be C)
SF Earl Clark (should be PF)
PF Gustavo Ayon (should be C)
PF Brandan Wright (should be C)
SG Jerry Stackhouse (should be SF)
PF Andray Blatche (should be C)
SG Gerald Green (should be SF)
SG Landry Fields (should be SF)
PF Donatas Montiejunas (should be C)
PF Tiago Splitter (should be C)
C Matt Bonner (should be PF)
SG Wesley Johnson (should be SF)
SF Jared Dudley (should be SG)
SF Dante Cunningham (should be PF)
PF Lou Amundson (should be C)
PF J.J. Hickson (should be C)
PF Jared Jeffries (should be C)
PF Jeremy Tyler (should be C)
SF Jan Vesley (should be PF)
PF Kevin Seraphin (should be C)
C Nene (should be PF)

Hornets: Vasquez-Gordon-Aminu-Anderson-Davis (should be Vasquez-Gordon-Aminu-Davis-Lopez)
Kings: Brooks-Thornton-Evans-Thompson-Cousins (should be Thomas-Evans-Johnson-Thompson-Cousins)
Knicks: Felton-Brewer-Novak-Anthony-Chandler (should be Felton-Brewer-Anthony-Thomas-Chandler)
Nuggets: Lawson-Iguodala-Gallinari-Faried-Mozgov (should be Lawson-Iguodala-Gallinari-Faried-Koufos)
Raptors: Lowry-DeRozan-Fields-Bargnani-Gray (should be Lowry-DeRozan-Fields-Bargnani-Valanciunas)
Wizards: Price-Crawford-Ariza-Nene-Okafor (should be Price-Beal-Ariza-Nene-Okafor)


may-a1979 said...

I couldn't have said it any better. Lazy and pathetic effort by 2K and their 'Insider'. No Quality Control or consistency in their roster updates. The most annoying thing is that nobody from 2K will tell you why and how such crappy rosters get put out. How can they justify such shoddy work? Updating rosters is not that hard, complex, or time-consuming if you keep up with it . Hell, even if you don't, it only takes a couple of hours at most to get them caught up.

Unknown said...

2K can be like this because they have the market well and truly cornered. Why do they need to bother putting in any effort into accurate rosters whatsoever? What other serious contenders are there on the market? The only other big name title in the last decade, Live/Elite, is 2-3 years away from returning as a threat, and that's it. One day 2K will make you pay for roster updates just like with their purchasable VC (which is complete BS, by the way. Hey, let's make a mode whereby the only way you can compete is to spend $$$ to buy the good players!)

karas rogers said...

you have half those positions for players wrong!!!!