Friday, December 21, 2012

NBA 2K13 Roster Analysis 12/21/12

2K Sports released a 12/21/12 roster "update" that changed very little.  I guess they expected the world was going to end today with the Mayan Apocalypse.

I speculated in my 12/18 analysis that we would probably see 2K release a quick roster update to get Pau Gasol back into the Lakers lineup and that's exactly what they did.  Unfortunately, they needed to do a lot more than that, and had time to get it done.



Not a single player was edited in the past three days.

Player attribute edits per roster
12/21: 0
12/18: 9
12/13: 1
12/8: 15
12/5: 14
11/17:  16

On the bright side, I guess I won't be staying in on a Friday night.



76ers: Andrew Bynum (87/C)
Bobcats: Tyrus Thomas (71/PF)
Bucks: Beno Udrih (68/PG), Tobias Harris (68/SF)
Bulls: Derrick Rose (92/PG), Richard Hamilton (73/SG)
Cavaliers: N/A
Celtics: Avery Bradley (79/SG)
Clippers: Chauncey Billups (81/PG), Grant Hill (77/SF), Trey Thompkins (63/PF)
Grizzlies: N/A
Hawks: N/A
Heat: N/A
Hornets: Eric Gordon (84/SG), Jason Smith (60/C)
Jazz: Raja Bell (71/SG)
Kings: N/A
Knicks: Amare Stoudemire (83/PF), Iman Shumpert (80/SG), Marcus Camby (73/C)
Lakers: Steve Nash (87/PG), Steve Blake (68/PG)
Magic: Hedo Turkoglu (72/SF), Al Harrington (71/PF)
Mavericks: Dirk Nowitzki (84/PF)
Nets: N/A
Nuggets: Wilson Chandler (80/SF)
Pacers: Danny Granger (83/SF), Lance Stephenson (59/SG)
Raptors: Kyle Lowry (82/PG), Andrea Bargnani (73/PF), Landry Fields (73/SF)
Rockets: Patrick Patterson (75/PF), Royce White (68/PF)
Spurs: N/A
Suns: Channing Frye (67/PF)
Thunder: N/A
Timberwolves: Brandon Roy (80/SG), Chase Budinger (71/SF), Malcolm Lee (SG/65)
Trail Blazers: Elliot Williams (66/SG)
Warriors: Andrew Bogut (79/C), Richard Jefferson (74/SF), Brandon Rush (71/SG)
Wizards: John Wall (82/PG), Trevor Ariza (76/SF), Trevor Booker (67/PF), A.J. Price (55/PG)

Jason Smith (60/C, Hornets)
Marcus Camby (73/C, Knicks)
Patrick Patterson (75/PF, Rockets)

Pau Gasol (81/PF, Lakers)
Stephen Jackson (78/SF, Spurs)

Glen Davis (73/PF, Magic) - Will miss the next 4-6 weeks with a shoulder sprain.
Josh Howard (70/SF, Timberwolves) - Out for the season after tearing his ACL, shouldn't be on Timberwolves roster to begin with.

Lance Stephenson (59/SG, Pacers) - Was listed as day-to-day, played on 12/18 and 12/19, and is still injured in the 12/21 roster.  Pathetic.



No new players were added (last on 12/18).


Kevin Jones (PF) - Cavaliers (5 games, 6.6 mpg)
Terrel Harris (SG) - Heat (4 games, 5.8 mpg, played 22 games and 14.5 mpg last season)
Kevin Murphy (SG) - Jazz (3 games, 3.0 mpg)
Julyan Stone (PG/SG) - Nuggets (0 games, currently injured, played 22 games and 8.1 mpg last season)
Ben Hansbrough (PG/SG) - Pacers (8 games, 8.5 mpg)
Scott Machado (PG) - Rockets (1 game, 3.0 mpg)
Diante Garrett (SG) - Suns (5 games, 5.6 mpg)
Kent Bazemore (SG/SF) - Warriors (13 games, 1.3 mpg)



James Anderson (65/SG) - Spurs
Josh Howard (70/SF) - Timberwolves

McGuire signed with the Hornets and played on 12/16.  This roster is dated 12/18.  2K Sports' continued sloppiness simply cannot and should not be tolerated.



Heat finally had their lineup fixed after nearly a month.  Other than that, the same errors haven't been fixed.  The number of incorrect lineups is 9.


Kemba Walker (PG), Jeff Taylor (SG), Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (SF), Byron Mullens (PF), Brendan Haywood (C)
Bismack Biyombo replaced Haywood in the starting lineup on 12/8. Gerald Henderson returned to the starting lineup on 12/15.

Brandon Jennings (PG), Monta Ellis (SG), Marquis Daniels (SF), John Henson (PF)Epke Udoh (C)
Larry Sanders took over starting duties from Henson on 12/5.  Luc Richard Mbah a Moute moved into the starting lineup on 12/12, shifting Sanders from PF to center, and Udoh to the bench.

Jeff Teague (PG), Kyle Korver (SG), Josh Smith (SF), Al Horford (PF), Zaza Pachulia (C)
As I pointed out 12/5, the Hawks proper starting lineup is DeShawn Stevenson at SG, Kyle Korver at SF, Josh Smith at PF, and Al Horford at C.  Korver has missed the last few games due to injury and Devin Harris has started in his place, shifting Stevenson to SF. (i.e. NOT Zaza Pachulia)

Chris Duhon (PG), Kobe Bryant (SG), Metta World Peace (SF), Pau Gasol (PF), Dwight Howard (C)
Jodie Meeks is the new starting SG in LA.  Kobe is shifting to SF, while Metta World Peace becomes the team's 6th man.

Jameer Nelson (PG), Arron Afflalo (SG), Maurice Harkless (SF), Glen Davis (PF), Nikola Vucevic (C)
Glen Davis will miss the next 4-6 weeks with injury.  His likely replacement in the starting lineup is Andrew Nicholson.

Deron Williams (PG), Joe Johnson (SG), Gerald Wallace (SF), Reggie Evans (PF), Brook Lopez (C)
Kris Humphries returned to the starting lineup on 12/18.

George Hill (PG), Gerald Green (SG), Paul George (SF), David West (PF), Roy Hibbert (C)
Lance Stephenson is the starting SG, but is erroneously injured despite playing games on 12/18 and 12/19.

Jose Calderon (PG), Demar DeRozan (SG), Linas Kleiza (SF), Ed Davis (PF), Jonas Valanciunas (C)
Mickael Pietrus has been starting at SF since 12/3.  Kleiza has started a grand total of three games on the season.

Goran Dragic (PG), Shannon Brown (SG), Michael Beasley (SF), Markieff Morris (PF), Marcin Gortat (C)
Beasley lost his starting job to Jared Dudley on 12/8.


This was a half-assed injury update and nothing more.  Three new injuries, two players who recovered, all in the span of three days.  Sounds like 2K alright.


James Reynald Mase said...

hi real 2k insider,
i've been following your blog - i noticed that once the position of the player changes, there is also a bump / change in ratings. Like for example, austin rivers became SG/PG, his rating shot up from 67 - 73. can you confirm please?


Rashidi said...

There is a different formula for Overall rating at each position. This is necessary, as each position has different skills that vary in importance.

For example, Block rating isn't important for point guards but is very important for centers.

Austin Rivers
PG: 67
SG: 71
SF: 69
PF: 58
C: 54

Rivers is a natural SG, so it's not surprising he rates best here. He is a scoring guard whose best trait is his ability to create his own shot. Ball Handling is important for the perimeter positions but not so much for frontcourt players who typically play without the ball, setting picks/screens and posting up.

What might surprise you is that he actually rates higher as a SF than as a PG. There are not too many difference between a SG and a SF in today's NBA though, with SGs requiring better ball handling and SFs typically being better rebounders and better defensive players due to their size/length. Rivers is small for a SF and certainly couldn't handle the position defensively, but has the offensive skills to make a decent SF in a small-ball lineup (Jason Terry is even smaller and was doing this in Dallas).

The reason why Rivers has a higher rating at SF than PG is because he is a poor playmaker, which is absolutely crucial to basically any PG not in the Triangle Offense. As bad as Rivers would be defensively at SF, he would decimate his own team's offense if asked to play the lead guard.