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NBA 2K13 Roster Analysis 3/16/13

Want to know how 2K's post-release support is faring?  Just let the numbers do the talking.

Player Edits: 6 (in 14 days)
Missing Players: 15
Missing Coaches: 1
Players on Wrong Teams: 6
Incorrect Lineups: 6



Louis Amundson (65/PF) - contract expired on 3/12, signed with Hornets

Trey Thompkins (63/PF) - waived on 3/14

Raja Bell (71/SG) - waived on 3/10

Jannero Pargo (64/PG) - signed with Bobcats on 3/14
DaJuan Summers (60/SF) - signed with Clippers on 3/15
Shelvin Mack (65/PG) - signed with Hawks on 3/6

Now, in the grand scheme of things, Raja Bell being on the Jazz roster doesn't matter all that much.  They have him "injured" so he can't even be used.  The greater point is that it inspires absolutely no confidence in 2K Sports as a company who cares about the quality and accuracy of their product and one that KNOWS sports (specifically NBA basketball).

These bad memories of 2K's roster support stick in everyone's mind.  You'd better believe EA Sports knows this is 2K's biggest weakness (which is why they employed Synergy in 2010).

Post release support is what gives this game something called REPLAY VALUE. Online play has become extremely boring of late because there have barely been any changes over the past 2 months.  2K Sports is providing very little incentive to continue playing their title. That hurts the brand.

I've personally moved on to Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm (while also re-dabbling in Skyrim, the game that never ends).  Other gamers will be moving on to Gears of War: Judgement in a few days, while Call of Duty is a year-round event for many.  2K Sports isn't ONLY competing with EA Sports - they are vying for the attention of ALL gamers.  If 2K doesn't care about their title in March, why should I?



Player attribute edits per roster
3/16: 6
3/12: 0
3/2: 6
2/23: 0
2/22: 5
2/15: 9
2/12: 3
2/2: 2
1/30: 7
1/24: 0
1/21: 0
1/17: 18
1/12: 2
1/5: 16
1/3: 1
12/25: 0
12/21: 0
12/18: 9
12/13: 1
12/8: 15
12/5: 14
11/17:  16

Monthly Edits
Mar: 12
Feb: 19
Jan: 44
Dec: 39
Nov: 16 (not including pre 11/17 rosters)


Tristan Thompson
Tristan Thompson
72 Overall (+4)
78 Close (+6)
68 Medium (+3)
65 FT (+10)
75 S.Dunk (+5)
63 Traffic (+2)
63 Fade (+4)
71 Hook (+8)
73 Block (-5)
62 Steal (+4)
62 Hands (+6)
86 OffReb (+7)
63 DefReb (+4)
64 OffPost (+2)
58 OffAwr (+8)
60 Consistency (+20)
84 Stamina (+2)

16.3 PER
Inside: 185-295 (62.7%)
Close: 117-308 (38.0%)
Med: 0-6 (0%)
3pt: 0-2 (0%)
FT: 138-212 (65.1%)
2.2 BLK%
1.3 STL%
13.4 ORB% (7th in NBA)
21.7 DRB%

13.3 PER
Inside: 138-241 (57.3%)
Close: 55-191 (28.7%)
Med: 1-8 (12.5%)
3pt: 0-2 (0%)
FT: 106-192 (55.2%)
3.3 BLK%
1.0 STL%
14.4 ORB% (2nd in NBA)
16.8 DRB%

Thompson has shown much improvement in his offense and rebounding this season, silencing critics who believed the team would have been better served drafting Jonas Valanciunas with the 4th selection in the 2011 draft.

Rashidi's Rating: 75


Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard
90 Overall (+1)
95 OffReb (+4)
89 DefReb (+7)

19.3 PER
10.7 ORB% (career worst)
27.5 DRB% (6th in NBA)

24.2 PER (2nd in NBA)
11.0 ORB%
33.1 DRB% (1st in NBA)

This rating change is a damn joke and one doesn't have to look any further than Tristan Thompson for proof.

Thompson 13.4 ORB% (career 13.8) = 86 rating
Howard 10.7 ORB% (career 12.0) = 95 rating

Howard is having the worst offensive rebounding season of his career and his rating is 4 points away from the maximum?  Howard has a nightmare season and one week of solid play means 2K RUNS at the speed of light to appease Laker fans?  Cleveland fans were begging for Thompson to get his much deserved update for MONTHS.  Many players are still waiting to get their first edit.  Small-market teams like the Jazz, Kings, Bobcats are ignored on an annual basis.

It's crystal clear that whoever does 2K's ratings isn't watching the games (and certainly doesn't take pride in their league-wide work).  They are merely responding to volume fan demand.  Laker fans freak that their players aren't rated high enough and they get boosted because 2K is afraid they'll... what, stop buying the game???  Do us all a favor and GROW A PAIR, 2K Sports.

Rashidi's Rating: 89


Maurice Harkless
Moe Harkless
73 Overall (+7)
82 Inside (+6)
68 Close (+10)
65 3pt (+13)
58 FT (-10)
79 Layup (+3)
82 Dunk (+4)
60 S.Dunk (+5)
33 Pass (-11)
68 Block (+10)
74 Steal (+5)
80 OBDef (+2)
76 OffReb (+8)
60 DefPost (+4)
60 OffAwr (+18)
79 DefAwr (+10)
96 Stamina (+4)
88 Quickness (+5)
91 Hustle (+5)
78 Potential (+8)

12.6 PER
Inside: 130-205 (63.4%)
Close: 14-57 (24.5%)
Med: 2-15 (13.3%)
3pt: 19-68 (27.9%)
FT: 42-75 (56.0%)
3.9 AST%
2.5 BLK%
2.4 STL%
7.1 ORB%

Harkless received a large boost to his overall and most of that stems from the gaudy boosts given to his awareness ratings.  As a player who averages a mere 10 points per 36 minutes and is one of the worst passing SFs in the league, 60 OffAwr is extremely generous.  Teammate E'Twaun Moore averages 13 pp36 and is a good enough passer to run point, yet his OffAwr is only 57.

As one can see when looking at Harkless' shooting stats, he is basically useless when he can't get to the rim, and the 10 point boost to his Close shot is utter nonsense.  Likewise, Harkless' rebound and block rates weren't high enough to merit the boosts he just received.  The ratings were fine before, and 2K is merely acquiescing to fan demand.

Just because a player is starting, doesn't mean he is actually good.  Magic fans were hoping for an increase to Tobias Harris, the player who has actually played well of late, but their pleas were not heard.

Rashidi's Rating: 67


Deron Williams
Deron Williams
88 Overall (+2)
79 Medium (+3)
84 3pt (+8)
86 FT (+3)
76 Traffic (+3)
62 Steal (-6)
68 OffPost (-7)
89 OffAwr (+4)
75 Consistency (+10)

18.9 PER
Inside: 91-142 (64.1%)
Close: 86-216 (39.8%)
Med: 64-170 (37.6%)
3pt: 131-346 (37.9%)
FT: 240-281 (85.4%)
1.4 STL%

20.3 PER
Inside: 108-190 (56.8%)
Close: 83-214 (38.7%)
Med: 85-215 (39.5%)
3pt: 115-342 (33.6%)
FT: 257-305 (84.3%)
1.8 STL%

Deron's 3pt shot has finally returned after a three year absence.  After struggling to start the season, he's on fire from deep.

3pt% by month
Nov: 26.9%
Dec: 32.9%
Jan: 42.0%
Feb: 49.0%
Mar: 44.4%

Deron is averaging 23.6 points since the All-Star break and shooting 47% from the field.  Having rested for two games before the break, it would seem the time off did him some good.

Rashidi's Rating: 85


Corey Brewer
Corey Brewer
73 Overall (+7)
84 Inside (-5)
78 Close (+9)
70 Medium (+7)
74 3pt (+8)
66 FT (-3)
72 Layup (+4)
81 Dunk (+2)
61 Traffic (+5)
45 Block (+10)
84 Steal (+2)
66 OffAwr (+11)
74 DefAwr (+2)
70 Consistency (+10)
89 Stamina (+5)
76 Hustle (+6)
55 Emotion (+30)

14.8 PER
Inside: 154-248 (62.1%)
Close: 44-124 (35.4%)
Med: 30-82 (36.6%)
3pt: 73-248 (29.4%)
FT: 105-154 (68.2%)
0.9 BLK%
2.8 STL%

13.7 PER
Inside: 134-224 (59.8%)
Close: 34-100 (34.0%)
Med: 17-46 (37.0%)
3pt: 39-147 (26.5%)
FT: 90-130 (69.2%)
1.0 BLK%
2.9 STL% (10th in NBA)

Brewer received a much needed 3pt boost as he is at least competent at hitting the shot.  Aside from  Offensive Awareness and Steal, there wasn't much of a need for any of his other ratings to go up (Steal should have gone up further since Brewer is annually among the league's best).

Rashidi's Rating: 73


Lance Stephenson
Lance Stephenson
75 Overall (+6)
82 Inside (+3)
83 Close (+6)
71 Medium (-2)
80 3pt (+5)
63 FT (+16)
86 Layup (+3)
64 Traffic (+6)
64 SOD (+3)
73 Hands (+5)
74 OBDef (+1)
70 OffAwr (+2)
57 DefAwr (+5)
60 Consistency (+35)
94 Stamina (+6)
84 Speed (+4)
88 Quickness (+4)
73 Vertical (+2)
78 Potential (+6)

11.4 PER
Inside: 124-186 (67.7%)
Close: 26-67 (38.8%)
Med: 19-78 (24.4%)
3pt: 52-153 (34.0%)
FT: 46-73 (63.0%)

7.0 PER
Inside: 23-41 (56.8%)
Close: 10-32 (31.2%)
Med: 11-29 (37.9%)
3pt: 5-32 (15.6%)
FT: 8-17 (47.1%)

Most of these ratings were designed to make Stephenson a better finisher.  It's good that 2K finally noticed Stephenson had the lowest possible Consistency rating and fixed that... although he certainly doesn't deserve 60, as he isn't close to actually BEING consistent (he just deserves better then the absolute minimum)

I'm not sure why there is reluctance to raise Stephenson's Defensive Awareness.  The Pacers are the best defensive team in the league and Stephenson is a big part of that.

Rashidi's Rating: 73


Kevin Jones (PF) - Cavaliers (19 games, 8.9 mpg)
*Shavlik Randolph (PF) - Celtics (2 games, 10.0 mpg, played 95 games prior to 2013)
Jarvis Varnado (PF) - Heat (10 games, 3.7 mpg)
Terrel Harris (SG) - Hornets (8 games, 4.4 mpg, played 22 games prior to 2013)
Kevin Murphy (SG) - Jazz (15 games, 3.2 mpg)
Chris Wright (PG) - Mavericks (1 game, 1.0 mpg)
Julyan Stone (PG/SG) - Nuggets (2 games, 5.5 mpg, played 22 games prior to 2013)
Ben Hansbrough (PG/SG) - Pacers (22 games, 7.1 mpg)
Tim Ohlbrecht (C) Rockets (1 game, 6.0 mpg)
Aron Baynes (C) - Spurs (11 games, 6.6 mpg)
Diante Garrett (SG) - Suns (12 games, 6.8 mpg)
*Mickael Gelabale (SF) Timberwolves (26 games, 21.8 mpg, played 109 games prior to 2013)
Chris Johnson (C/PF) - Timberwolves (20 games, 12.3 mpg, played 41 games prior to 2013)
Kent Bazemore (SG/SF) - Warriors (47 games, 4.5 mpg)
Malcolm Thomas (PF/SF) - Warriors (4 games, 4.8 mpg, played 3 games prior to 2013)

*Denotes previously in an NBA 2K game (which means 2K Sports already has files for these players).

Terrel Harris, Chris Wright, and Malcolm Thomas all signed 10-day contracts this week.  There isn't a chance in hell any of them get added to the game since we've been waiting TWO MONTHS now for Gelabale and Chris Johnson who actually play.



As usual, this is the only area of the rosters that 2K seems to care about (even though most fans loathe it).

Given that I did not write an article for last week's roster that was solely an injury update, this includes changes from both rosters.

Ramon Sessions (74/PG) Bobcats
Richard Hamilton (74/SG) Bulls
Kirk Hinrich (73/PG) Bulls
Kyrie Irving (89/PG) Cavaliers
Caron Butler (81/SF) Clippers
Eric Bledsoe (81/PG) Clippers
Darrell Arthur (72/PF) Grizzlies
Zaza Pachulia (63/C) Hawks
Austin Rivers (71/SG) Hornets
James Johnson (66/SF) Kings
Amare Stoudemire (83/PF) Knicks
Shawn Marion (79/SF) Mavericks
Danny Granger (83/SF) Pacers
Brandon Knight (76/SG) Pistons
Andrea Bargnani (73/PF) Raptors
Tony Parker (87/PG) Spurs
Marcin Gortat (81/C) Suns
Sasha Pavlovic (57/SF) Trail Blazers
Bradley Beal (75/SG) Wizards

Omri Casspi (62/SF) Cavaliers
Mo Williams (78/PG) Jazz
Jameer Nelson (75/PG) Magic
Tornike Shengelia (56/SF) Nets
Andrew Bogut (79/C) Warriors

Red denotes player cannot play through injury.

INJURED LIST (46 total)
76ers: Andrew Bynum (87/C)Jason Richardson (74/SG)
Bobcats: Ramon Sessions (74/PG)
Bucks: N/A
Bulls: Derrick Rose (92/PG), Taj Gibson (76/PF), Richard Hamilton (74/SG), Kirk Hinrich (73/PG)
Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving (89/PG), Anderson Varejao (76/C)
Celtics: Rajon Rondo (89/PG)Jared Sullinger (71/PF)
Clippers: Caron Butler (81/SF), Eric Bledsoe (81/PG), Trey Thompkins (63/PF)
Grizzlies: Darrell Arthur (72/PF)
Hawks: Louis Williams (78/SG), Zaza Pachulia (63/C)
Heat: N/A
Hornets: Austin Rivers (71/SG)Jason Smith (60/C)
Jazz: Raja Bell (71/SG)
Kings: James Johnson (66/SF)
Knicks: Amare Stoudemire (83/PF)Rasheed Wallace (71/PF)
Lakers: Pau Gasol (81/PF), Jordan Hill (70/C)
Magic: Glen Davis (73/PF)Hedo Turkoglu (72/SF)
Mavericks: Shawn Marion (79/SF), Jared Cunningham (66/SG)
Nets: N/A
Nuggets: N/A
Pacers: Danny Granger (83/SF)
Pistons: Brandon Knight (76/SG), Andre Drummond (70/C)
Raptors: Andrea Bargnani (73/PF), Mickael Pietrus (72/SF), Linas Kleiza (64/SF)
Rockets: N/A
Spurs: Tony Parker (87/PG)
Suns: Marcin Gortat (81/C)Channing Frye (67/PF)
Thunder: N/A
Timberwolves: Kevin Love (89/PF)Brandon Roy (80/SG)Nikola Pekovic (78/C)Chase Budinger (71/SF)Malcolm Lee (SG/65)
Trail Blazers: Elliot Williams (66/SG), Sasha Pavlovic (57/SF)
Warriors: Brandon Rush (71/SG)
Wizards: Bradley Beal (75/SG), Leandro Barbosa (71/PG), Cartier Martin (67/SF)



76ERS: Jrue Holiday (PG), Nick Young (SG), Evan Turner (SF), Thaddeus Young (PF), Spencer Hawes (C)
Damien Wilkins started while Young was hurt and has kept the job even though Young is healthy again.

BOBCATS: Kemba Walker (PG), Gerald Henderson (SG), Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (SF), Byron Mullens (PF), Bismack Biyombo (C)
Mullens lost his starting job to Josh McRoberts on 3/9.

JAZZ: Mo Williams (PG), Randy Foye (SG), Marvin Williams (SF), Paul Millsap (PF), Al Jefferson (C)
Marvin Williams lost his starting job to DeMarre Carroll on 3/6.

KNICKS: Raymond Felton (PG), Iman Shumpert (SG), James White (SF), Carmelo Anthony (PF), Tyson Chandler (C)
White lost his spot in the rotation and didn't even play on 3/14, much less start.  Chris Copeland is the latest starting SF for a team that refuses to use Carmelo Anthony at his natural position.

MAGIC: Jameer Nelson (PG), Arron Afflalo (SG), Maurice Harkless (SF), Andrew Nicholson (PF), Nikola Vucevic
Nicholson lost his starting job to Tobias Harris on 3/8.

SUNS: Goran Dragic (PG), Jared Dudley (SG), P.J. Tucker (SF), Luis Scola (PF), Jermaine O'Neal (C)
Scola moved to the bench with the return of O'Neal.  Markieff Morris will continue to start at PF.


Liked the in-depth breakdown of 2K Sports' roster update?  Check out Rashidi's roster, The Real NBA 2K13.


Michael Sweeney said...
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Michael Sweeney said...

It's a damn shame how PATHETIC these updates are. Why don't they hire someone who would actually enjoy to update the rosters? This guy clearly doesn't. Hell, I don't even think he's a basketball fan judging by these updates. EA was so much better in this regard. Too bad their gameplay is garbage.

Amr said...

I need help to understand this:

Thompson averages 3.8 offensive rebounds and 5.5 defensive rebounds per game. Doesn't that mean his defensive rebounding rating should be higher than the offensive one?

Rashidi said...

The average NBA team gets 73.4% of defensive rebounds which means only 26.6% of all rebounds are offensive.

Offensive rebounds are harder to get than defensive rebounds. Since the defense stands between the offensive player and the basket, they have superior rebound position.

Zach Randolph leads the league in ORB with 4.3.

Dwight Howard leads the league in DRB with 9.1 which is double that of the ORB leader.

Amr said...


So what is the formula used to calculate that 63 DefReb rating of Thompson? I am interested in doing the math.

Rashidi said...

2K has a scale that follows ORB% and DRB% but as you can see from the Thompson/Howard example they rarely follow it for whatever reason.

63 would have been good for Thompson's DRB% LAST SEASON (16.6%)

2012: 16.6% = 63
2013: 21.7% = 79
Career: 19.7 = 73

Depending on how much weight you want to give to this season, his DRB is at least 10 points underrated.

Rashidi said...

That analysis is pretty basic and it's pretty sad that 2K doesn't even go that deep anymore. They are merely fixated on Overall rating now rather than the actual attributes, since OVR is what people generally complain about.