Friday, April 12, 2013

NBA 2K13 Roster Analysis 4/12/13

Yet another injury update for 2K Sports.  I guess nothing else happened in the NBA this week/month/year.  With the regular season concluding in five days, any hope of the disproportionately ignored non-playoff teams getting rating edits this year is out the window.  Better luck in NBA 2K16.



Kevin Love
88 Overall (-1)
71 Durability (-15)



Taj Gibson (76/PF) Bulls - Has not played since 4/2
Anthony Davis (79/PF) Hornets - Will miss rest of the season

Richard Hamilton (73/SG) Bulls - Returned 4/9
Raja Bell (71/SG) Free Agents - Was never hurt.  Was "injured" because of buyout dispute.

C.J. Miles (68/SF) Cavaliers
Enes Kanter (65/C) Jazz
Kenyon Martin (76/PF) Knicks
Danilo Gallinari (77/SF) Nuggets
Boris Diaw (65/PF) Spurs
Wesley Matthews (77/SG) Trail Blazers
Bradley Beal (75/SG) Wizards

Dion Waiters (77/SG) Cavaliers
Kevin Garnett (84/PF) Celtics
James Johnson (66/SF) Kings
Metta World Peace (71/SF) Lakers
Will Bynum (67/PG) Pistons
Royce White (67/PF) Rockets
Sasha Pavlovic (57/SF) Trail Blazers


Michael Sweeney said...

Tim Duncan had his position changed to PF (don't ask me why) Tiago Splitter had his position changed to C, and Kevin Garnett had his position changed to C/PF. Also Solomon Jones should replace Kurt Thomas on the Knicks. And Stephen Jackson should be in the free agents. That just happened a couple hours ago though.

rashawn price said...

I wonder if they'll put everyone back in when the regular season is over... If not then when the playoffs are done because I would really like to be able to PLAY WITH D.ROSE AGAIN!