Friday, April 19, 2013

NBA 2K13 Roster Analysis 4/19/13

Summary of today's roster update.

Player Edits: 0 (Get ready for my article that rips into detail how piss-poor 2K's ratings are this year)
Missing Players: 21 (Now including Tracy McGrady, Willie Reed, and Dwayne Jones)
Missing Coaches: 1 (Lindsey Hunter has been missing for 3 months)
Players on Wrong Teams: 5 (Rasheed Wallace, Earl Barron, Quentin Richardson, Donte Greene, Jared Jeffries)
Incorrect Lineups: 4 (76ers, Bobcats, Rockets, Suns)
Inaccurate Injuries: 6 (The only thing 2K cares about and they still can't keep up)


Liked the in-depth breakdown of 2K Sports' roster update?  Check out Rashidi's roster, The Real NBA 2K13.

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