Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NBA 2K14 Roster Analysis 10/30/13 - 2K responds

Responding to opening night criticism, 2K Sports quickly released another roster that completed all the missing transactions in the game, and added two of the missing players that were on the disc.

There were no new rating changes, although Marcus Morris of the Suns had his position changed to SF.

Mike Harris (62/SF) - Jazz
Hamady N'Diaye (52/C) - Kings

What is most disappointing about the missing players list is EIGHT of these players signed GUARANTEED contracts as far back as July.  2K Sports had THREE MONTHS (including one month with the game in consumer hands) to add these players in advance of opening night, and failed to do so.

Hollis Thompson (SF) - 76ers
Brandon Davies (PF) - 76ers
James Southerland (SF) - Bobcats
Miroslav Raduljica (C) - Bucks - GUARANTEED (signed 7/26/13)
Matthew Dellavedova (PG) - Cavaliers
Henry Sims (C) - Cavaliers
Phil Pressey (PG) - Celtics - GUARANTEED (signed 7/22/13)
Vitor Faverani (C) - Celtics - GUARANTEED (signed 7/22/13)
Nick Calathes (PG) - Grizzlies - GUARANTEED (signed 8/20/13)
Pero Antic (C) - Hawks - GUARANTEED (signed 7/26/13)
Ian Clark (SG) - Jazz
Chris Smith (PG) - Knicks
Toure Murry (SG) - Knicks
Elias Harris (PF) - Lakers
Ryan Kelly (PF) - Lakers
Gal Mekel (PG) - Mavericks - GUARANTEED (signed 7/11/13)
Arnize Onuaku (PF) - Pelicans
Luigi Datome (SF) - Pistons - GUARANTEED (signed 7/16/13)
Dwight Buycks (PG) - Raptors - GUARANTEED (signed 7/16/13)
Julyan Stone (PG) - Raptors
Robert Covington (PF) - Rockets - GUARANTEED (signed 7/15/13)
Dionte Christmas (SG) - Suns
Robbie Hummel (SF) - Timberwolves
Ognjen Kuzmic (C) - Warriors - GUARANTEED (signed 9/27/13)

Darius Morris (66/PG) - 76ers (from Free Agent)
Mike James (65/PG) - Bulls (from Free Agent)
Roger Mason (69/SG) - Heat (from Free Agent)
Cole Aldrich (61/C) - Knicks (from Free Agent)
Solomon Jones (52/C) - Magic (from Free Agent)
Donald Sloan (64/PG) - Pacers (from Free Agent)
Rasual Butler (60/SF) - Pacers (from Free Agent)
Ronnie Brewer (73/SG) - Rockets (from Free Agent)
Ish Smith (71/PG) - Suns (from Free Agent)
A.J. Price (56/PG) - Timberwolves (from Free Agent)
Gani Lawal (56/PF) - Free Agent (from 76ers)
Reggie Williams (64/SF) - Free Agent (from Rockets)
Chris Johnson (64/C) - Free Agent (from Timberwolves)

Since there is a glimmer of hope that 2K Sports is paying attention to criticism this season, here is a list of ratings that ruin Association/MyCareer modes because the players are off.

Bobcats: Ben Gordon (76/SG) will start over Gerald Henderson (74/SG)
Cavaliers: Anthony Bennett (76/PF) will start over Tristan Thompson (74/PF); Alonzo Gee (71/SF) will start over Earl Clark (70/SF)
Celtics: Kris Humphries (72/PF) will start over Brandon Bass (70/PF)
Hawks: Cartier Martin (65/SF) will start over Kyle Korver (64/SF) and DeMarre Carroll (64/SF)
Magic: Hedo Turkoglu (72/SF) will play over Maurice Harkless (71/SF)
Nets: TyShawn Taylor (68/PG) will play over Shaun Livingston (62/PG)
Nuggets: J.J. Hickson (77/C) will start over JaVale McGee (75/C); Wilson Chandler (81/SF) will start over Danilo Gallinari (76/SF); Anthony Randolph (71/PF) will play over Darrell Arthur (68/PF) and Timofey Mozgov (67/C)
Pistons: Chauncey Billups (81/PG) will play over Will Bynum (71/PG)
Raptors: Tyler Hansbrough (72/PF) will start over Amir Johnson (71/PF); Steve Novak (53/SF) will never play
Rockets: Aaron Brooks (77/PG) will start over Jeremy Lin (76/PG) and Patrick Beverley (73/PG); Ronnie Brewer (73/SG) will play over Francisco Garcia (68/SF) and Omri Casspi (66/SF)
Spurs: Matt Bonner (58/C) will never play
Thunder: Jeremy Lamb (71/SG) will start over Thabo Sefolosha (70/SG)

Testing an Association, the following free agent signings ironically happen:
Bulls signed Richard Hamilton (74/SG)
Lakers signed Lamar Odom (72/PF)
Spurs signed Stephen Jackson (79/SF)
Suns signed Shannon Brown (74/SG)

What would solve that?  Accurate rating decreases for all of the above.


F_Rod said...

Mike Harris (SF) - Jazz: He's in the game, so its 22 players missing.

F_Rod said...

Never mind there's 23 missing players. You have Mike Harris in that list by mistake. As for 2K Sports, I have some hope in 2K getting the roster correct this year.

Jaysen said...

Decrease ratings? That doesn't make sense.. so decrease Gees rating so Earl Clark can start? What if he is a better player? I do believe being tall helps a players rating real life. Maybe Gee is slightly better but Clark's overall length makes more of an impact on the basketball court. Lower Billups rating so bynum can start? I hear you but you're saying make Chauncey a 70ovr? I didn't know he sucked that bad.. you would tho. And I'm sure you have some numbers that prove that. I saw him play and he still balling, just not the focal point of the team offense. Like I said, many players in the NBA if given an opportunity can shine.. like Earl Clark among other players. Numbers may not tell the whole story, you have take more into account.

Rashidi said...

Alonzo Gee: Not a good basketball player.

Chauncey Billups: Not a better player than Will Bynum, and hasn't even been a PG for three years.

Rashidi said...

Just realized that Dionte Christmas is on the Suns. That's one more missing player.

Marinos Dep said...

any idea if they will update euroleague team rosters ?

ai3legend said...

@ Jaysen
80 ovr rating doesnt show you who is better player ,ovr is only calculation of ratings connected to position. It's just stupid 2k politics about asso/myCarrer rotations

Rashidi said...

I highly doubt Euroleague rosters will be touched.

Marinos Dep said...

if they want to put players like antic and calathes on euroleague they have to change euroleague rosters .... and this rosters are very wrong