Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day Predictions

We're one month into the season now, which gives us enough to make some educated guesses!

MVP: LeBron James (Runnerup: Kobe)
DPY: Dwight Howard
MIP: Devin Harris (Runnerup: Thaddeus Young/Wilson Chandler)
6TH: Lamar Odom
ROY: Derrick Rose (Wouldn't mind if Mayo was co-winner)
COY: Phil Jackson (Last time was 72-10 season)
EOY: Danny Ferry (Mo trade, West re-sign, plus whatever he does at deadline)

C Dwight Howard
F Kevin Garnett
F LeBron James
G Dwyane Wade
G Allen Iverson
C Chris Bosh
F Paul Pierce
F Danny Granger
G Joe Johnson
G Devin Harris
F Elton Brand
G Vince Carter

Notable Snub: Caron Butler (kept Washington above .500 last year but they are dead last this year)

C Yao Ming
F Tim Duncan
F Carmelo Anthony
G Kobe Bryant
G Chris Paul
C Amare Stoudemire
F Carlos Boozer
F Dirk Nowitzki
G Steve Nash
G Brandon Roy
F Pau Gasol
G Deron Williams (or Tony Parker, whomever recovers from injury sooner)

Notable Snub: Shaquille O'Neal (Over guys like T-Mac, Billups, Jax, and Big Al... his resurgence is a big story but I doubt coaches keep Nash off and Suns don't really warrant 3 stars)

Of course, this is all pending whether or not China screws everything up and votes Yi Jianlian into the starting lineup. One would hope that the olympics in China causes some of their votes to go to some of the worthy talent they saw.

All-NBA First
C Howard
F Garnett
F James
G Wade
G Bryant

All-NBA Second
C Yao
F Bosh
F Stoudemire
G Paul
G Iverson

All-NBA Third
C Shaq
F Boozer
F Duncan
G Roy
G Johnson

G Snub: Steve Nash, Deron Williams (injury), Tony Parker (injury)
F Snub: Nowitzki, Pierce
C Snub: Gasol (Could make team, depends on how voters want to handle Gasol/Duncan/Shaq for last two spots... Shaq is the only true C but voting is flexible)

Last night Magic Johnson was shamelessly self promoting himself with Stuart Scott and when he was forced to actually talk about basketball, he mentioned that the NBA is the most talented it's been in over 10 years. Taking a look at all the snubbed talent, I agree. We've got at least 5 legit MVP candidates (LeBron, Kobe, Wade, Paul, Howard) and a number of great players who are starting to decline but for now they are still among the elite (KG, AI, Duncan, Nash, Dirk, even Shaq). Along with all the all-stars still in their primes (Gasol, Boozer, Bosh, Amare, Deron, Parker, Yao, West, Melo, anyone else I didn't get to) it's an exciting time to be a basketball fan.

What do you guys think?


Brent Nahmias said...

We really see things in a similar way, it's kinda creepy.

One place I most disagree is coach of the year, consistently good coaches (Sloan, Jackson, Popovic, etc) almost never get the award, and to be honest I don't see the Lakers winning 70+ that they would need to get him the award.

Usually it goes to a mediocre/bad team that takes a big jump up. Spoelstra may be the front runner just because of how bad the heat were and because how good they have been defensively. If Portland the seemingly media's obsession this season keeps the current pace up McMillan will also be in the running.

Anonymous said...

Kobe doesn't deserve any accolades. He has all the ability in the world but it doesn't translate to wins unless he has the damn all-star tream or Shaq. Most overated player of the 21st century? I'd say so.

Rashidi said...

Well, lakers are 12-1 out of the gate, which certainly makes them on pace for 70 as the celtics were last season. They should finish with over 60 wins despite the toughest conference in league history. They've become a top defensive team, a credit to the coaching staff, and phil also moved odom to the bench which has strengthened the team further.

I can't see spoelsta geting much credit, as we all know the improvement is entirely due to Wade's health. In fact, they are underperforming, considering they are sub 500 in the east with a core of wade, marion, and beasley.

My reasoning for phil is there really isn't anu team that's been a surprise this season. Allthe teams we expected to be bad, well, they are. If there were a coach of the month award I'd give it to d'antoni but they aren't going to continue their winning ways post-trade.

Ok I take it back, there has been a surprise team. The Nets are 500 when most people pegged them for last in the entire league. Lawrence Frank will win it IF the Nets make the playoffs, however it is far more likely that they trade VC to ensure a lottery selection.

Anonymous said...

I think you enjoy all things snub-esque. ^ ^

Lunatic Wolf said...

Everything looks solid EXCEPT for the sixth man award.

It is going to Kirilenko, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

If Knicks get to the Playoff by a miracle of God D'antoni will win coach of the year and i don't think any Body will disagree with that.... if they make it an Phil Jackson gets it he prob will call D'antoni and give it to him..

Anonymous said...

Hey Rashidi

You did not answer my question. How do you rate potential and other intangible ratings?

Rashidi said...

Potential: How good a player is going to get. Trade value is usually a good indicator.

For players over 30, it's how good the player was.

Anonymous said...

when is 4.0 coming out

Rashidi said...

Hopefully by the end of the weekend.

Traditionally, I've always used Thanksgiving weekend to get most of my work done.

Anonymous said...

will the recent trades be in 4.0?

ShammgodofWar said...

the west isnt as tough as it was last year IMO. Lakers are the best team out west, everyone else looks a older and not really a threat. Dallas is going down hill since the Kidd trade, Suns don't know what style to play, Spurs are riddled with injuries and look VERY OLD! but I think they can rebound from their bad start. Hornets need a better back up PG and a real sg that can score anytime. Im surprised you didn't mention Chris Bosh as an MVP candidate he's putting up some serious numbers.

Rashidi said...

Bosh is putting up numbers but his team is only .500. Legit MVP candidates are almost always found among the league's elite teams.

Let's put it this way - Kobe averaged 35 on a .500 team and didn't win MVP. So Bosh (or any other player) averaging 27 on a .500 team doesn't really phase me.

Rashidi said...

And yeah, all roster movement is in my files.

Anonymous said...

no love for any Nugget in the All-NBA team?

Anonymous said...

I think Shaq will make it to the team this year. The game is going to be in Phoenix, and he's arguably the second best center in the West right now. I don't see any other center (aside from Yao, of course) getting more votes than him in that conference.

Flight Risk said...

first, the spurs are healthy and they don't look so old anymore. they've won 7 out of 10 and will contend in the west again. they've only gotten stronger with their added perimeter players but i believe they lack the depth up front to win it all.

secondly, only the starters are voted into the all star game, the backups are chosen by the coaches around the league i believe. so if shaq doesn't get voted in (which he won't) then he might not make it.

third, when can we expect the next roster update? you said something about only editing top players, which makes me think you would be done by now. if you're taking the extra time to edit the whole league then thats great because i prefer every player to be accurate.

lastly, can we at least have a discussion on changing player signatures that still aren't right? tim duncan has a worse and worse jump shot every year, and 2K got extremely lazy and just gave kurt thomas kenny thomas' jumper which he has never had before. i edit these things every time i download one of your updates, but sometimes i'll forget one or the other. also, is it possible you could lower the foul tendencies of alot of players around the league. i play my association mode with team chemistry and all that nonsense, and i hate when guys who average 2.5 fouls per game in their career end up averaging 4.8 and get pissy.

Rashidi said...

I will post an update when I get home from work, it'll be R2K version 3.5, since it's essentially unfinished 4.0.

My Sunday nights are taken now which has given me even less time for editing which is why you could say things are taking so long.

I'd love to have a sig discussion, I haven't had much time to even post on the blog, post sim stats, anything like that. I'll write something up when I post the file.

Also when I come across absurdly high foul ratings I've been fixing them, basically anything over a 50 draws an eyebrow from me.

Flight Risk said...

ill get you started, michael pietrus' foul rating is something like 85

hulyan said...

Devin Harris RIGHT NOW is the second best pg in the NBA behind CP3. Will his ratings show that in your update?

Anonymous said...

Put as much effort as you put in dissing the Insider into your freaking roster. We can go to ESPN for opinions and all that. You claim to be the real insider? back it up...he has more updates then you out.

Rashidi said...

LOL, yeah but a Rashidi update is the equivalent of 20 Insider updates.

Shoot, if I submitted an update everytime I edited 10 players, I'd be in the hundreds already.

Anonymous said...

is 4.0 coming out soon

Anonymous said...

Remember to change Donte Greene's height.

Anonymous said...

could you look into the ratings of John Salmons and Jason Thompson they both deserve a little improvement IMO even though the Kings have been looking like hot garbage lately.

Salmons was and still is the best man up defender on the team (not saying he is DPOY but still) he's used to guard the opposing threat on most occasions as he is the best the Kings have even with Artest he usually had either the best or second best scorer as his assignment.

Also for Jason Thompson I'm guessing when you lowered Mikki Moore to a 71 OVR that justified not raising JT for his performance so far. Most rookie ratings boards have him within the top ten unanimously meaning he should more so fall in line with the bigs in that range Brook Lopez 76 Ovr Greg Oden 83 Ovr Marc Gasol 77 Ovr and Mike Beasley 83 Ovr

Rashidi said...

i dont think i touched Moore, that was probably the Insider.

Anonymous said...

Ok then I'll accept that. Well now only thing I can ask for is not to have the Kings be ignored in V 4.0 when its released the only changes that were made to the team from the looks of things were made by the insider.

Anonymous said...

I'll back that up. Jason Thompson is a legit 77. He is quick, fast, has ball skills. I believe Sports Illustrated did an article or a blurb on it.