Monday, January 4, 2010

Real 2K Insider expanding to MLB coverage in 2K10

I am expecting big things out of MLB 2K10, and expect the series to have it's best title yet (which obviously isn't saying much, however I do believe the game will finally be considered playable).

I am out to show once again that my rosters will trump 2K's, as there are many players they have not updated in years. While basketball will always be my true love, my MVP Baseball 2005 rosters were vastly more popular than my NBA 2K rosters.

I recently acquired a copy of 2K9 in order to get a head start. If anyone has ratings complaints about specific players, I'd love to hear and address them.


Ryan said...

Does this mean that you will stop doing NBA rosters?

Rashidi said...

Nope. Expansion ain't the same as leaving one field for another.

Rashidi said...

(I'd be doing rosters for both)

Anonymous said...

Are you going to make a new site for the MLB updates?

Anonymous said...

The entire Texas Rangers team!

vinny said...

yea rebuild the whole yankees team jeter isnt a 84

Rashidi said...

haha should he be higher or lower? depending on who you ask, Jeter is one of the worst defensive shortstops in baseball.

vinny said...

the thing is he is but give him a clutch situation and hell swallow the ball if he hasy 2 im saying hes the greatest hitting shortstop in baseball he hsuld be a 90.......cano is a soon 2 be batting champ the future of the yanks kinda he shuld be a 86 87 ...arod shuld be a 90 also idc wat ne one says no1 can miss almost 40 games and have 30hrs 100 rbis and like 7 rbis the last game vs shuld be a 95 if not 97 also he is a horse no 1 can deny....burnet can be a 87 88 let the updates make him into the is just a 100 lol hes unhittable...texeria is grreat allaround denfense batting when he goes into a slump once in a while but once he sees the ball its a hit...javy shuld be a 87 88 like burnett but javy has liek 2.5sumthing era idk his record is worse then aj i think...posada is the greates cathcer in this game besides mauer hes a beast posada shuld be a 85 86 ...granderson went 30 and liek 80 or 90 sumthing rbis and hes a bad left hittter but mlb has more right hands then leftys its a proven fact...he shuld be a 89 90....then u have swisher who shuld be at least a 86 he bats 8th and had almost 30 hrs...gardner can be a 70 did his thing as qa setup man he shuld be boosted 2 a 84 85 ....robertson can be a 70sumthing...u gotta look at the statss the evil empire put up and just ull see where im coming from i mean like ortiz is rated higher then howard i htink and tha shows 2k9 was done halfassed

Rashidi said...

Let me post 2K's current ratings, since you're probably going by the defaults. David Ortiz is only 78 overall while Ryan Howard is 87.

95 Rodriguez (933 OPS)
94 Teixeira (948 OPS)
93 Cano (871 OPS)
92 Granderson (780 OPS)
88 Jeter (871 OPS)
84 Posada (885 OPS)
83 Swisher (869 OPS)
76 Johnson (831 OPS)
73 Gardner (724 OPS)

Johnson is pretty clearly underrated, as he's a good defensive player too on top of his hitting.

Posada was underrated once I saw ratings for other catchers. Russell Martin is 88 and had a terrible year. Baltimore's rookie catcher posted a 750 OPS and he's an 82. This might be Posada's weak arm coming into play though.

I wouldn't say Jeter's underrated, but Cano sure seems a bit high.

Granderson had a down year and definitely shouldn't be in the 90s. He was an all-star this season but was nowhere close to the level he was at in 2007 or even 2008.

93 Sabathia (127 ERA+)
85 Vazquez (143 ERA+)
84 Burnett (106 ERA+)
79 Pettitte (103 ERA+)
78 Chamberlain (90 ERA+)
69 Gaudin (83 ERA+)
69 Mitre (63 ERA+)

100 ERA+ = league avg... so over 100 is good, less is bad.

Joba's a bit overrated as his K rate was much better as a reliever than it is as a starter.

Vazquez will probably fall back to earth in the AL, as he did the first time he joined the Yanks.

96 Rivera (243 ERA+)
79 Hughes (141 ERA+)
78 Marte (45 ERA+)
71 Aceves (121 ERA+)
68 Albaladejo (82 ERA+)
68 Ramirez (75 ERA+)

Aceves was 10-1 with a 3.54 ERA in 84 innings, which is a significantly better body of work than any of the similarly rated pitchers on either list, and is exactly the type of lesser known player I'm talking about that 2K ignores.

Marte hasn't been good since joining the Yanks (limited to only 13 innings this year due to injuries) but given his track record I'd let him pass for another season.

Rashidi said...

One more reliever
67 - David Robertson (130 ERA+) - a 3.30 ERA and great strikeout rate = worst guy on the team apparently.

Looking at their roster, I'm not so sure I'd favor the Yanks to repeat. They have a great lineup, but literally no bench behind it. Granderson and Johnson are only filling holes left by Damon (854 OPS) and Matsui (874 OPS), while Gardner is a downgrade from Cabrera (752 OPS) that also removes the team's most reliable backup from the bench.

The rotation is improved but not by much. If Vazquez is as dominant in the AL as he was in the NL, then he's really only replacing a healthy/productive Wang. Gaudin and Mitre are alright for depth although one (or both) may occupy a long relief role as well.

The pen got a little thinner with Coke and Bruney moving on, and this wasn't a deep pen to begin with. It looks to me like depth will be an issue for the Yanks. Posada had a resurgent offensive year, but at age 38 that's not realistic to expect again, plus he only played in 2/3 of the games as it was...

vinny said...

see u no ur sports thats why i fuck with u.....and for the nba 2k10 u saw the knicks game vs the bobcats we are on a 4 game win streak and i gurantee well lock the 8th spot up i hope danny galli and robinson will get a boost and chandler and al liek the whole team deserves props cuz we were 3 and 13 and now 15 and 20

Rashidi said...

IMO the Knicks are pushing for the 5th/6th seed, not the 8th.

Rashidi said...

If they can get matched up with the Hawks, they might even have a chance to get to round two. Most Knick fans would be happy to just make the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Rashidi, I may be just grabbing things out of air here, but I thought there were issues with the 2k series and the fact that editing too many players would cause the game to freeze frequently. Is this not the case?

vinny said...

i been a knick fan for 12 years a 8th spot will do me justice lol idc if we lose 4 0 in the 1st round the knicks r actually like fun 2 watch now cuz now us fans no that we can beat ne 1 and if we still had jamal and zbo and mix it in with lee duhon nate galli still wuldve been drafted by dantoni beelive me we wudlve been good 2.....if we lock up the 5th or 6th spot that i think the knicks deserve the keys 2 the city hell even if we make the playoffs as a 8th seed

Anonymous said...

Vinny lrn to speak the english please you retard.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rashidi, how long till the next NBA update?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rashidi, is ffaacc ... I know that there is too much history behind you and 2k but:

Why do you choose 2k over The Show ? What are the things you think are done better in 2ks game over The Show ?

I used to like baseball games but I am outdated (havent played them since 2k7) and havent played The Show ever, but almost everyone says the show is better.

So, since you are one of the most respected roster editors and since you can expose 2ks accomplishments and falls, please enlite me so I can have a better picture of both and probably make a better buying choice ...

Thanks in advance ...

Rashidi said...

I don't own a PS3 so I have never played the Show.

2K9 is surprisingly playable, but I've heard it also needed two patches to even get it to that point - long after most had written the series off.

It's not perfect, but as long as they keep working on the gameplay it will be playable. That's why I anticipate they'll need a great deal of roster editing - because working on the core gameplay rather than player ratings SHOULD be the #1 concern. The ratings don't matter if the game is broken.