Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Team Ratings - Rashidi vs 2K

83 Cavaliers
83 Hawks
82 Celtics
80 Magic
80 Heat
80 Bulls
80 Sixers
78 Bobcats
77 Bucks
77 Knicks
75 Wizards
74 Pistons
73 Raptors
73 Nets
72 Pacers

85 Hawks
83 Heat
81 Cavaliers
80 Sixers
79 Bulls
77 Knicks
77 Wizards - this is a Wizard team minus Arenas, mind you.
76 Celtics - Celtics w/o Garnett are worse than Arenas-less Wizards?
76 Bobcats
74 Nets - Aren't they the league's worst team?
73 Magic - 2K decided to injure Vince Carter and remove him from the lineup. Vince Carter played tonight.
73 Pistons
72 Raptors
69 Pacers
67 Bucks

5.97 Cavaliers (Rashidi 1st - Insider 3rd)
5.38 Celtics (Rashidi 3rd - Insider 8th)
5.35 Hawks (Rashidi 2nd - Insider 1st)
4.18 Magic (Rashidi 4th - Insider 11th)
1.12 Bobcats (Rashidi 8th - Insider 9th)
0.93 Heat (Rashidi 5th - Insider 2nd)
-0.95 Raptors (Rashidi 13th - Insider 13th)
-1.58 Bucks (Rashidi 9th - Insider 15th)
-1.85 Knicks (Rashidi 10th - Insider 6th)
-3.16 Bulls (Rashidi 6th - Insider 5th)
-3.27 Sixers (Rashidi 7th - Insider 4th)
-3.68 Wizards (Rashidi 11th - Insider 7th)
-4.53 Pistons (Rashidi 12th - Insider 12th)
-5.94 Pacers (Rashidi 15th - Insider 14th)
-11.37 Nets (Rashidi 14th - Insider 10th)

As a resident New Yorker, I think it's safe to say my grasp on the east coast is much firmer than the California kid over there.

87 Lakers
85 Nuggets
83 Spurs
82 Rockets
81 Mavericks
81 Thunder
80 Jazz
79 Hornets
79 Grizzlies
77 Suns
74 Blazers
74 Clippers
73 Kings
73 Wolves
72 Warriors

90 Lakers
87 Nuggets
85 Grizzlies - ROFL
83 Spurs
83 Mavericks
82 Rockets
80 Thunder
77 Jazz
76 Suns
75 Clippers
74 Hornets
73 Blazers
73 Wolves
70 Warriors
69 Kings - Haven't we long established they aren't the worst in the league?

6.77 Lakers (Rashidi 1st - Insider 1st)
5.24 Spurs (Rashidi 3rd - Insider 4th)
4.49 Nuggets (Rashidi 2nd - Insider 2nd)
4.02 Jazz (Rashidi 7th - Insider 8th)
3.32 Thunder (Rashidi 6th - Insider 7th)
3.17 Blazers (Rashidi 11th - Insider 12th)
2.97 Mavericks (Rashidi 5th - Insider 5th)
2.32 Suns (Rashidi 10th - Insider 9th)
1.00 Rockets (Rashidi 4th - Insider 6th)
0.11 Grizzlies (Rashidi 9th - Insider 3rd)
-1.95 Hornets (Rashidi 8th - Insider 11th)
-2.66 Kings (Rashidi 13th - Insider 15th)
-2.72 Clippers (Rashidi 12th - Insider 10th)
-4.01 Warriors (Rashidi 15th - Insider 14th)
-9.30 Wolves (Rashidi 14th, Insider 13th)

I hold the edge over 2K Sports across the entire board with the exception of two teams - the Rockets and Hornets.

With all that said, my rosters are far from perfect (though they are much closer to it). Five things that could make them better...

1. The Blazers need some attention paid to them. I normally am on top of the Blazers every year but I've admittedly focused on other teams this year since they've been wracked with injuries. Martell Webster, Andre Miller, even Juwan Howard need boosts.

2. While I don't have Trevor Ariza all that high (76 compared to 2K's 79), it may be time to decrease him again.

3. Continue dropping the Nets. They are the worst team by far and the only team that comes close are the Wolves. The sad thing is 2K keeps boosting the Nets! Brook Lopez, Yi Jianlian, and even Jarvis Hayes all saw big jumps in recent updates. On my end, dropping Courtney Lee is probably the key.

4. Boost them Raptors up. Jarrett Jack has been playing well. Demar DeRozan is very underrated at only 64 overall (his rating in particular is what seems to drag the team down most).

5. I need to finish the Jazz. I have yet to edit Okur, Kirilenko, Korver, or Price, while Matthews is a bit underrated at 62. That would seemingly take care of them being slightly underrated.

Well, looks like I have my goals for the week!


Shelb said...

4. Boost them Raptors up. Jarrett Jack has been playing well. Demar DeRozan is very underrated at only 64 overall (his rating in particular is what seems to drag the team down most).

Thank you, kind sir.

Swank Lax said...

Be careful about boosting DeRozan, he is one of those players whose rating does not accurately depict his effectiveness in the game. As he is, he is unbelievably quick and can dunk literally all over the place, even with properly adjusted game sliders and on Hall of Fame difficulty. The man is a digital monster.

Rashidi said...

Couple key ratings for DeRozan

44 3pt
34 PostDef
54 DefAwr
62 BallDef

Threes could prob be about 10-15 pts higher. He's one of Toronto's better defenders IRL but certainly not in the game.

Rashidi said...

The only reason he plays better than his rating is his dunk rating. Any player with 90 dunk rating is a monster in 2K.

Anonymous said...

well my take on team ratings is that, it doesnt really show how strong or weak the team is. it doesnt really effect association standings and even more how strong the team feels in quickgame.. so it doesnt really matter.
whacha think?

Shelb said...

DeRozan's dunk rating does make him pretty good to go off with, but his shooting is alittle low in the game. He's not the greatest shooter but that's the main thing he's working on this year and it shows when he takes shots defenders give him, most of the time anyway. Also, when the Raptors go to him early in the first quarter(he rarely even plays second halfs more than afew minutes) he will get to the line like crazy.

The starting line up for the Raps (save a few of DD's ratings and Bargnani is still alittle low IMO) is pretty spot on. Amir Johnson and Sonny Weems need bumps though.

Also, Jose's shooting is improving, although not to his levels the past two years, he's still shooting great and distributing well now that he's coming off the bench as part of the two headed PG spot with Jack.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of confused why the Blazers are so low and the Rockets are so high. I mean, if injured players count towards overall rating, Houston is where it should be. But then Portland should have a higher rating if Oden and Przybilla and Outlaw and Batum are being counted in the rating.

Rashidi said...

Juwan Howard is starting for Portland. That drags their overall rating down a ton.

Rashidi said...

+3 to Juwan Howard and -1 to LaMarcus Aldridge brought the Blazers to 75 overall. Webster and Miller up next.

Anonymous said...

can you post some specidic ratings on here thanks.

Rashidi said...

Haha... the Blazers went down to 73 overall after my Webster/Miller tinkerings.

C Howard (63)
PF Aldridge (77)
SF Webster (68)
SG Roy (87)
PG Miller (72)
SG Rudy Fernandez (70)
SG Jerryd Bayless (70)
PG Steve Blake (64)

It turned out Webster was overrated, Miller is really the same player just getting his usual minutes now, while Blake has really had the bottom fall out for him. I'm going to take a look at Roy now because he's obviously the reason the team is still winning games.