Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 NBA Draft Ratings: Evan Turner

Turner is expected to be drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers and should slot right in as their starting SG.

Based upon what I have seen, heard, and read of Turner, he is the most NBA-ready draft prospect and could be the favorite for Rookie of the Year depending on how many touches he gets in Philadelphia (trading Andre Iguodala would almost certainly net him the award).

Like Iguodala, Turner is a versatile player, bringing rebounding, ball handling, passing, and defense to the wing position. While Iguodala is merely just a dunker on offense, Turner is closer to the complete package, drawing comparisons to Brandon Roy on the offensive end with an excellent mid-range game and crafty slashing game.


Evan Turner

Height: 6’7”
Weight: 205
Hand: Right
College: Ohio State
Years Pro: 1
Age: 22
Jersey Number: 21
Personality: Laid Back
Position: SG
2nd Pos: SF
Style: All-Around

Offense 83
Defense 79
Rebound 63

Inside Scoring: C+
Outside Scoring: B+
Perimeter Defense: B+
Post Defense: D+
Ball Handling: B+
Rebounding: C-
Basketball IQ: B+
Athleticism: B-

Overall 80
Inside 84
Close 77
Medium 80
3PT 72
LowPost 55
FreeThrow 76
Layup 80
Dunk 60
StandDunk 35
OffDribble 75
InTraffic 52
Handle 88
OffHand 84
Security 70
Pass 70
Block 45
Steal 70
Hands 80
BallDef 75
OffReb 50
DefReb 65
OffPost 52
DefPost 51
OffAwr 77
DefAwr 69
OffClutch 45
DefClutch 45
Consistency 75
Stamina 93
Speed 83
Quickness 87
Strength 49
Vertical 73
Hustle 76
Durability 78
Potential 90
Emotion 25


Anonymous said...

Are you still going to post teams too or are you just doing prospects right now?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Evan Turner is rated a little too high (I would put him at 78-79) but you're right, he is the most nba-ready player. Good job Rashidi.

Anonymous said...

I think Turner is too high. I think the highest rating a rookie should be is a 75 until they prove themselves in the NBA.

Rashidi said...

I'm posting whatever keeps me entertained. Next team I post might actually be the Timberwolves, who are really the team that needs the most editing in the game, a lot of their players are way off.

I intentionally didn't edit many of them because I was waiting to see if 2K Sports would ever catch on, but they never touched grossly underrated guys like Ryan Gomes, Ryan Hollins, or Damien Wilkins. I did find it interesting - I don't think 2K explicitly copies my ratings btw but I'm willing to bet there's someone who DLs my roster and brings my changes to their attention. Anyway I've got only 3 guys left to edit (Hollins, Jawai, and Pecherov), after that I'll post them up.

Rashidi said...

I have Tyreke Evans at 81 overall although Evans also started the year a bit lower. However, it's still worth noting that like John Wall, Evans is 2 years younger and still has a lot of room for growth (like Wall, in the perimeter shooting department).

Also considering James Harden spent much of the year rated 76 overall, I don't have much of a problem with Turner being 80 overall. He truely is a very well-rounded player and it remains to be seen how many of his skills will translate to the next level. I'm guessing his rebounding takes a hit if he's playing SG in the NBA, but he could just as easily be the next Jason Kidd in this regard.

I mean, the guy is the consensus #2 pick in the John Wall draft for a reason. Even Dwyane Wade and Brandon Roy went only 5th and 7th respectively in their drafts.

Rashidi said...

And looking at the guys rated directly below him...

Stephen Jackson (79): Well rounded player but inefficient scorer (Turner should be a better scorer).

Vince Carter (77): 33 years old, not an elite athlete anymore, weak defensive player

Kevin Martin (77): A scorer and not much else.

John Salmons, Ben Gordon, James Harden (75): I find it tough to believe Turner won't be better than these players right off the bat. Turner AT WORST seems to be as good as Milwaukee John Salmons (and nowhere near as bad as Chicago John Salmons).

Rashidi said...

Going back to another 2009 rookie: Darren Collison is 81 overall, though obviously started the season lower. Like Turner, he was 22 this year. 2K had Collison at only 65 overall last season but I had him in the 70s to start the year just based on his draftexpress scouting report.

I find that draft express is really accurate with many evaluations, and they scout players in such a way that makes it very easy for me to translate into rating form. I don't even bother reading other draft sites for information anymore.

Anonymous said...