Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 NBA Draft Ratings: John Wall

The worst kept secret in this year's draft is that the Wizards will be drafting Wall #1. The real question is whether Wall will play a game alongside Gilbert Arenas or not.

Wall is a great athlete with a tremendous wingspan and is expected to revolutionize the PG position. He isn't as quick as Derrick Rose, but he's bigger, longer, and expected to be a much better defender at the NBA level.

I do not have Wall ranked as the rated prospect in this draft, as he is a bit raw (below average perimeter game). However, he does have the highest potential rating, as he easily has the highest ceiling of any player in this draft. A few years from now, we could have a more athletic Deron Williams on our hands.


John Wall

Height: 6’4”
Weight: 195
Hand: Left
College: Kentucky
Years Pro: 0
Age: 19
Jersey Number: 11
Personality: Expressive
Position: PG
2nd Pos: N/A
Style: Athletic

Offense 80
Defense 77
Rebound 35

Inside Scoring: C
Outside Scoring: B-
Perimeter Defense: B+
Post Defense: D-
Ball Handling: A-
Rebounding: F
Basketball IQ: B
Athleticism: A-

Overall 77
Inside 82
Close 72
Medium 72
3PT 70
LowPost 40
FreeThrow 75
Layup 91
Dunk 75
StandDunk 35
OffDribble 72
InTraffic 61
Handle 82
OffHand 78
Security 70
Pass 78
Block 35
Steal 75
Hands 85
BallDef 70
OffReb 30
DefReb 38
OffPost 35
DefPost 46
OffAwr 78
DefAwr 64
OffClutch 45
DefClutch 45
Consistency 75
Stamina 93
Speed 92
Quickness 90
Strength 54
Vertical 92
Hustle 90
Durability 85
Potential 95
Emotion 60


Anonymous said...

98 in quickness and 94 in speed is too much from my point of view - more realistic would be around 95 quickness and 91 speed!!

Anonymous said...

John Wall Three Point Stats Vs Andre Igoudola.

32.5% > 31.0%

Yet you have John Wall rated lower. LRN TO NBA.

Rashidi said...

College 3pt line =/= NBA 3pt line.

Nice try.

Rashidi said...

Goot catch with Wall's speed/quickness as I actually mixed his agility and sprint grades (via draftexpress) up with Derrick Rose.

Wall Agility: 10.84 - a shade better than Deron Williams 10.83 and nowhere close to Tyreke's 11.81 and Rose's 11.69. Jay Williams 10.34 had the worst grade among PGs drafted in the top 15 over the last decade. Wall ranks 18th of 25 in this regard.

Wall Sprint: 3.14 - that ties him with O.J. Mayo for 11th out of 25. Rose is 1st with 3.05 while Stephen Curry and Luke Ridnour are last with 3.28

So actually, Wall should have higher speed than quickness... I'll make some adjustments.

Anonymous said...

Michael Redd shot like 25% in the Olympics. Andre also shot 33% in college.

Therefore increase his 3 point ability please.

Rashidi said...

Wall changes
76 overall (-1)
72 shoot off dribble (+1)
92 speed (-2)
90 quickness (-8)
54 strength (+2)

Rashidi said...

Oh, and 70 3pt (+1).


Anonymous said...

^ This is why we love you Rashidi. Attention to detail.

Rashidi said...

Turns out I've been misreading Draft Express's "Agility". The LOWER scores are better.

Wall isn't 18th of 25. He's 8th of 25. Big difference. So once again, I'll be making some changes.

Anonymous said...

He's a righty.