Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2010 NBA Draft Ratings: Derrick Favors

Derrick Favors is expected to be drafted #3 overall by the New Jersey Nets, who desperately need some production out of the PF spot after dragging Yi Jianlian around for two years. Favors will bring much needed defense and rebounding to the frontline, and should make an excellent compliment to the offensive minded/less athletic Brook Lopez.

Favors is the youngest player in this year's draft (and consequently is raw offensively), and still has a lot of room to grow as a player. He has the potential to develop into a cross between Antonio McDyess (athleticism) and Al Horford (defense). There should be all-star games in his future, but we shouldn't be expected to play at a high level in year one.

The top 3 picks in the 2010 draft have ranged from 76 to 80 to 72. I won't be able to effectively sim a draft until more players are completed, but I hope potential ratings are weighted highly by 2K in the draft selection process.


Derrick Favors

Height: 6’10”
Weight: 246
Hand: Right
College: Georgia Tech
Years Pro: 0
Age: 18
Jersey Number: 14
Personality: Neutral
Position: PF
2nd Pos: C
Style: Athletic

Offense 65
Defense 74
Rebound 84

Inside Scoring: B-
Outside Scoring: F
Perimeter Defense: C-
Post Defense: B-
Ball Handling: D
Rebounding: B
Basketball IQ: C+
Athleticism: B

Overall 72
Inside 80
Close 72
Medium 50
3PT 25
LowPost 60
FreeThrow 63
Layup 60
Dunk 75
StandDunk 70
OffDribble 50
InTraffic 75
Handle 46
OffHand 34
Security 45
Pass 30
Block 70
Steal 40
Hands 70
BallDef 60
OffReb 80
DefReb 70
OffPost 63
DefPost 72
OffAwr 52
DefAwr 73
OffClutch 25
DefClutch 40
Consistency 60
Stamina 85
Speed 73
Quickness 77
Strength 59
Vertical 85
Hustle 79
Durability 78
Potential 89
Emotion 25


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