Saturday, January 12, 2013

NBA 2K13 Roster Analysis 1/12/13

Only two players received (minor) edits this week, down from 16 in last week's roster, as 2K has once again reverted to their lazy ways.

Worse, the two edited players have already seen multiple revisions this season.  Has 2K never heard of Nick Collison?  ....Don't answer that.



Player attribute edits per roster
1/12: 2
1/5: 16
1/3: 1
12/25: 0
12/21: 0
12/18: 9
12/13: 1
12/8: 15
12/5: 14
11/17:  16


Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant
95 Overall (+1)
94 Inside (+5)
89 Med (+1)
70 Steal (+4)
52 DefReb (+2)

Inside: 112-160 (70.0%)
Close: 114-251 (45.4%)
Mid: 71-165 (43.0%)
3pt: 77-219 (35.2%)
STL%: 2.0
DRB%: 11.6

Inside: 162-239 (67.8%)
Close: 245-582 (42.0%)
Mid: 145-569 (41.6%)
3pt: 104-437 (30.0%)
STL%: 1.6
DRB%: 11.8

The Lakers keep getting worse, yet their team continues to get better and better.  At the time of his update last month, Kobe was shooting 47% from mid-range, so his rating should be trending down, not going up to an 89... and if anyone can explain the justification for the rebound boost, I'm all ears.


Serge Ibaka
Serge Ibaka
85 Overall (+1)
58 3pt (+33)
79 FT (-1)

Inside: 96-127 (75.6%)
Close: 52-98 (53.0%)
Mid: 62-135 (45.9%)
3pt: 7-23 (30.4%)

Inside: 188-265 (70.9%)
Close: 75-179 (41.8%)
Mid: 81-198 (40.9%)
3pt: 2-7 (28.6%)

As I wrote last month, Ibaka needed a 3pt boost, and he finally got it.  I'd say his rating should be at least another 10 points higher though, as he's on pace to hit 16 this season. For example, Will Bynum was 7-29 (24.1%) last season and his 3pt rating is 64.



The biggest change in the NBA two weeks has been two new NBA coaches.  Scott Skiles quit on his Milwaukee Bucks team, and was replaced by lead assistant Jim Boylan in the interim, while the Nets unceremoniously fired Avery Johnson and likewise replaced him with lead assistant P.J. Carlesimo in the interim.

Jim Boylan (Bucks)
Jim Boylan
Experience: 2 years
Teacher: D
Offense: D
Defense: C
Potential: B

P.J. Carlesimo (Nets)
P.J. Carlesimo
Experience: 9 years
Teacher: C
Offense: C
Defense: C
Potential: C

Both coaches have the same Coach Profiles (sliders) as their predecessors, so the only thing that has changed are the names, pictures, and a slight variance in their coach ratings.  I assume that any commentary related to the fired coaches has also been removed.



The big news is that the Lakers have had their frontline decimated by injury, as Howard/Gasol are out for at least another week while top backup Jordan Hill went down for the year.

John Wall also returns from injury while Kevin Love has surgery that will knock him out until April, if not the rest of the season (don't expect him back if they fall out of the playoff picture).

Marvin Williams (66/SF, Jazz)
Marcus Camby (73/C, Knicks)
Dwight Howard (92/C, Lakers)
Pau Gasol (81/PF, Lakers)
Jordan Hill (70/C, Lakers)
Kevin Love (89/PF, Timberwolves)
Meyers Leonard (59/C, Trail Blazers)

Tyrus Thomas (71/PF, Bobcats)
Grant Hill (77/SF, Clippers)
Devin Harris (76/PG, Hawks)
Tyreke Evans (80/SG, Kings)
Marcus Thornton (75/SG, Kings)
John Wall (82/PG, Wizards)
Trevor Booker (67/PF, Wizards)
A.J. Price (55/PG, Wizards)

76ers: Andrew Bynum (87/C)
Bobcats: Byron Mullens (69/PF)
Bucks: N/A
Bulls: Derrick Rose (92/PG)
Cavaliers: Anderson Varejao (76/C)
Celtics: Chris Wilcox (64/PF)
Clippers: Chauncey Billups (81/PG), Trey Thompkins (63/PF)
Grizzlies: Quincy Pondexter (61/SF)
Hawks: Anthony Morrow (66/SG)
Heat: N/A
Hornets: N/A
Jazz: Mo Williams (78/PG), Raja Bell (71/SG), Marvin Williams (66/SF)
Kings: N/A
Knicks: Iman Shumpert (80/SG), Raymond Felton (79/PG), Marcus Camby (73/C), Rasheed Wallace (71/PF)
Lakers: Dwight Howard (92/C), Pau Gasol (81/PF), Jordan Hill (70/C), Steve Blake (68/PG)
Magic: Glen Davis (73/PF), Al Harrington (71/PF)
Mavericks: N/A
Nets: N/A
Nuggets: Wilson Chandler (80/SF)
Pacers: Danny Granger (83/SF), Sam Young (68/SF)
Pistons: N/A
Raptors: Andrea Bargnani (73/PF), Jonas Valanciunas (68/C)
Rockets: Royce White (68/PF)
Spurs: N/A
Suns: Channing Frye (67/PF)
Thunder: N/A
Timberwolves: Kevin Love (89/PF), Brandon Roy (80/SG), Chase Budinger (71/SF), Malcolm Lee (SG/65)
Trail Blazers: Elliot Williams (66/SG), Meyers Leonard (59/C)
Warriors: Andrew Bogut (79/C), Brandon Rush (71/SG)
Wizards: N/A
Free Agent: Sam Young (68/SF)



Daequan Cook (SG/63) - from Rockets

Donald Sloan (PG/63) - from Free Agents

Dominic McGuire (66/SF) - from Hornets

Kris Joseph (63/SF) - from Celtics
Darius Johnson-Odom (68/SG) - from Lakers
Chris Douglas-Roberts (70/SF) - from Mavericks
Sam Young (68/SF) - from Pacers
Shelvin Mack (65/PG) - from Wizards



No new players were added.


Kevin Jones (PF) - Cavaliers (12 games, 9.2 mpg)
Jarvis Varnado (PF) - Heat (5 games, 3.6 mpg)
Kevin Murphy (SG) - Jazz (4 games, 3.0 mpg)
Mike James (PG) - Mavericks (2 games, 7.5 mpg, 539 games played prior to this season)
Julyan Stone (PG/SG) - Nuggets (1 game, 5.0 mpg, played 22 games and 8.1 mpg last season)
Ben Hansbrough (PG/SG) - Pacers (14 games, 9.3 mpg)
Patrick Beverley (PG) - Rockets (0 games)
Diante Garrett (SG) - Suns (6 games, 5.0 mpg)
Kent Bazemore (SG/SF) - Warriors (20 games, 2.0 mpg)

Mike James has been in previous 2K games and his re-addition to the game should not be particularly difficult.  He has been missing since last year though, so don't expect him to be added until he is signed for the rest of the season.

Kevin Jones' minutes are on the rise due to Anderson Varejao's injury, and he will be the next player 2K absolutely needs to add to their roster.



Only two lineups were off this week so it's good to see 2K finally get this area under control.

Jason Kidd (PG), Ronnie Brewer (SG), Carmelo Anthony (SF), Amare Stoudemire (PF), Tyson Chandler (C)
It has been widely reported that Amare Stoudemire will be coming off the bench for the foreseeable future, yet he has been starting in 2K's roster since 1/3.  Marcus Camby (prior to injury) and Kurt Thomas have been drawing all the PF starts since Amare returned.

A.J. Price (PG), Bradley Beal (SG), Martell Webster (SF), Nene (PF), Emeka Okafor (C)
Garrett Temple has been starting since 12/29, practically since he was signed, averaging 33.5 minutes as a starter, yet 2K refuses to put him in the starting lineup.


Liked the in-depth breakdown of 2K Sports' roster update?  Check out Rashidi's roster, The Real NBA 2K13.


Dameon Hicks said...

The magic lineup not right either unless they fixed it in this update

Dameon Hicks said...

Which I doubt

Rashidi said...

Magic's lineup is accurate

Nelson, Afflalo, Jones, Nicholson, Vucevic

Unknown said...

Is there a way to download your roster offline?
I don't have xbox live connection


Jaysen said...

I love what you do.. big fan since you started way back when. I've lost major respect though for you. I've been seeing some questionable ratings but I lost it when I saw JJ Redick with 55 SOD. WTF? I thought I was the biggest JJ Redick hater but damn, WTH? lol.. Ima big UNC fan so you already know.. but man JJ is a BALLER man. 55 SOD??? Are you crazy? I'm from Orlando so I see every magic game and there is no way his SOD is 55. C'mon man.. The dude can pull up from anywhere off the dribble. You know that. Thanks man. You gotta change that man.

Jaysen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rashidi said...

Redick has been assisted on 80% of his shots this year... which is far more than the 69% he was assisted on last year, 70% he was assisted the year before that, and so on...

Redick is a catch and shoot player first and foremost. The only players who really shoot off the dribble in real life are PGs.

You may want to compare that SOD rating to guys like Kyle Korver and Mike Miller before you lose anymore respect for me.

Jaysen said...

Lol, aw man.. I knew you were going to pull up some stat on me.

Catch and shoot player first and foremost? Hmm.. The play by play guys down here say JJ has been doing more things off the dribble this season like creating and such.

What about that game winner from 3 he hit on Matt Barnes the other night? With a 55 SOD how will I be able to do that in a game? He did a wicked pump fake then took Hard dribble to the left and pulled up. With a SOD so low, one dribble greatly reduces your shooting percentage right? Idk..

Also I just spent an hour looking at videos (NBA and College), seeing how he scores.. I understand you use a formula to get these ratings but man a 55 SOD for JJ Redick? I saw some footage of Korver and M.Miller too.. Thanks! Korver is definitely first and foremost a catch and shoot player.

I just saw you gave JR Smith a 77 SOD and Shumpert a 78, oh man... If JR's SOD is 77 then JJ should be like a 66-70. My opinion..

Besides the assisted % formula, there's gotta be other things you use to determine the SOD percentage, right?

Jaysen said...

*SOD rating

Jaysen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jaysen said...

Randy Foye 49 SOD?? Show that rating to Randy Foye or any of his teammates. There's gotta be some other formulas to incorporate for this rating.

Usually good ball handlers are good at pulling up off the bounce. He's a pretty good ball handler so IDG the 49 SOD. It's not his fault he's a good shooter and good at moving without the ball.

I've seen him ball in college and NBA and I'm sure you have too.. A 49 SOD? I don't believe if he makes a dribble move or quick jabstep or whatever, it would decrease the chances of the ball going in by almost half.

Sorry to bombard your blog.. Thanks again!

Kwameiiiii Brown said...

I dont mean to pick sides here but I gotta say ur argument as to why JJ Redick deserves an upgrade in SOD is very flawed. Rashidi is giving u stats to prove to u that he didnt just pull a number out of his ass and u r arguing about how once upon a time u saw Redick hit a game winner by shooting off the dribble? I saw Mcgee making a three the other day, does that mean we should up his three as well? The ratings should be bases on stats not what u see in some highlight clips, if u think there is another stat that he should look at to justify why he deserves an increase I am all ears. But come on man, saying things like "i know...", "i saw....." is not gonna cut it.

Jaysen said...

@Brown.. you must not watch basketball.

A 55 SOD rating for a guard who can handle the ball, pass and shoot is a little low. Don't you think?

I understand there is a stat that says he's assisted on 80% percent of his shots. Perhaps the Magic are playing unselfish basketball and he's good at moving without the ball?

Just someting random.. I was reading ESPN the mag with K. Irving on the cover and saw a stat they put up it said he's #1 for little guys shooting inside (C. Paul might have been #2). 2K gave him a 94 inside while Rashidi gave him a 81. Just something to ponder..

So if I make it to the league and I'm assisted on 90% of my shots and the other %10 percent I get them off of dribble separation moves, all at the buzzer, would I deserve a 35 SOD rating because that stat shows I'm assisted on 90% of my points? Even though I'm an elite point guard that can shake the s*** out of you and rain a 3 contested?

Kwameiiiii Brown said...

Since when can he handle the ball and create his own shot? All of the draft experts questioned Redick's ability to create his own shot coming out of college because he was a "system" player.

The real question is why would Jaque Vaughn make Redick take 80% of his shots off of catch and shoot, is it because he has the ability to create on his own?

And the fact that you are from Orlando and are one of the few trying to use the Magic to play 2K doesn't help your case either since you are obviously biased.

Using what's written in the ESPN mag doesn't really prove anything. Unless you can somehow show that in the minimum sample size (20% of his total shots taken is off the dribble) he is shooting at an equal or better % than his normal catch and shoot. Otherwise I really don't see what you are aruging about.

Rashidi said...

1. Redick has been taking predominately non-OD shots his entire career. I gave you his Ast'd rates from the last three seasons.

2. There are no PGs assisted on 90% of their shots. Players assisted that much are wing spotup shooters like Mike Miller, Kyle Korver, Steve Novak, James Jones, etc. J.J. Redick has far more in common with those players than he does Chris Paul (99 SOD), LeBron James (81 SOD), or even Ben Gordon (65 SOD).

3. Kyrie Irving is 66-121 (54.5%) at the rim, so he definitely doesn't deserve that 94 Inside. Instead, he deserves MUCH higher than the 78 Medium shot they have given him, as he is 60-121 (49.4%!!!).

ESPN is also wrong and it's not even close, as Russell Westbrook is 131-228 (57.5%) at the rim. Chris Paul for the record is 52-76 (68.4%) at the rim.

Jaysen said...

@ Brown

Regarding JJ's ball handling skills/abilities.. He's not a And 1 type of player - obviously, but I don't believe that if he bounces the ball One Time and then shoots it, it'll affect his shooting percentage that much to warrant a 55 SOD.

Let's say his 3PT rating is 88 and he dribbles one time, would that cause his rating 3PT to drop to 58 because he took that one dribble?? If so then Rashidi's SOD ratings are off for some players (like R.Allen).

A 55 SOD is average at best and I believe he's definitely above average at shooting after a putting the ball on the deck, so is Ray Allen.

I was surprised to see R.Allen's SOD rating but I understand the Roster Guru follows the stats and formulas to a T.

Back to JJ.. This season primarily he's been passing a lot, creating for others (not that you care but still..)

This is from the Orlando Sentinel..

7:22 p.m. EST, November 5, 2012|By Brian Schmitz | Orlando Sentinel
You know how far J.J. Redick has come as an NBA player when he confesses the following:

For him, making the perfect pass now has pulled into a dead heat with making the perfect shot.

"I can't decide what I like more: an executed pocket pass that leads to a lay-up or dunk or a 3. Hmmmm. It would be the same for me," Redick said, chuckling.

A system player lol? He can play on any system. This is not the same player you saw killing college kids.. He's better now.

From the Orlando Sentinel..

He's playing the best basketball of his career and has never felt more confident, his days as a shaky, frustrated rookie long behind him. He talks like a tactician, analyzing and adjusting to a new offense under Jacque Vaughn.

"Just in general, yes, I would say I'm more comfortable than I've ever been as an NBA player," he said.

The rest of the league is noticing.

Phoenix coach Alvin Gentry saluted Redick's steady growth Sunday night when the Suns visited.

"I've been watching tape and I said to him that he's probably made as much improvement as anyone as a player," Gentry said.

Regarding the online statement you made.. I don't play with the Magic online, never, ever.

Biased? Not in the least. I'm a NBA player ratings purist. I'd feel guilty and dirty being biased. You show a bias for Rashidi's Rating's, but I ain't saying nothing.

To let you know, the ESPN article was on K. Irving not JJ Redick

Jaysen said...

@ Rashidi

I understand JJ runs around all day, receives passes and makes shots. I get that.. but for him to receive such a penalty (55 SOD) for taking one dribble is..i don't even know.

I agree that B.Gordon is a better shooter off the dribble than JJ. I'm from CT so I've seen a whole lot of B.Gordon in college and NBA.

Oh man they dogged him on his MED rating lol..not funny though.

Yeah, they used some type of random stat to show that his inside game among small players is tops in the NBA. I looked for the stat online and they have the article but that stat is in the actual magazine.

I was going to say your SOD ratings may be too low across the board but you got guys with 99 SOD ratings so.. you have big discrepancies but that's a good thing.

OAN, What's up with your dunk ratings? I've seen some players with low dunk ratings yet I know that these players can doo-doo on people's heads. (JR Smith, Josh Smith, K.Bryant (I know, I know he's so heavily guarded teams don't give him the chance), T.Thomas to name a few..)


Jaysen said...

I forgot.. What about R.Foye's low SOD rating?? That dude can ball.


Jaysen said...

I believe also some of I.Smith's ratings are off.. like dunk and vert.

The dude has hops and can jam it better than most PG's in the league. He's extremely athletic but your ratings don't show that.

Thanks again!

Kev said...

2k insider, it has come to my attention that Thabo Sefolosha and Serge Ibaka shooting form in Nba 2k13 are not relevant to their actual shot. So, from searching and comparing Thabo Sefolosha shooting Release is 57 and shot base is Set Shot 9. Serge Ibaka shooting Release 56 and shot base is Set Shot 3. Those are the release that are relevant to their actual shot. Hopefully you updated them in the next update. Thx