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NBA 2K13 Roster Analysis 1/24/13

No player ratings were changed by 2K Sports this roster update (once again).  The main changes have been some minor player movement, although quite a few of them are missing.  The missing players list has also grown as D-Leaguer players continue to sign in the NBA faster than 2K Sports can seemingly keep up.

What might be the most significant change is that 2K removed the Acrobat signature skill from ALL players who had it.  I assume that the skill was game breaking.

All 20 players who lost the skill did not receive a replacement skill from 2K Sports.

Unfortunately, due to poor design users cannot remove signature skills from players without replacing them with another skill.  Only 2K can do this, for whatever reason.  Meaning if you likewise want to take Acrobat out of your roster as well, you'll need to find a skill to replace it with.

Kemba Walker (83/PG) - Bobcats
Brandon Jennings (83/PG) - Bucks
Monta Ellis (83/SG) - Bucks
Derrick Rose (92/PG) - Bulls
Kyrie Irving (85/PG) - Cavaliers
Jerryd Bayless (70/PG) - Grizzlies
Jeff Teague (75/PG) - Hawks
Dwyane Wade (91/SG) - Heat
Austin Rivers (71/SG) - Hornets
Tyreke Evans (80/SG) - Kings
Isaiah Thomas (75/PG) - Kings
Marcus Thompson (75/SG) - Kings
Andre Iguodala (83/SG) - Nuggets
D.J. Augustin (75/PG) - Pacers
Brandon Knight (73/PG) - Pistons
Manu Ginobili (86/SG) - Spurs
Tony Parker (84/PG) - Spurs
Russell Westbrook (90/PG) - Thunder
Damian Lillard (82/PG) - Trail Blazers
John Wall (82/PG) - Wizards



Player attribute edits per roster
1/24: 0
1/21: 0
1/17: 18
1/12: 2
1/5: 16
1/3: 1
12/25: 0
12/21: 0
12/18: 9
12/13: 1
12/8: 15
12/5: 14
11/17:  16



The big injury news is that Raymond Felton has been activated, and inserted into the Knicks' staritng lineup.  Frankly, I think it's absurd that Felton has been activated this early, as he had been targeting 1/26 as his return date, but it's unclear if he'll be ready for it.  Meanwhile Alexey Shved is day-to-day and practiced on Tuesday, but he's on the sidelines.  There isn't any consistency and 2K is once again favoring the big markets.

Minnesota's season-long decimation due to injury continues. Shved and Pekovic will be back in a few days but fans will be without them until then.  There are currently only 8 healthy players on the 2K rosters.  Mickael Gelabale and Chris Johnson have been playing big minutes, but 2K is unlikely to add either until they are signed for the duration of the season.  Johnson is averaging 10/4 w/ 1.7 mpg in only 17 mpg and is almost certainly a lock to stick.

Louis Williams also became the 5th NBA player to sustain an injury that will knock him out for the season.

Louis Williams (78/SG) - Hawks
Hedo Turkoglu (72/SF) - Magic (1/21 roster)
Nikola Pekovic (76/C) - Timberwolves (1/21 roster)
Alexey Shved (71/SG) - Timberwolves (1/21 roster)
Cartier Martin (67/SF) - Wizards

Raymond Felton (79/PG) - Knicks
Manu Ginobili (86/SG) - Spurs
Meyers Leonard (59/C) - Trail Blazers

Linas Kleiza (64/SF) - Raptors
Has not played since 12/28 due to a sore knee.

OUT FOR SEASON (5 total)
Anderson Varejao (76/C) - Cavaliers
Louis Williams (78/SG) - Hawks
Jordan Hill (70/C) - Lakers
Channing Frye (67/PF - Suns
Brandon Rush (71/SG) - Warriors

INJURED LIST (33 total)
76ers: Andrew Bynum (87/C)
Bobcats: Byron Mullens (69/PF)
Bucks: N/A
Bulls: Derrick Rose (92/PG)
Cavaliers: Anderson Varejao (76/C)
Celtics: N/A
Clippers: Chauncey Billups (81/PG), Trey Thompkins (63/PF)
Grizzlies: Quincy Pondexter (61/SF)
Hawks: Louis Williams (78/SG), Anthony Morrow (66/SG)
Heat: N/A
Hornets: N/A
Jazz: Mo Williams (78/PG), Raja Bell (71/SG)
Kings: N/A
Knicks:   Marcus Camby (73/C), Rasheed Wallace (71/PF)
Lakers: Jordan Hill (70/C), Steve Blake (68/PG)
Magic:  Hedo Turkoglu (72/SF), Al Harrington (71/PF)
Mavericks: N/A
Nets: N/A
Nuggets: N/A
Pacers: Danny Granger (83/SF)
Pistons: N/A
Raptors: Andrea Bargnani (73/PF), Jonas Valanciunas (68/C)
Rockets: Royce White (68/PF)
Spurs: N/A
Suns: Channing Frye (67/PF)
Thunder: N/A
Timberwolves: Kevin Love (89/PF), Brandon Roy (80/SG), Nikola Pekovic (76/C), Alexey Shved (71/SG), Chase Budinger (71/SF), Malcolm Lee (SG/65)
Trail Blazers: Elliot Williams (66/SG)
Warriors: Andrew Bogut (79/C), Brandon Rush (71/SG)
Wizards: Cartier Martin (67/SF)
Free Agent: Sam Young (68/SF)



Yesterday's 3-for-1 trade left the Grizzlies with only 11 players on their 2K roster.  The Grizz signed swingman Chris Johnson to a 10-day contract to get their roster up to 12, and will be working out various veterans to fill out the rest of the roster.  Memphis has already been linked to Delonte West, Bill Walker,  Samardo Samuels, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Josh Childress, and Sasha Vujacic

Marreese Speights (70/PF) from Grizzlies
Josh Selby (65/SG) from Grizzlies
Wayne Ellington (64/SG) from Grizzlies

Jon Leuer (63/PF) from Cavaliers

Jannero Pargo (64/PG) from Free Agents

Chris Andersen (66/C) from Free Agents

Damion James (SF) from Free Agents

Jeremy Pargo (PG) from Cavaliers
Lazar Hayward (SF) from Timberwolves



Maalik Wayns (63/PG) - 10-day contract expired, team opted to sign Shelvin Mack instead.

Josh Harrellson (54/C) - 10-day contract expired, team opted to sign Chris Andersen instead.

Donald Sloan (63/PG) - 10-day contract expired, team did not re-sign.

Damion James (70/SF) - 10-day contract expired, team did not re-sign.

Shelvin Mack (65/PG) - Was signed to 10-day contract on 1/17, three rosters ago.



No new players were added.


Kevin Jones (PF) - Cavaliers (15 games, 9.0 mpg)
Chris Johnson (SG/SF) - Grizzlies (1 games, 7.0 mpg)
Jarvis Varnado (PF) - Heat (7 games, 4.3 mpg)
Kevin Murphy (SG) - Jazz (5 games, 2.6 mpg)
Mike James (PG) - Mavericks (10 games, 10.9 mpg, played 539 games prior to this season)
Julyan Stone (PG/SG) - Nuggets (2 games, 5.5 mpg, played 22 games prior to this season)
Ben Hansbrough (PG/SG) - Pacers (16 games, 8.4 mpg)
Patrick Beverley (PG) - Rockets (6 games, 14.3 mpg)
Aron Baynes (C) - Spurs (0 games)
Diante Garrett (SG) - Suns (6 games, 5.0 mpg)
Mickael Gelabale (SF) Timberwolves (3 games, 20.7 mpg)
Chris Johnson (C/PF) - Timberwolves (3 games, 17.3 mpg, played 41 games prior to this season)
Kent Bazemore (SG/SF) - Warriors (26 games, 2.6 mpg)

Patrick Beverley has quickly supplanted Toney Douglas as the Rockets backup PG, and needs to be added to the game.  IIRC correctly, he was previously in an NBA 2K game despite not playing until this year, which should make his addition easier.

Mike James is clearly part of Dallas' rotation, and needs to be added.  He has been in previous 2K games and his re-addition to the game should not be particularly difficult.  He has been missing since last year though, so don't expect him to be added until he is signed for the rest of the season.

Mickael Gelabale and Chris Johnson have played extremely well for Minnesota, garnering a ton of minutes (for 10-day contract players) due to injuries.   Both need to be added, however 2K will likely only add one as the Wolves have 16 players on the roster with a game max of 15.  In my roster I simply released Brandon Roy, who is unlikely to play again (while also dropping his ridiculous 80 rating to avoid another team from signing him).



Jason Kidd (PG), Iman Shumpert (SG), Carmelo Anthony (SF), Amare Stoudemire (PF), Tyson Chandler (C)

Amare Stoudemire has yet to start a game since returning on 1/1.  It would be nice if 2K Sports also dropped his rating about 5 points (from a ridiculous 83) as he isn't anywhere near the athletic finisher he was during his prime.  Chris Copeland and Kurt Thomas have been drawing the majority of PF starts.

Jameer Nelson (PG), Arron Afflalo (SG), DeQuan Jones (SF), Andrew Nicholson (PF), Nikola Vucevic (C)

Glen Davis returned to the starting lineup on 1/16.  That's 4 games and 3 rosters ago.

A.J. Price (PG), Bradley Beal (SG), Trevor Ariza (SF), Trevor Booker (PF), Emeka Okafor (C)

Nene has been starting at PF and Booker hasn't started a game since 11/14.  On a side note, it's amusing to see John Wall on the bench while Amare starts for the Knicks.  Big market double standard much?


Liked the in-depth breakdown of 2K Sports' roster update?  Check out Rashidi's roster, The Real NBA 2K13.


Unknown said...

Curry is(was last night) injured in the game and only missed 2 games IRL. He's been back for a few now

Rashidi said...

Stephen Curry is not injured in the 1/24 roster.

Jaysen said...

No roster updates? I wonder if 2K deep down believes there roster is perfect thus far?

Rashidi when do you think you'll release another update for xbox 360?


Do you feel young Kobe's ratings 2K gave him accurate? What would you give him? I want to be able to school Jordan with him like in real life.

Junaid Dawood said...

Seriously, when is your next roster update coming? I've been using the Knicks and dominating but now I need the power of Shumpert and Felton to obliterate.

Junaid Dawood said...

Also, what sliders do you recommend? If you use the default, do you switch it to simulation, extend quarter times, game speed, etc? Thanks.

Rashidi said...


I will try to release a roster update this weekend. Have been a bit busy.

For the most part 2K has superstars rated alright, as they give them multiple revisions every year. It's the average joes who get overlooked for extended periods of time in their rosters.

Rashidi said...


I generally use default sliders. If I did make any adjustments it would be to fouls since the CPU does not commit nearly enough of them.

jabloodz said...

Use Roster Editer to remove acrobat skill cards

jabloodz said...

use roster editor to remove acrobat skill card

Jaysen said...


I see.. Alright. No problem. Can't wait!


Johnny Cash said...

I know there are alot of haters but why don't the Bulls players ever get updated - Deng, Boozer and Noah deserve upgraded attributes and they still have not put Daequan Cook on the Bulls roster, is it because they cannot spell his name or what lol.

Rukus said...

when will the wizards as a whole get an update? the entire teams consistency is under 60, no one can make a shot damn near, wide open, perfect releases. Quite frustrating.

juamorris stewart said...

Hey RASHIDI, When will bogut be added to GS active roster