Friday, September 27, 2013

NBA 2K14 Player Signature Skills List

I have a lot of thoughts on the signature skill that 2K Sports gave each player, but will hold off as it's important to get the information out there ASAP.  I've already made a few blurbs on Twitter while compiling this list.

What are your thoughts on these signature skills?

79/PF Thaddeus Young - Finisher, Interceptor (ADD)
75/SF Evan Turner - Interceptor (ADD)
72/C Nerlens Noel - Eraser (ADD), Chasedown Artist (ADD), Interceptor (ADD)
66/SF Royce White - Bruiser, Dimer, One-Man Fastbreak (NEW)

Thaddeus Young - Chasedown Artist
Jason Richardson - Corner Specialist
Spencer Hawes - Post Playmaker
Kwame Brown - Bruiser

84/C Al Jefferson - Finisher, Post Proficiency
83/PG Kemba Walker - Acrobat, Finisher (ADD), Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW), Pick Pocket (ADD), Charge Card (ADD)
78/SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - Scrapper
74/SG Gerald Henderson - Anti-Freeze (ADD)
74/PG Ramon Sessions - Finisher (ADD)
68/PF Cody Zeller - Post Proficiency (ADD)
65/C Bismack Biyombo - Eraser
64/PF Josh McRoberts - Post Playmaker
63/PF Jeff Adrien - Bruiser (ADD)

Kemba Walker - Shot Creator
Ben Gordon - Microwave
Ramon Sessions - Dimer
Brendan Haywood - Brick Wall

80/SF Caron Butler - Catch and Shoot (ADD), Corner Specialist (ADD)
79/C Larry Sanders - Defensive Anchor, Eraser, Chasedown Artist (ADD), Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
73/PF Ersan Ilyasova - Charge Card
73/PG Brandon Knight - Acrobat
70/PG Luke Ridnour - Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
69/SF Carlos Delfino - Corner Specialist, Catch and Shoot (ADD)
65/PF John Henson - Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)

Caron Butler - Active Hands
Ersan Ilyasova - Hustle Points
Carlos Delfino - Active Hands
John Henson - Eraser
Epke Udoh - Eraser

92/PG Derrick Rose - Acrobat, Closer, Finisher (ADD), Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW), One-Man Fastbreak (NEW)
82/C Joakim Noah - Scrapper, Post Playmaker, Bruiser, Defensive Anchor (ADD), Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
79/SF Luol Deng - Lockdown Defender, Catch and Shoot, Anti-Freeze
77/PF Carlos Boozer - Post Proficiency
76/SG Jimmy Butler - Lockdown Defender (ADD)
75/PF Taj Gibson - Lockdown Defender, Posterizer (ADD)
74/PG Kirk Hinrich - Charge Card (ADD), Floor General (ADD), Pick Dodger (NEW)
73/SF Dahntay Jones - Charge Card (ADD)
70/SF Mike Dunleavy - Catch and Shoot, Charge Card (ADD)
59/C Dexter Pittman - Bruiser

Derrick Rose - Floor General, Shot Creator, Ankle Breaker
Joakim Noah - Hustle Points
Carlos Boozer - Bruiser
Dahntay Jones - Active Hands
Dexter Pittman - Brick Wall

89/PG Kyrie Irving - Finisher, Acrobat, Shot Creator, Closer, Ankle Breaker (ADD)
86/C Andrew Bynum - Post Proficiency, Bruiser, Brick Wall
79/PG Jarrett Jack - Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
77/C Anderson Varejao - Bruiser, Scrapper, Post Playmaker (ADD), Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
76/PF Anthony Bennett - Posterizer (ADD), Finisher (ADD), Bruiser (ADD)
74/PF Tristan Thompson - Hustle Points, Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
71/SF C.J. Miles - Catch and Shoot (ADD)
71/SF Alonzo Gee - Active Hands

Kyrie Irving - Anti-Freeze
Andrew Bynum - Hustle Points
Tristan Thompson - Charge Card
Tristan Thompson - Eraser
Alonzo Gee - Finisher

90/PG Rajon Rondo - Floor General, Dimer, Pick Pocket, Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW), Flashy Pass (NEW)
79/SF Jeff Green - Finisher (ADD), Corner Specialist (ADD), Catch and Shoot (ADD), Posterizer (ADD)
78/SG Avery Bradley - Lockdown Defender, Active Hands (ADD), Pick Dodger (NEW)
74/SG Courtney Lee - Scrapper, Interceptor
74/SF Gerald Wallace - Scrapper, Interceptor, Charge Card, Chasedown Artist (ADD)
73/PF Kris Humphries - Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
72/PF Jared Sullinger - Bruiser, Hustle Points (ADD), Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
70/PF Brandon Bass - Bruiser
62/C Kelly Olynyk - Post Proficiency (ADD)

Rajon Rondo - Ankle Breaker, Scrapper
Kris Humphries - Scrapper
Courtney Lee - Catch and Shoot, Corner Specialist
Jordan Crawford - Microwave, Shot Creator
Marshon Brooks - Shot Creator, Finisher

93/PG Chris Paul - Floor General, Dimer, Pick Pocket, Closer, Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
85/PF Blake Griffin - Highlight Film, Posterizer, Post Playmaker, Finisher (ADD), Screen Outlet (NEW)
80/SG Jamal Crawford - Microwave, Ankle Breaker, Closer, Catch and Shoot (ADD), Pick Dodger (NEW)
75/SF Matt Barnes - Scrapper, Pick Dodger (NEW)
74/SG J.J. Redick - Catch and Shoot
72/C DeAndre Jordan - Eraser, Posterizer, Hustle Points (ADD)
69/SG Willie Green - Corner Specialist

Chris Paul - Alley-Ooper
Blake Griffin - Hustle Points
Jamal Crawford - Shot Creator
Jared Dudley - Catch and Shoot

83/PF Zach Randolph - Post Proficiency, Hustle Points, Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
83/PG Mike Conley - Pick Pocket, Interceptor (ADD), Floor General (ADD), Acrobat (ADD), Closer (ADD)
82/C Marc Gasol - Bruiser, Brick Wall, Post Proficiency, Defensive Anchor (ADD), Screen Outlet (NEW)
75/SG Tony Allen - Lockdown Defender, Active Hands, Scrapper
72/PF Ed Davis - Eraser (ADD)
71/PG Jerryd Bayless - Acrobat, Pick Dodger (NEW)
70/SG Mike Miller - Catch and Shoot
67/C Kosta Koufos - Hustle Points
65/SG Jamaal Franklin - Scrapper, Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
61/SF Quincy Pondexter - Corner Specialist

Zach Randolph - Anti-Freeze
Tayshaun Prince - Chasedown Artist
Ed Davis - Hustle Points
Jerryd Bayless - Microwave, Shot Creator

82/C Al Horford - Post Playmaker (ADD), Break Starter (ADD)
80/PF Paul Millsap - Active Hands
79/SG Louis Williams - Pick Dodger (NEW)
75/PG Jeff Teague - Acrobat, One-Man Fastbreak (NEW)
67/SG Jared Cunningham - Highlight Film (ADD)
66/SF James Johnson - Active Hands
64/SF DeMarre Carroll - Scrapper (ADD)
64/SF Kyle Korver - Corner Specialist (ADD)
53/PG Royal Ivey - Charge Card (ADD)

Al Horford - Bruiser, Scrapper, Hustle Points
Paul Millsap - Hustle Points
Louis Williams - Microwave, Finisher, Ankle Breaker
Jeff Teague - Pick Pocket
James Johnson - Interceptor
Kyle Korver - Catch and Shoot

99/SF LeBron James - Lockdown Defender, Finisher, Dimer, Chasedown Artist, LeBron Coast to Coast (NEW)
91/SG Dwyane Wade - Deadeye, Shot Creator, Interceptor, Closer, Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
79/PF Ray Allen - Deadeye, Corner Specialist, Catch and Shoot
75/PG Mario Chalmers - Catch and Shoot
73/PF Shane Battier - Charge Card, Corner Specialist, Catch and Shoot (ADD)
70/C Greg Oden - Eraser (ADD)
67/PF Rashard Lewis - Corner Specialist (ADD)
66/C Chris Andersen - Eraser
59/C Joel Anthony - Eraser (ADD)
57/SF James Jones - Catch and Shoot

LeBron James - Closer
Dwyane Wade - Acrobat
Chris Bosh - Catch and Shoot
Mario Chalmers - Active Hands
Shane Battier - Lockdown Defender
Udonis Haslem - Defensive Anchor, Scrapper, Charge Card
Norris Cole - Active Hands

78/PF Derrick Favors - Bruiser (ADD), Eraser (ADD)
73/PG Trey Burke - Shot Creator (ADD), Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
71/SG Brandon Rush - Catch and Shoot, Corner Specialist, Chasedown Artist
69/SF Gordon Hayward - Catch and Shoot (ADD), Chasedown Artist (ADD)
68/C Enes Kanter - Bruiser, Hustle Points
66/SF Dominic McGuire - Scrapper
61/PF Jeremy Evans - Eraser, Highlight Film
52/C Rudy Gobert - Chasedown Artist (ADD)

Richard Jefferson - Catch and Shoot, Corner Specialist
Alec Burks - Finisher
Dominic McGuire - Lockdown Defender

80/C DeMarcus Cousins - Bruiser, Finisher, Break Starter, Hustle Points (ADD), Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
76/PF Carl Landry - Hustle Points, Finisher
75/SG Marcus Thornton - Acrobat, Microwave (ADD), Catch and Shoot (ADD)
75/PG Isaiah Thomas - Acrobat
73/PG Greivis Vasquez - Dimer (ADD), Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
72/SG Ben McLemore - Catch and Shoot (ADD)
71/SF Luc Richard Mbah a Moute - Scrapper, Lockdown Defender
69/C Chuck Hayes - Bruiser, Break Starter (ADD), Post Playmaker (ADD), Brick Wall (ADD)
68/PF Jason Thompson - Hustle Points
66/PG Jimmer Fredette - Catch and Shoot

DeMarcus Cousins - Charge Card
Marcus Thornton - Heat Retention, Finisher
Isaiah Thomas - Shot Creator
Chuck Hayes - Scrapper

91/SF - Carmelo Anthony - Shot Creator, Finisher, Closer, Deadeye, Microwave (ADD)
84/SG - J.R. Smith - Microwave, Highlight Film (ADD)
82/PF - Amare Stouemire - Finisher, Screen Outlet (NEW)
82/SG - Iman Shumpert - Pick Pocket, Active Hands
79/PG - Raymond Felton - Alley-Ooper, Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
77/C - Tyson Chandler - Defensive Anchor, Tenacious Rebounder (NEW), Screen Outlet (NEW)
74/SF - Metta World Peace - Bruiser, Charge Card (ADD), Pick Pocket (ADD)
73/PF - Kenyon Martin - Hustle Points (ADD)
66/PG - Pablo Prigioni (+3) - Interceptor (ADD), Charge Card (ADD)

Amare Stoudemire: Posterizer, Hustle Points
Iman Shumpert: Lockdown Defender
Tyson Chandler: Eraser, Hustle Points
Metta World Peace: Lockdown Defender
Andrea Bargnani: Catch and Shoot, Microwave

93/SG Kobe Bryant - Shot Creator, Deadeye, Closer, Finisher, Heat Retention
80/PF Pau Gasol - Post Proficiency, Post Playmaker, Screen Outlet (NEW)
80/PG Steve Nash - Floor General, Dimer, Catch and Shoot (ADD), Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW), Flashy Pass (NEW)
75/C Chris Kaman - Screen Outlet (NEW)
71/C Jordan Hill - Hustle Points (ADD), Scrapper (ADD), Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
69/SG Jodie Meeks - Catch and Shoot, Pick Dodger (NEW)
67/PG Steve Blake - Catch and Shoot (ADD), Charge Card (ADD)

Steve Nash - Deadeye, Anti-Freeze

76/SG Victor Oladipo - Highlight Film (ADD), Scrapper (ADD), Finisher (ADD)
76/SG Arron Afflalo - Corner Specialist
76/PG Jameer Nelson - Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
75/PF Glen Davis - Brick Wall, Bruiser (ADD), Charge Card (ADD)
74/C Nikola Vucevic - Hustle Points (ADD), Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
71/SF Maurice Harkless - Interceptor (ADD)
70/PF Jason Maxiell - Bruiser
61/C Kyle O'Quinn - Scrapper (ADD)

Jameer Nelson - Alley-Ooper
Arron Afflalo - Scrapper
Nikola Vucevic - Scrapper
Hedo Turkoglu - Dimer
Jason Maxiell - Hustle Points

85/SG Monta Ellis - Closer, Acrobat, Finisher, Interceptor (ADD), One-Man Fastbreak (NEW)
83/PF Dirk Nowitzki - Deadeye, Post Proficiency, Closer
79/SF Shawn Marion - Scrapper (ADD)
78/SG Vince Carter - Highlight Film (ADD), Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
76/PG Jose Calderon - Dimer, Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
76/PG Devin Harris - Charge Card (ADD)
74/C Samuel Dalembert - Eraser, Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
70/PG Shane Larkin - Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
69/PF DeJuan Blair - Brick Wall
59/C Bernard James - Eraser (ADD)
53/C Fab Melo - Eraser (ADD)

Monta Ellis - Shot Creator
Dirk Nowitzki - Active Hands
Shawn Marion - Lockdown Defender, Chasedown Artist
Jose Calderon - Floor General
Samuel Dalembert - Hustle Points
DeJuan Blair - Bruiser, Scrapper

88/PG Deron Williams - Dimer, Ankle Breaker, Shot Creator (ADD), Catch and Shoot (ADD), Flashy Pass (NEW)
84/SF Paul Pierce - Closer, Deadeye, Heat Retention (ADD)
82/PF Kevin Garnett - Defensive Anchor, Post Proficiency, Post Playmaker, Screen Outlet (NEW)
82/SG Joe Johnson - Shot Creator
80/C Brook Lopez - Post Proficiency, Anti-Freeze, Finisher (ADD), Brick Wall (ADD), Eraser (ADD)
77/SF Andrei Kirilenko - Active Hands
74/SG Jason Terry - Catch and Shoot
Reggie Evans - Bruiser, Scrapper, Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
61/C Mason Plumlee - Charge Card (ADD)

Deron Williams - Floor General, Closer, Heat Retention
Joe Johnson - Heat Retention
Andrei Kirilenko - Eraser, Scrapper
Jason Terry - Microwave, Closer

85/PG Ty Lawson - Finisher, Acrobat (ADD), Alley-Ooper (ADD), Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW), One-Man Fastbreak (NEW)
81/PG Nate Robinson - Microwave, Scrapper
80/PF Kenneth Faried - Hustle Points, Scrapper, Highlight Film (ADD), Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
77/C J.J. Hickson - Posterizer, Hustle Points (ADD), Screen Outlet (NEW), Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
76/SF Danilo Gallinari - Catch and Shoot (ADD)
76/PG Andre Miller - Dimer, Alley-Ooper
75/C JaVale McGee - Posterizer, Eraser, Highlight Film, Chasedown Artist (ADD)
72/SG Randy Foye - Catch and Shoot (ADD), Deadeye (ADD)
70/SF Jordan Hamilton - Hustle Points (ADD)

Ty Lawson - Ankle Breaker, Anti-Freeze
Andre Miller - Floor General
Anthony Randolph - Eraser

87/SG Paul George - Interceptor, Active Hands, Lockdown Defender, Highlight Film, Posterizer (ADD)
Roy Hibbert - Defensive Anchor, Eraser, Hustle Points
David West - Bruiser, Post Proficiency (ADD)
Lance Stephenson - Ankle Breaker (ADD)
C.J. Watson - Corner Specialist (ADD)
Chris Copeland - Catch and Shoot (ADD), Microwave (ADD)

Roy Hibbert - Post Proficiency
Danny Granger - Deadeye
Luis Scola - Charge Card, Anti-Freeze

88/PG Jrue Holiday - Dimer
83/SG Eric Gordon - Finisher, Pick Dodger (NEW)
82/SF Tyreke Evans - Acrobat, Ankle Breaker, Finisher, Interceptor (ADD)
79/PF Anthony Davis - Finisher, Eraser, Hustle Points (ADD)
73/SF Al-Farouq Aminu - Interceptor (ADD), Chasedown Artist (ADD)
71/SG Austin Rivers - Ankle Breaker
66/PF Ryan Anderson - Catch and Shoot
62/C Jason Smith - Brick Wall (ADD), Screen Outlet (NEW)
62/C Greg Stiemsma - Eraser, Brick Wall (ADD)
61/PG Brian Roberts - Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
60/C Jeff Withey - Eraser (ADD)
60/SF Lance Thomas - Scrapper (ADD), Charge Card (ADD)

Jrue Holiday - Pick Pocket
Eric Gordon - Microwave, Closer
Tyreke Evans - Pick Pocket
Anthony Davis - Chasedown Artist
Austin Rivers - Acrobat
Ryan Anderson - Hustle Points, Corner Specialist
Anthony Morrow - Catch and Shoot, Microwave, Corner Specialist

86/SF Josh Smith - Eraser, Active Hands, Break Starter (ADD), One-Man Fastbreak (NEW)
83/PG Brandon Jennings - Interceptor, Acrobat, Ankle Breaker (ADD), Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
81/PG Chauncey Billups - Catch and Shoot
80/PF Greg Monroe - Post Playmaker, Finisher, Active Hands
78/SG Rodney Stuckey - Finisher
72/C Andre Drummond - Eraser, Hustle Points (ADD), Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
71/PG Will Bynum - Microwave (ADD), Acrobat (ADD), Finisher (ADD), Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
70/SG Kentavius Caldwell-Pope - Catch and Shoot (ADD)
57 - Josh Harrellson - Brick Wall

Josh Smith - Posterizer, Chasedown Artist
Greg Monroe - Hustle Points
Rodney Stuckey - Shot Creator

86/SF Rudy Gay - Finisher, Highlight Film (ADD), Posterizer (ADD), Interceptor (ADD), Heat Retention (ADD)
83/PG Kyle Lowry - Pick Pocket, Charge Card, Alley-Ooper (ADD), Pick Dodger (NEW)
77/SG DeMar DeRozan - Highlight Film, Finisher
72/PF Tyler Hansbrough - Bruiser, Scrapper, Hustle Points (ADD)
71/PF Amir Johnson - Eraser, Hustle Points
70/SG Terrence Ross - Highlight Film (ADD)
68/C Jonas Valanciunas - Eraser (ADD), Hustle Points (ADD)
64/PF Quincy Acy - Posterizer (ADD)
53/SF Steve Novak - Corner Specialist, Catch and Shoot

Rudy Gay - Active Hands, Anti-Freeze
Kyle Lowry - Dimer, Scrapper
D.J. Augustin - Acrobat
Aaron Gray - Brick Wall

91/C Dwight Howard - Eraser, Bruiser, Posterizer, Finisher, Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
88/SG James Harden - Finisher, Microwave, Active Hands (ADD), Closer (ADD), Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
76/PG Jeremy Lin - Interceptor (ADD), Scrapper (ADD) Break Starter (ADD), Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
76/SF Chandler Parsons - Catch and Shoot, Corner Specialist (ADD)
73/PG Patrick Beverley - Pick Pocket (ADD), Scrapper (ADD), Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
73/SG Ronnie Brewer - Active Hands, Scrapper
71/C Omer Asik - Brick Wall, Defensive Anchor (ADD), Break Starter (ADD), Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
68/SF Francisco Garcia - Deadeye (ADD), Catch and Shoot (ADD)
61/PF Greg Smith - Posterizer (ADD)

Dwight Howard - Defensive Anchor
James Harden - Shot Creator
Jeremy Lin - Floor General, Finisher, Pick Pocket
Ronnie Brewer - Lockdown Defender
Marcus Camby - Defensive Anchor

87/PF Tim Duncan - Post Proficiency (ADD), Defensive Anchor (ADD), Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
86/PG Tony Parker - Floor General, Closer, Finisher, One-Man Fastbreak (NEW), Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
86/SG Manu Ginobili - Charge Card, Scrapper, One-Man Fastbreak (NEW), Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
82/SF Kawhi Leonard - Active Hands, Interceptor (ADD), Posterizer (ADD), Corner Specialist (ADD)
73/SG Danny Green - Corner Specialist, Catch and Shoot (ADD), Lockdown Defender (ADD)
70/C Tiago Splitter - Screen Outlet (NEW)
Patrick Mills - Corner Specialist (ADD), Charge Card (ADD)
64/C Boris Diaw - Post Playmaker
52/C Matt Bonner - Catch and Shoot

Tim Duncan - Post Playmaker, Anti-Freeze, Break Starter
Manu Ginobili - Acrobat, Closer
Tiago Splitter - Hustle Points

82/PG Eric Bledsoe - Interceptor, Scrapper (ADD), Chasedown Artist (ADD)
80/C Marcin Gortat - Screen Outlet (NEW)
78/PG Goran Dragic - Dimer
74/SG Shannon Brown - Highlight Film
71/PG Ishmael Smith - Active Hands (ADD)
69/SG Gerald Green - Highlight Film
68/SG Archie Goodwin - Finisher (ADD)
65/PG Kendall Marshall - Dimer
57/C Alex Len - Eraser (ADD)

Eric Bledsoe - Finisher
Marcin Gortat - Finisher, Charge Card, Bruiser
Markieff Morris - Catch and Shoot

94/SF Kevin Durant - Shot Creator, Microwave, Deadeye, Closer, Finisher
91/PG Russell Westbrook - Ankle Breaker, Finisher, Pick Pocket, Interceptor, One-Man Fastbreak (NEW)
84/PF Serge Ibaka - Hustle Points, Eraser, Defensive Anchor
70/PG Reggie Jackson - Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
70/SG Thabo Sefolosha - Active Hands, Lockdown Defender, Corner Specialist (ADD)
70/C Kendrick Perkins - Brick Wall
69/PG Derek Fisher - Charge Card
64/PF Nick Collison - Scrapper
57/C Hasheem Thabeet - Eraser (ADD)

Jeremy Lamb - Catch and Shoot
Kendrick Perkins - Bruiser, Defensive Anchor
Nick Collison - Charge Card

85/PF Kevin Love - Break Starter, Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
80/SG Kevin Martin - Corner Specialist (ADD)
78/C Nikola Pekovic - Hustle Points, Bruiser, Screen Outlet (NEW)
78/PG Ricky Rubio - Pick Pocket, Charge Card, Dimer, Interceptor (ADD), Flashy Pass (NEW)
72/PF Derrick Williams - Posterizer
71/SF Corey Brewer - Interceptor, Pick Dodger (NEW)
69/PG J.J. Barea - Scrapper, Charge Card
65/SF Shabazz Muhammad - Microwave (ADD), Catch and Shoot (ADD)
64/C Gorgui Dieng - Eraser (ADD)

Kevin Love - Hustle Points, Finisher, Scrapper
Kevin Martin - Shot Creator
Nikola Pekovic - Post Proficiency
Ricky Rubio - Floor General
Derrick Williams - Hustle Points
Corey Brewer - Scrapper
Chase Budinger - Catch and Shoot, Corner Specialist

84/PF LaMarcus Aldridge - Post Proficiency, Post Playmaker, Finisher, Screen Outlet (NEW)
84/PG Damian Lillard - Acrobat, Shot Creator, Catch and Shoot (ADD), Pick & Roll Maestro (NEW)
78/PG Mo Williams - Charge Card (ADD)
78/SF Nicolas Batum - Chasedown Artist, Interceptor, Catch and Shoot
77/SG Wesley Matthews - Corner Specialist, Catch and Shoot (ADD), Scrapper (ADD)
75/PF Thomas Robinson - Scrapper, Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
72/SG C.J. McCollum - Interceptor (ADD), Shot Creator (ADD)
72/SF Dorell Wright - Corner Specialist, Catch and Shoot (ADD)
68/C Robin Lopez - Bruiser, Hustle Points (ADD)
67/PG Earl Watson - Pick Pocket

Damian Lillard - Finisher
Mo Williams - Shot Creator, Microwave
Wesley Matthews - Active Hands
Thomas Robinson - Hustle Points

88/PG Stephen Curry - Catch and Shoot, Pick Pocket, Shot Creator, Heat Retention, Microwave
85/SF Andre Iguodala - Acrobat, Interceptor, Lockdown Defender, Highlight Film, Finisher (ADD)
81/PF David Lee - Post Playmaker, Post Proficiency, Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
78/C Andrew Bogut - Defensive Anchor, Eraser (ADD), Post Playmaker (ADD)
75/SF Harrison Barnes - Anti Freeze (ADD), Posterizer (ADD)
73/C Jermaine O'Neal - Eraser (ADD)
73/PG Toney Douglas - Scrapper (ADD), Interceptor (ADD)
73/SG Klay Thompson - Catch and Shoot, Corner Specialist (ADD), Microwave (ADD)
62/SF Draymond Green - Scrapper (ADD)

David Lee - Finisher, Hustle Points
Andrew Bogut - Hustle Points, Charge Card
Harrison Barnes - Catch and Shoot
Jermaine O'Neal - Charge Card
Klay Thompson - Deadeye

85/PG John Wall - Finisher, Acrobat, Interceptor (ADD), Dimer (ADD), One-Man Fastbreak (NEW)
79/PF Nene - Post Playmaker
78/SF Trevor Ariza - Interceptor, Corner Specialist (ADD)
77/C Emeka Okafor - Defensive Anchor (ADD), Tenacious Rebounder (NEW)
75/SG Bradley Beal - Catch and Shoot, Corner Specialist (ADD)
74/SF Otto Porter - Chasedown Artist (ADD)
69/PF Trevor Booker - Bruiser
68/SF Martell Webster - Catch and Shoot (ADD), Corner Specialist (ADD)
65/SG Garrett Temple - Charge Card (ADD)

John Wall - Shot Creator
Nene - Bruiser
Trevor Ariza - Active Hands
Emeka Okafor - Bruiser, Scrapper
Trevor Booker - Hustle Points
Eric Maynor - Dimer
Chris Singleton - Interceptor

73/SG Richard Hamilton - Catch and Shoot (ADD)
72/PF Lamar Odom - Break Starter
70/SG DeShawn Stevenson - Catch and Shoot (ADD), Corner Specialist (ADD)
70/PG Leandro Barbosa - Pick Dodger
69/PG Jamaal Tinsley - Dimer (ADD), Active Hands (ADD), Flashy Pass (NEW)
69/SG James White - Highlight Film (ADD)
68/PF Ivan Johnson - Interceptor (ADD)
68/PG Sebastian Telfair - Pick Pocket (ADD)
66/PF Chris Wilcox - Hustle Points (ADD)
65/SG Daniel Gibson - Charge Card (ADD)
65/SF Cartier Martin - Catch and Shoot (ADD)
63/SG Travis Leslie - Highlight Film
59/C Hassan Whiteside - Eraser
59/C Hamed Haddadi - Eraser (ADD)
52/PF Brian Cardinal - Scrapper
50/C Jason Collins - Brick Wall

Stephen Jackson - Deadeye
Delonte West - Interceptor
Raja Bell - Catch and Shoot, Charge Card
DeShawn Stevenson - Lockdown Defender
Troy Murphy - Catch and Shoot
Daniel Gibson - Catch and Shoot
Kurt Thomas - Brick Wall
Hakim Warrick Posterizer
Jared Jeffries - Charge Card
Jon Brockman - Bruiser


Posterizer: 15 total (10 new, 3 removed)
Highlight Film: 18 total (9 new, 0 removed)
Finisher: 36 total (11 new, 11 removed)
Acrobat: 17 total (3 new, 4 removed)
Catch and Shoot: 46 total (26 new, 14 removed)
Shot Creator: 11 total (3 new, 13 removed)
Deadeye: 9 total (2 new, 4 removed)
Corner Specialist: 26 total (16 new, 6 removed)
Post Proficiency: 15 total (5 new, 2 removed)
Ankle Breaker: 8 total (3 new, 4 removed)
Post Playmaker: 14 total (4 new, 2 removed)
Dimer: 15 total (3 new, 4 removed)
Break Starter: 8 total (5 new, 1 removed)
Alley-Ooper: 4 total (2 new, 2 removed)
Brick Wall: 12 total (4 new, 4 removed)
Hustle Points: 25 total (14 new, 20 removed)
Floor General: 6 total (2 new, 6 removed)
Pick & Roll Maestro: 25 total (NEW)
Screen Outlet: 13 total (NEW)
Flashy Pass: 5 total (NEW)
One-Man Fastbreak: 10 total (NEW)
LeBron Coast to Coast: 1 total (NEW)

Lockdown Defender: 11 total (2 new, 7 removed)
Charge Card: 24 total (16 new, 10 removed)
Interceptor: 28 total (17 new, 3 removed)
Pick Pocket: 12 total (4 new, 4 removed)
Active Hands: 16 total (4 new, 9 removed)
Eraser: 31 total (15 new, 6 removed)
Chasedown Artist: 12 total (9 new, 5 removed)
Defensive Anchor: 11 total (5 new, 4 removed)
Pick Dodger: 11 total (NEW)

Bruiser: 24 total (4 new, 9 removed)
Scrapper: 32 total (12 new, 13 removed)
Anti-Freeze: 3 total (1 new, 7 removed)
Microwave: 12 total (6 new, 9 removed)
Heat Retention: 4 total (2 new, 3 removed)
Closer: 14 total (2 new, 5 removed)
Tenacious Rebounder: 26 total (NEW)


Earl Vincent Tanglao said...

82/SF Kawhi Leonard - Active Hands, Interceptor (ADD), Posterizer (ADD), Corner Specialist (ADD)

Leonard on Posterizer.. not sure about this.. even thou I'm 100% spurs fan ^_^

GQ Drew said...

Are you serious hes a definite posterizer

J2sports said...

Hustle Points removed from Greg Monroe? Wow.

Wilson Reyes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wilson Reyes said...

Here are some thoughts:

Melo - Remove Finisher, Add back Hustle Points
Pablo Prigioni - Remove Catch and Shoot, Add Active Hands, Add Pick Pocket
Danny Green - Add Active Hands

Andrew Le said...

Kawhi Leonard with no lockdown defender????

Melvin E. said...

great work bro!

Melvin E. said...

i noticed one was wrong might have to recheck them. pablo for knicks is an interceptor not a catch n shoot.

Ayinde White said...

Honestly half the people they removed the Shot creator sig. skill from are great at creating space. They should make Shot creating an attribute honestly. It would make more sense because all NBA have some sense of what creating their own shot is.

Rashidi said...

Fixed typos:
Blake Griffin - Post Playmaker (not Proficiency)
Pablo Priginoi - Interceptor (not Catch and Shoot)

Montgomery said...

Jonas Valanciunas should have bruiser. He went from 240 to 257 in one offseason... :P

(I also think 68 is a bit low, but I imagine that rating will come up as the year progresses.)

Jackson Barrett said...

Lance Stephenson not having one man fast break is a total joke

uptheirons1992 said...

Danny a lockdown defender? And Leonard isn't?

Radog said...

Danny Green being a Lockdown Defender and Kawhi not is ridiculous.

Saiam Seifi said...

They do. It's called Shot off Dribble.

Coach Frazier said...

Derrick Rose isn't an Ankle Breaker??? If anything, his ballhandling is the sure thing that will return this year. The guy has made more players fall on the ground with dribble moves than any player not named Deron Williams.

PlayerRatings said...

Here is a list of the latest player signature skills! I hope this helps!

cookymonsterjfksdlf said...

wtf? anyone else shocked that cp3 doesn't have alleyooper anymore? like half this man's assists come from alleyoops. Like who the hell does kyle lowry oop it to? man he never oops.