Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NBA 2K14 Roster Analysis 11/13/13 - Julius Erving pt. 2 + four added players

 Today's NBA 2K roster brings us four additional players: Luigi Datome, Nick Calathes, Dionte Christmas, and Ian Clark, as well as the addition of "Dr. J" Julius Erving to the 1985 Philadelphia 76ers team.

However anytime 2K focuses on one area of the roster it seems they fall behind in others.

Lance Thomas is still a member of the Pelicans despite being waived in favor of Lou Amundson and Josh Childress.  Arnize Onuaku was also waived in real life, decreasing 2K's missing NBA player count to 18.  Jamaal Tinsley was likewise waived by the Jazz (Diante Garrett will likely take his place) but is still on the team.

Steve Nash is still active despite being out indefinitely with his injuries.


While the big story of the day is Erving's addition to the 1985 team, I also noticed a rating change to his 1977 version.  Previously I had made a big stink about Erving's SOD rating and how it was a gameplay killer.  Turns out 2K heard that and made an adjustment.

Julius Erving - 1977
97 Overall (+1)
81 SOD (+46)

One NBA legend down, 440 NBA players to go, eh?

Julius Erving - 1985
92 Overall (-5)
99 Inside Shot
82 Close Shot (-2)
72 Medium Shot (-1)
68 3pt Shot (+8)
78 Free Throw
96 Layup (-3)
99 Dunk
70 Standing Dunk (-10)
93 Spin Layup (-4)
90 Euro Step Layup (-3)
92 Hop Step Layup (-3)
95 Runner (-3)
93 Step Through (-1)
95 Shoot in Traffic
68 Post Fadeaway (+3)
64 Post Hook (+2)
75 Shoot Off Dribble (-6)
75 Ball Handling (-14)
72 Off-Hand Dribbling (-3)
83 Ball Security (+2)
68 Pass (-2)
77 Block (+1)
86 Steal
89 Hands
79 On-Ball Defense (-9)
68 Offensive Rebound (-1)
55 Defensive Rebound (-18)
42 Post Offense (-18)
70 Post Defense (+2)
92 Offensive Awareness (+1)
92 Defensive Awareness (+1)
88 Consistency (-7)
86 Stamina (-9)
84 Speed (-7)
85 Quickness (-3)
84 Strength
95 Vertical (-4)
82 Hustle (-6)
90 Durability (-5)
97 Potential
60 Emotion (+5)
Signature Skills: Highlight Film, Posterizer, Finisher, Shot Creator, Closer

To be honest I find this version much more realistic and hope that they apply some of the changes (most importantly, the Ball Handling decrease) to the 1977 version since I'm sure that's still the version that would be made available in MyTeam.



Nick Calathes (62/PG) - Grizzlies
Ian Clark (64/SG) - Jazz
Luigi Datome (67/SF) - Pistons
Dionte Christmas (66/SG) - Suns

Luigi Datome was added to the Detroit Pistons, but international basketball fans were quick to point out that Datome, like Vitor Faverani, has the face of Antonis Fotsis (Credit: Sportando).

While the Pistons have been playing Kyle Singler over Datome, Singler is underrated in NBA 2K and Datome rates out as a much better shooter and athlete. Datome will consequently see far more use in online games.

Datome vs Singler
78 Medium (+6)
88 FT(+8)
72 Dunk (+12)
73 Handle (+8)
70 Speed (+4)

Of course I would still run with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope as my backup SF but that's just me!

Nick Calathes is a big PG, capable of playing SG if necessary.  With his 80 pass rating, he has good synergy with shoot-first combo guard Jerryd Bayless.

Dionte Christmas is a slasher with 78 3pt rating which immediately makes him more valuable than Archie Goodwin (58 3pt rating) or P.J. Tucker (35 3pt rating) to most practical Suns players (if any exist).

Ian Clark is a shooter and not much else.  His 84 3pt ranks 3rd highest on the Jazz but with 25 dunk (the lowest among all SGs) you'll be hard pressed to finish with him.  Think of him as John Lucas with worse handle (playing him out of position as a backup PG may not be a bad idea).

Hollis Thompson (SF) - 76ers
Brandon Davies (PF) - 76ers
James Southerland (SF) - Bobcats
Miroslav Raduljica (C) - Bucks - GUARANTEED (signed 7/26/13)
Matthew Dellavedova (PG) - Cavaliers
Henry Sims (C) - Cavaliers
Chris Smith (PG) - Knicks
Toure Murry (SG) - Knicks
Elias Harris (PF) - Lakers
Ryan Kelly (PF) - Lakers
Dwight Buycks (PG) - Raptors - GUARANTEED (signed 7/16/13)
Julyan Stone (PG) - Raptors
Robert Covington (PF) - Rockets - GUARANTEED (signed 7/15/13)
Robbie Hummel (SF) - Timberwolves
Ognjen Kuzmic (C) - Warriors - GUARANTEED (signed 9/27/13)


F_Rod said...

Nick Calathes (PG) - Grizzlies, Ian Clark (SG) - Jazz, and Dionte Christmas (SG) - Suns were added to the roster as well. Only 15 players missing now. :-)

Jaysen said...

The ball security you gave some players has me scratching my head.. steve Novak among others.. matt Bonner . I'm sure there's others with better ball security than Isaiah Thomas. So it would be easier for me to try to steal the ball away from those two than Isaiah Thomas? Sighs...

Jaysen said...

Aflalo 76 3pt? Mkay..... at least an 80-82. I've been watching him since Denver. He can shoot the 3.

Michael Sweeney said...

If you have a problem with certain ratings change them yourself. Rashidi knows what he's doing. His ratings are I'd say 95% and 100% better than 2K's. If you think Afflalo should have an 80 3PT then change it to that yourself. He's not perfect. I disagree where he has Jeff Green's speed and quickness but I don't come on here and be a dick about it. I just simply went in and changed it myself.

Michael Sweeney said...

95% accurate*

Unknown said...

giving real players who should have been included in the original release euroleague faces is just the epitome of 2K's utter laziness and arrogance since they monopolized the bball sim market.

Rashidi said...

I haven't edited Afflalo. You're complaining about 2K's rating.

In fact I even used the Magic in an online game on stream and complained all the way to the bank as Afflalo went 7-19 on open, perfect release jumpshots. Even worse than his 76 3pt is his 66 Medium shot.

Rashidi said...

Jeff Green has also not yet been edited in my roster. Please refer to my roster post which lists all the players I have gotten around to editing.

Rashidi said...

Regarding security, players like Novak and Bonner rarely dribble the ball. They are catch/shoot players and nothing more.

It would not come into play the way it would for PGs like Isaiah Thomas.

Steve Novak had the lowest TO% in NBA history last season (2.6%). Matt Bonner was the previous record holder, achieved in the 2012 season (3.8%). High security ratings does not mean they are immune to turnovers if a user foolishly tries to take people off the dribble with them.

Jaysen said...

Aaron Aflalo is fast and quick too... at least that's what I see on the court. I used to edit rosters but if I edit on I have to edit all lol . Much too time consuming..

Jaysen said...


Jaysen said...

Lol that's 2K's rating? Say it ain't so? Lol...dang they dogged him. I thought it was your ratings.. whoopsy.


Jaysen said...

Oh that's what I thought it meant.. I thought with those ratings I'd be able to cross people up and not get the ball stolen.

What if that stat can be attributed to high basketball IQ or maybe them just not putting themselves in high risk situations.. perhaps high ball security should be given to players who when in dangerous situations don't cough up the rock. I don't know what gameplay mechanics come into play with that rating..

Does it make them better ball handlers? Better passers? Better at gripping the ball? Better at catching? Better at avoiding swipes from pesky defenders? Idk...

Jaysen said...

That's funny.. its Arron Afflalo .

Jaysen said...

With? The 11/14 7am update has his 3pt 78 and Oladipo 80 3pt. What is their logic?

Rashidi said...

FYI the Afflalo 78 3pt is only a temporary boost (the Stats Inc Hot/Cold stuff). It's an incremental boost that may not even be there in a few days.