Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NBA 2K14 Roster Analysis 11/20/13 - Six more players added

2K Sports added 6 more players to their roster, and gave us two player rating edits that exemplify the companies minimalist approach.

2K also got around to updating injuries that had been out-dated for a week.  However, in their typical bumbling fashion they finally got around to injuring Luke Ridnour yet this came FIVE DAYS after he RETURNED from his injury.

For a more comprehensive look at how far behind 2K's rosters are...
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Brandon Davies (65/PF) - 76ers
Hollis Thompson (58/SF) - 76ers
Miroslav Raduljica (56/C) - Bucks
Dwight Buycks (71/PG) - Raptors
Julyan Stone (63/PG) - Raptors
Robbie Hummel (58/SF) - Timberwolves

Brandon Davies is a decent backup PF/C that essentially replaced Kwame Brown on the Sixer roster. 83 Inside (Standing Layup), 71 Dunk, 70 SIT, and a team-high 74 PostOff make him a useful enough offensive player. He is also an average rebounder on a team otherwise devoid of size.

Hollis Thompson has some use as a 3pt shooter; his 81 3pt ties with Evan Turner for best on the team. 71 Dunk and 74 Medium are useful, but his rebounding/defense is atrocious.

Miroslav Raduljica is the definition of a stiff, though his 69 PostOff actually leads the team (though this says as much about Zaza Pachulia's poor rating as anything).  On a Bucks team with only 4 healthy bigs, this is really about the only time he'll see some use.

Dwight Buycks is more or less a D.J. Augustin clone rating-wise with a few notable differences. Though Augustin has +1 overall rating, Buycks' 97 Speed and 98 Quickness give him an edge.

Julyan Stone is a big combo guard that will see more time at SG than anything for the Raptors.  He's a weak shooter and doesn't really bring anything to the table beyond a slightly higher Handle rating than Landry Fields.

Robbie Hummel has carved out a backup role with the Timberwolves in the absence of Chase Budinger (6.3 ppg and 4.5 rpg in 21.1 mpg over his last  4 games), but has so many awful ratings that it's detrimental to use him over fellow rookie Shabazz Muhammad.  44 Handle, 49 Layup, 52 Dunk, 49 On-Ball Defense, 41 Steal, 52 Speed, 50 Quickness, and 46 Vertical are pitifully bad ratings for a SF  (rivaled only by Steve Novak).

Lorenzo Brown (PG) - 76ers (signed after roster release)
James Southerland (SF) - Bobcats
Matthew Dellavedova (PG) - Cavaliers
Henry Sims (C) - Cavaliers
Chris Smith (PG) - Knicks - GUARANTEED (signed 9/10/13)
Toure Murry (SG) - Knicks
Elias Harris (PF) - Lakers
Ryan Kelly (PF) - Lakers
Robert Covington (PF) - Rockets - GUARANTEED (signed 7/15/13)
Ognjen Kuzmic (C) - Warriors - GUARANTEED (signed 9/27/13)
Dewayne Dedmon (C) - Warriors
Arinze Onuaku (C) - Free Agent



The effort this year has been truly embarrassing.  These changes can barely even be called cosmetic.
The number of rating changes since the game released 51 days ago can be counted on two hands.

Derrick Rose
91 Overall (-1)
70 Consistency (-25)
82 Durability (+12)

Aaron Brooks
76 Overall (-1)
95 Speed (-2)
96 Quickness (-2)

Chris Andersen (previous update)
67 Overall (+1)
42 OffAwr (+5)
50 Consistency (+10)

Kris Humphries (previous update)
72 Overall (-1)
78 Inside (-9)
76 Close (-7)
71 Med (-5)


Luke Ridnour (70/PG) - Bucks (Has played 2 games since 11/15)

Brandon Knight (73/PG) - Bucks (Has been out since 11/12)

Brandon Knight (73/PG) - Bucks
Louis Williams (79/SG) - Hawks
Gustavo Ayon (64/C) - Hawks
Solomon Jones (52/C) - Magic
Wilson Chandler (81/SF) - Nuggets

INJURED LIST (Bold denotes new injuries)
Jason Richardson (73/SG) - 76ers
Nerlens Noel (71/C) - 76ers
Arnett Moultrie (60/PF) - 76ers
Brendan Haywood (64/C) - Bobcats
Larry Sanders (79/C) - Bucks
Ersan Ilyasova (73/PF) - Bucks
Luke Ridnour (70/PG) - Bucks
Carrick Felix (68/SG) - Cavaliers
Rajon Rondo (90/PG) - Celtics
Maalik Wayns (63/PG) - Clippers
Trey Burke (73/PG) - Jazz
Carl Landry (76/PF) - Kings
Kobe Bryant (93/SG) - Lakers
Steve Nash (80/PG) - Lakers
Devin Harris (76/PG) - Mavericks
Brandan Wright (68/C) - Mavericks
Andrei Kirilenko (77/SF) - Nets
Danilo Gallinari (76/SF) - Nuggets
Danny Granger (80/SF) - Pacers
Darius Miller (64/SF) - Pelicans
Greg Stiemsma (62/C) - Pelicans
Greg Smith (61/PF) - Rockets
Emeka Okafor (77/C) - Suns
Chase Budinger (69/SF) - Timberwolves
C.J. McCollum (72/SG) - Trail Blazers
Toney Douglas (74/PG) - Warriors
Jermaine O'Neal (73/C) - Warriors
Festus Ezeli (63/C) - Warriors
Trevor Ariza (78/SF) - Wizards
Otto Porter (74/SF) - Wizards
Al Harrington (72/PF) - Wizards
Chris Singleton (67/PF) - Wizards
Marcus Camby (71/C) - Free Agents

Kwame Brown (60/C) - 76ers
Andris Biedrins (63/C) - Jazz
Jeremy Evans (60/PF) - Jazz
Chris Wilcox (66/PF) - Free Agents
Jeremy Tyler (63/PF) - Free Agents


Jaysen said...

Is it safe to say P.George and C.Anthony have nearly identical OVR's? With just differing sets of SIG SKILLS?

Jaysen said...

Is Kenyon Martin underrated? Defensively he makes a huge impact I've noticed. I would say in Defense his ovr is 80-85 ovr. Did you see he dove for the ball and bumpe .P. George? That should be a rating .. a rating that measures who comes out alive out of loose ball situations.. some players come out with concussions.. other players draw blood from others.. know what I'm talking bout?

Jaysen said...

I know its way early but will Kevin Love end up being the 2nd best big man shooter in league history? With Dirk being #1.

If 2k is that bad at roster edits then they should do away with player ratings. Maybe implement something easier that they can manage and keep up with. With next gen having more capability and technology I know more will be possible.