Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NBA 2K14 Roster Analysis 11/5/13

No ratings changes were made in this 2K update, which served only two purposes.

Re-implementation of Stats Inc's Hot/Cold streaks.
These are incremental boosts applied sporadically across the league.  Only six ratings fall under the umbrella:  3pt, FT, Off/Def Rebound, Block, and Steal.  It bears noting that these are the only ratings that 2K adjusted for their players league-wide between 2K13 and 2K14, which is not a coincidence.  These streaks have minimal effect on the game play and are more cosmetic than anything.  They serve to give the illusion that 2K is actually working hard on the roster, but this is far from the case.

Five weeks into this game's release and we are still missing 24 players, including Celtics starting center Vitor Faverani.  The missing players and numerous bad ratings that plague 2K's roster will transfer over to next-gen.  Buyer beware.

Injury Update (but not really)
2K is notorious for mailing in their updates by merely adjusting injuries, a feature they often can't get right.  Russell Westbrook notably returned from injury on 11/3 but is still sidelined in a roster dated 11/5.  Are you kidding me? Oversights like this are simply unacceptable, and will likewise transfer to next-gen gaming. 2K Sports has proven over the years that they have merely a casual interest in the NBA, and that making NBA video games is nothing more than a job for them.  New technology isn't going to improve their mindset.


Brandon Knight (73/PG) - Bucks
Carlos Delfino (69/SF) - Bucks
Glen Davis (75/PF) - Magic
Solomon Jones (52/C) - Magic
Wilson Chandler (81/SF) - Nuggets
Patrick Beverley (73/PG) - Rockets
Otto Porter (74/SF) - Wizards

Russell Westbrook (91/PG) - Thunder


Andrews said...

pat beverley is back

Luis Rodriguez said...

ps4 nba 2k14 if you pick the knicks and look at raymond felton when he's on the court theres like somehitng wrong with the game because you can see right through his shoulder the whole time and that the only player i noticed on what you think?