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NBA 2K15 Roster Analysis - 10/29/14 (Opening Night)

2K Sports has pulled no punches in addressing their NBA 2K roster issues.  For the first time ever, we have daily roster updates and full NBA rosters, a "Living Roster" that has long been advertised but not adequately delivered until now.

For the first time ever, 2K Sports is not missing any players entering the season.  The fans have asked for this and 2K finally answered.

Some of these players were added earlier in the month, but I think the opening night roster is a fine time to highlight them all.

Jakarr Sampson (63/SF) - 76ers
Damian Inglis (69/SF) - Bucks
Joe Harris (66/SG) - Cavaliers
Alex Kirk (65/C) - Cavaliers
Dwight Powell (66/PF) - Celtics
Mike Muscala (67/C) - Hawks
Andre Dawkins (65/SG) - Heat
Joe Ingles (68/SF) - Jazz
Eric Moreland (65/PF) - Kings
Travis Wear (66/PF) - Knicks
Devyn Marble (68/SF) - Magic
Cory Jefferson (66/PF) - Nets
Jerome Jordan (66/C) - Nets
Jorge Gutierrez (65/PG) - Nets
Erick Green (69/PG) - Nuggets
Damjan Rudez (71/SF) - Pacers
Shayne Whittington (65/C) - Pacers
Patric Young (67/PF) - Pelicans
Spencer Dinwiddie (69/PG) - Pistons
Lucas Nogueira (67/C) - Raptors
Kostas Papanikolaou (71/SF) - Rockets
Joey Dorsey (69/C) - Rockets
Tariq Black (69/PF) - Rockets
Clint Capela (67/PF) - Rockets
Zoran Dragic (72/SG) - Suns
Grant Jerrett (67/PF) - Thunder
Glenn Robinson III (67/SF) - Timberwolves
Casper Ware (66/PG) - Free Agent
Jason Kapono 65/SG) - Free Agent
Shane Edwards (63/SF) - Free Agent
D.J. Mbenga (63/C) - Free Agent

That's about 31 new players by my count.  As recently as two years ago the game was missing 30 players entering the season.

There are none.  It's the first day of the season.  2K has previously edited players during the preseason, but there wasn't much need given the vast overhaul it gave player ratings over the summer.

Subsequent Overall rating change listed if applicable.
PG: Tony Wroten (-2), E'Twaun Moore, Jared Cunningham, Toure Murry, Russ Smith, Jason Terry
SG: Chris Johnson, Jerryd Bayless (+1), Jared Dudley (-1), Tony Snell, James Young, Nick Young, Bojan Bogdanovic, Cartier Martin, Zach LaVine
SF: Tony Allen (+1), Kent Bazemore (-3), Gerald Henderson (-1), Reggie Bullock, Xavier Henry (-1), Joe Johnson
PF: Nerlens Noel, Hedo Turkoglu, Marvin Williams (-1), Enes Kanter (+1), Jason Smith
C: John Henson, Elton Brand, Derrick Favors, Andrea Bargnani (-3), Ed Davis,

2K adjusted these to reflect depth charts moving forward, which also reflects what I've been doing in my personal rosters for a long time.  For example: Gerald Henderson might be a natural SG, but he's expected to play most of his minutes at SF due to the roster composition.  Which means he needs his position changed or the AI won't optimize the roster efficiently (on and off the court).

Missing Position Changes
PG: Devin Harris (DAL), Jimmer Fredette (NOP), C.J. McCollum (POR)
SG: Quincy Pondexter (MEM), Alan Anderson (BRK), Austin Rivers (NOP), Goran Dragic (PHX), Corey Brewer (MIN), Chase Budinger (MIN), Leandro Barbosa (GSW), Rasual Butler (WAS)
SF: Vince Carter (MEM), Lance Thomas (OKC), Brandon Rush (GSW), Martell Webster (WAS)
PF: Jabari Parker (MIL), Steve Novak (UTA), Josh Smith (DET), Tony Mitchell (DET), Draymond Green (GSW)
C: Jason Maxiell (CHA), Greg Monroe (DET), Tariq Black (HOU), Mitch McGary (OKC), DeJuan Blair (WAS)

On the fence about Enes Kanter (C from PF), Nick Young (SF from SG), Kyle O'Quinn (C from PF), and Devin Harris (SG from PG).  Those players are fine now but should probably shift once players recover from injury.

2K made injuries much more accessible this year, finally providing users the ability to edit injuries (including their expected return dates), making 2K's updates worth downloading year-round for the first time ever.  The only game mode injuries will directly impact are Online Quick Matches.

Users can also download Injury-Free rosters, a boon for anyone who wants to play with updated rosters but still use oft-injured Derrick Rose.   It probably would have been a disaster for 2K if cover-boy Kevin Durant weren't usable for 2 months due to his injury, so this is a win-win for the company and its fans.

ETA Return Dates
Day-To-Day: 1 (Still playable)
1-2 weeks: 12
2-4 weeks: 2
4-6 weeks: 3
1-2 months: 1
6-8 weeks: 4
8-10 weeks: 1
6-8 months (Out for season): 6

It's worth noting that during press-time Wayne Ellington had his injury removed and Julius Randle had his added.  That captures 2K's commitment to updated rosters moving forward.

Only one player was listed as DTD but I'm sure that will pick up.  It's still worth noting that some players are deactivated but have no injury status.
Active (0 minutes): Jose Calderon, Kevin Martin, Brook Lopez
Inactive (Reserve): Greg Monroe, P.J. Tucker, David Lee

If I check the roster and see David Lee is healthy, then pick the Warriors in an Online game and come to find he's not active (Rotations can't be checked from the NBA Today screen), I wouldn't be pleased.  The confusion can be avoided by simply DTDing those players going forward.  No reason to skimp and go half-way when these are going to be updated regularly.

Nick Calathes' 13-game suspension is also missing.  There is an option for "Suspension" in the injury status menu.  If it's there, it should be used.  This would likewise avoid confusion for users who pick the Pistons expecting to use Greg Monroe.

76ers: Michael Carter-Williams (1-2 weeks), Jerami Grant (1-2 weeks), Joel Embiid (6-8 months), Jason Richardson (6-8 months)
Bucks: Johnny O'Bryant (4-6 weeks), Damian Inglis (6-8 weeks)
Bulls: None
Cavaliers: None
Celtics: Vitor Faverani (6-8 weeks)
Clippers: None
Grizzlies: None
Hawks: None
Heat: Josh McRoberts (DTD)
Hornets: None
Jazz: None
Kings: None
Knicks: Andrea Bargnani (1-2 weeks)
Lakers: Ryan Kelly (1-2 weeks), Nick Young (2-4 weeks), Steve Nash (6-8 months), Julius Randle (6-8 months)
Magic: Channing Frye (1-2 weeks), Victor Oladipo (4-6 weeks)
Mavericks: Raymond Felton (1-2 weeks)
Nets: None
Nuggets: None
Pacers: David West (1-2 weeks), C.J. Watson (1-2 weeks), George Hill (2-4 weeks), Paul George (6-8 months)
Pelicans: None
Pistons: Jodie Meeks (1-2 months)
Raptors: None
Rockets: None
Spurs: Kawhi Leonard (1-2 weeks), Tiago Splitter (1-2 weeks), Patrick Mills (6-8 months)
Suns: T.J. Warren (1-2 weeks)
Thunder: Reggie Jackson (1-2 weeks), Jeremy Lamb (1-2 weeks), Anthony Morrow (4-6 weeks), Mitch McGary (6-8 weeks), Kevin Durant (8-10 weeks)
Timberwolves: None
Trail Blazers: None
Warriors: None
Wizards: Bradley Beal (6-8 weeks)


91 Cavaliers (NC)
89 Bulls (-1)

86 Hornets (+1)
86 Raptors (NC)

85 Heat (-1)
84 Wizards (-2)
83 Hawks
83 Celtics (+1)
81 Knicks (+1)
77 Nets (-2)

77 Pistons (-2)
74 Bucks (-1)
71 Magic (-2)

70 Pacers (-14)
65 Sixers (-6)

91 Clippers (NC)

90 Spurs (-3)
87 Trail Blazers (NC)
84 Rockets (-2)
84 Warriors (-1)

84 Pelicans (+1)
83 Grizzlies (NC)
82 Mavericks (NC)
82 Suns (NC)
81 Lakers (NC)
81 Nuggets (+1)
80 Kings (+1)

79 Timberwolves (-1)
76 Thunder (-12)
72 Jazz (NC)

The Pacers and Thunder have been decimated by injuries, while the Sixers are missing their only starting caliber player.  I wouldn't read too much into the rest of the fluctuation as there have been no rating changes, only injury and rotation adjustments.

Overall this is an excellent showing by 2K Sports.  Hopefully they can keep it up as the season progresses!

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