Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2K10 Incorrect Positions

PGs and Cs are mostly correct (as they are kinda tough to get wrong due to their physical extremem). But 2K has traditionally screwed up the positions of many SG/SF/PFs, as there are many players versatile enough to change positions, or players who age in such a way that they can no longer play a certain position anymore. And this matters, because the CPU will move players into the lineup based on overall rating. I for one would find it annoying if Leon Powe were starting at PF while Anderson Varejao gets significantly less burn because he's 3rd on the center depth chart. This is how it's worked in the past and I don't anticipate 2K changing things now. So anyway, on to the positions (btw, if you can't tell, my sentence structure sucks because I'm tired as hell from working non-stop the last week and a half).

Point Guards
Delonte West - Started all season at SG, is due to compete with Anthony Parker for starting SG, and was a SG in 2K9. Who knows why 2K does what they do, because there was no reason to make the change.

Shooting Guards
Tyreke Evans - We'll accept him as a SG until he takes starting PG from Udrih.

Terrence Williams - He's a SF, and this matters as he has a higher rating than projected SG starter Courtney Lee.

Mike Miller - Washington has four SGs with upper 60s ratings. The logical solution would be to push Miller to his natural position. But when would 2K and logic ever belong in the same sentence?

Francisco Garcia - He's been a SF since entering the league. Not to mention this places him 3rd on the depth chart behind Kevin Martin and the aforementioned Evans. I can buy Garcia as a SG only if you're putting Evans at PG.

Michael Finley - Started at SF most of last season. The Spurs have Ginobili, Roger Mason, and Keith Bogans at SG, and only Richard Jefferson at SF. Not exactly a difficult call here.

Maurice Evans - Played most of his minutes at SF last season, and the team just added Jamal Crawford.

Martell Webster - Has barely played SG since entering the league, he's a 230 pound SF.

C.J. Miles - Started at SF last season.

Small Forwards
Andre Iguodala - Not "wrong" at the moment, but it's increasingly likely he will start at SG this season. Reason why? Willie Green sucks, and Thaddeus Young does not.

Lamar Odom - Hasn't been a SF since his Clipper days. There's a reason he comes off the bench, and Trevor Ariza/Luke Walton wasn't it.

Rashard Lewis - Lewis has started at PF for the last two years, though that could change with Turkoglu out of the way.

Anthony Randolph - A PF, especially on a Don Nelson team.

Rasual Butler - Started at SG for the Hornets. Will probably play both positions for the Clippers though.

Tim Thomas - Played some SF in NY, but the majority of his mins have come at PF the last half-decade.

Power Forwards
Tim Duncan - Has been a center the last 3 years though it's also his team's fault for continually listing him as a PF. Let's put it this way, there is no way in hell Matt Bonner and Antonio McDyess are centers anymore than Duncan is a PF. Duncan's the tallest guy on the team for christ's sake.

Al Jefferson - Starts at center due to Minny's horrid depth, plus it gets Kevin Love on the court.

Emeka Okafor - Has been a C for awhile now, and everyone knows he's starting at C in New Orleans.

David Lee - Not the biggest deal but he did start at center all season. I do get that he's a PF on most any other team. There is a possibility he starts at PF this season though depending on Curry and Milicic.

Rasheed Wallace - Has started at center ever since Ben Wallace left town.

Ben Wallace - Played center the majority of his career and will continue to do so in Detroit.

Andrea Bargnani - Starting at center now next to Bosh.

Ronny Turiaf - Warriors backup center, heck one of only two guys on the team that can even play the position.

Marcin Gortat
Obviously a center since he barely plays in Orlando (thanks to Howard) and was nearly signed to start at center in Dallas.

Marreese Speights - Played 2nd most center minutes on the Sixers but I can live with him at PF since Brezec was signed and Smith is returning from injury.

Drew Gooden - Gooden is slated to split time at center w/ Dampier in Dallas.

62 – Jordan Hill - Not a huge deal but D'Antoni already said he plans to use Hill at center (as Chris Wilcox's replacement, and look what position Wilcox is listed at...)

60 – Channing Frye - Projected to start at center in Phoenix.

54 – Vladimir Radmanovic - Similar to Tim Thomas except reversed; has mostly played SF the last couple years.

67 – Anderson Varejao - Starting at PF this season, rather than being 3rd on the C depth chart.


Whoman said...

for some of your listed problem cases : Doesn´t the game play players out of position when they have a 2nd position ?

Love and Jefferson started together (now Love plays with another team) f.e.

I agree that for some it´s just wrong, but for some others it´s fine considering the game does recognize their ability to play that secondary position.

So there´s no reason to change their natural (first) position just because they are playing out of position at their teams, as the game can do that as well.

Rashidi said...

In 2K9 the cpu will auto adjust lineups after just about every simmed game in association. The player with the highest overall at the position will start.

Hedo Turkoglu comes off the bench and gets sixth man of the year if he and Rashard Lewis share the same position.

Odom will start over Ariza if listed at SF. Stuff like this was tested a year ago when 2K9 came out (as it applied to 2K8 and all previous versions).

Anonymous said...

Is Lewis really rated 75? Or is he just rated 75 due to his current Position (PF)? Or what do u wanna tell us with the incorrect Position of Rashard?

I mean he's in the same range as Rip Hamilton is (Ratings...not skills)...75 is relly too low...but I agree with u, if u rate him 75 as a PF

Thanks for ur reply

Rashidi said...

That's Lewis' rating as a SF, I have no idea what he comes out to as a PF.

Dynamo said...

hey rashidi, you should check out the shooting percentages in All-Star difficulty. Also is it okay if you can provide an analysis of the gameplay?