Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Same old paint pounding 2K

Some disturbing notes from this gameplay footage of NBA 2K10 posted on IGN....


Lakers went 4-6 from the field including 4-4 in the paint. This was highlighted by Kobe Bryant backing down Delonte West from 10 feet all the way to 2 feet with hardly any effort.

Cavaliers went 4-6 from the field, all shots coming from the paint. Shaq dunked quite easily, while the two misses were heavily contested forces w/LeBron, one of which was converted into a putback dunk by Shaq.

Anyone who thought 2K would be more sim after playing Draft Combine were sadly mistaken.


ShayE said...

I think the IGN guy was playing on a low level like Pro difficulty. it kind seemed evident with how easily he gave it to Lebron and scored on almost every opportunity.

jerry_kelvin said...

You know nothing! You can do that all day on Hall Of Fame. The difficulty changes doesn't reflect how hard the computer plays rather they just make more shots.

HeadCheeze said...

Good to see you back in buisness. Can you do the Timberloves ratings. I really want to see Johnny Flynn's ratings.