Monday, September 28, 2009

2K10 Rookie Ratings

Point Guards
74 – Jonny Flynn
74 – Ty Lawson
69 – Stephen Curry
67 – Jrue Holiday
66 – Jeff Teague
66 – Eric Maynor
65 – Darren Collison
65 – Toney Douglas
64 – Brandon Jennings

Rookies Flynn and Lawson are as good as T.J. Ford, Raymond Felton, and Mike Conley?

Shooting Guards
76 – James Harden
71 – Tyreke Evans
71 – Terrence Williams
67 – Gerald Henderson
64 – Demar DeRozan
62 – Jermaine Taylor
62 – Wayne Ellington
61 – Jodie Meeks
58 – Marcus Thornton

I don't have any particular complaints, aside from Harden being rated a wee bit close to Kevin Martin, Tracy McGrady, and Michael Redd (players who could put up 25 ppg on a lottery team).

Small Forwards
69 – Derrick Brown
67 – Sam Young
65 – Chase Budinger
64 – Danny Green
64 – Earl Clark
60 – DeMarre Carroll
60 – Austin Daye
59 – DaJuan Summers
57 – Jonas Jerebko
51 – Omri Casspi

The top four SFs are all second round picks.
Derrick Brown = Marvin Williams
Sam Young = Anthony Randolph
Chase Budinger > Mike Dunleavy
Danny Green = Nicolas Batum
All four > Peja Stojakovic

Power Forwards
77 – Blake Griffin
68 – Tyler Hansbrough
62 – Jordan Hill
62 – James Johnson
60 – Taylor Griffin
59 – DeJuan Blair
55 – Taj Gibson

Taylor Griffin is not the worst player on this list, which is quite possibly a bigger failure on 2Ks part than anything else I've called them on. He actually has the same rating Channing Frye does. Guess which of the two has a snowballs chance of starting, much less making the team?

57 – Hasheem Thabeet

Same rating given to DaSagana Diop which might mean he's the only rookie that wasn't overrated. In what universe do we give the #2 pick trash ratings and then pump up 2nd round picks?

Top 10
77 – Blake Griffin
76 – James Harden
74 – Jonny Flynn
74 – Ty Lawson
71 – Tyreke Evans
71 – Terrence Williams
69 – Stephen Curry
69 – Derrick Brown
68 – Tyler Hansbrough
67 – Jrue Holiday (T-10th)
67 – Gerald Henderson (T-10th)
67 – Sam Young (T-10th)


Anonymous said...

Non sense they screwed Jennings on his PG rating he is the best PG in this draft by far if not he is top 2.

helterskelter said...

you seem to not believe that 2nd round pics can be better then a top 3 pic..if you saw thabeet in summer league you would know why his rating is so low...just about every 2nd round picked you complained about showed alot more over the summer then thabeet did. No offense dude because i have been a fan of your work for years but it seems like you look too hard for things to call 2k out on.

Rashidi said...

I saw Thabeet in summer league, but summer league is not the NBA either.

What did Chase Budinger do in summer league that former first rounder Marco Belinelli (aka not quite the next Ginobili) did not? What did Chase Budinger do in summer league that makes him a higher rated player than Peja Stojakovic or Mike Dunleavy?

Like I said in my post, I don't have a problem with Thabeet's rating because it actually makes sense when compared to non-rookies. I have a problem with 2nd rounders who haven't proven a thing having higher ratings than established starters.

Anonymous said...

Thabeet's rating is legit, hes the only top 5 pick in history to be sent down to the D-league, when ur making records because of how bad you are at basketball then you deserve a 57