Friday, November 13, 2009

Fun with NBA Hotspots

Hotspot stats are now available for the 2010 season at

Can you find any interesting comparisons?

Here's my favorite so far

Chris Duhon
Inside: 9-23 (.391)
Close: 0-4 (.000)
Med: 0-8 (.000)

Toney Douglas
Inside: 11-13 (.846)
Close: 2-6 (.333)
Med: 7-15 (.466)

Duhon is 9-35 on 2pters. BENCH HIM ALREADY!

Rajon Rondo
Inside: 38-52 (.731)
Close: 3-7 (.428)
Med: 7-19 (.368)

For all the *****ing people do about Rondo's mid-range rating, he's once again showing HE CAN HIT THE SHOT. How does he stack up against the rest of his team so far?

Garnett: 20-46
Allen: 13-27
House: 7-18
Rondo: 7-19
Pierce: 6-14
Daniels: 2-3
Williams: 2-6
Hudson: 1-1
Scalabrine: 1-2
Perkins: 1-4
Sheed: 1-5
Giddens: 0-1

I can't say it enough - [b]Rondo is a much better mid-range player than Dan Gadzuric and every other player with a 66 mid-range rating.[/b] You can scream up and down all you want about how "easy" his shots are but the fact is the mid-range shots he takes are far tougher than Dan Gadzuric's. Stop playing fools.

Gadzuric hasn't even attempted a mid-range shot yet this year, only taking two of his 17 shots outside of 5 feet. This is the player Rondo is apparently as bad as.

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Anonymous said...

Hey leave Dan Gadzuric alone. He hasnt done anything wrong here!!lol Go Bucks!