Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SRS Update

In case you missed the last one... SRS (Simple Rating System) measures teams by point differential and schedule strength. Zero is the average.

Celtics 10.29 (will chase the bulls 72-10 record)
Heat 7.69 (much improved thanks to their defense)
Hawks 6.11 (quietly pushing for the 2nd or 3rd seed)
Magic 3.41 (short handed but still pretty good)
Cavs 1.73 (their offense is a mess)
Bulls -0.36 (much improved defensively)
Bucks -0.43 (the top defensive team so far)
Pistons -0.75 (no Rip or Prince means making the playoffs will be a fight)
Raptors -1.33 (Their offense is talk of the town, but their defense is catastrophic)
Pacers -1.49 (looking like a carbon copy of last season)
Wizards -2.11 (the return of Arenas a bit overstated)
Bobcats -3.82 (when your top scorer is averaging 14 ppg and shooting 32%, you stink)
Sixers -4.48 (poor defensively, despite iguodala, brand, and dalembert)
Knicks -9.21 (they're so bad they're making larry hughes look good)
Nets -12.71 (half the team is hurt)

Mavericks 9.01 (the best in the west until Pau Gasol is healthy)
Blazers 7.51 (chemistry issues? says who?)
Lakers 6.87 (5th in the league minus their 2nd best player)
Thunder 6.07 (great defense making up for durant vs the world on the other end)
Rockets 5.03 (defense seems to be a recurring theme among winning teams)
Nuggets 4.10 (pretty good considering Anthony Carter's been starting at SG)
Suns 4.04 (don't be fooled by their record. they've had an easy schedule.)
Spurs 1.94 (is it really that hard to surround Tim Duncan with defensive players?)
Jazz -1.13 (could miss the playoffs if they don't right the ship)
Kings -1.28 (nobody thought they'd be this good. nobody.)
Hornets -1.77 (Chris Paul vs the world will not get them to the playoffs)
Clippers -4.48 (trying to hang until Griffin returns)
Warriors -5.65 (No Biedrins/Turiaf means Mikki Moore starts at center on an undersized team)
Grizzlies -8.88 (no Iverson means no bench. problem for a starless lineup.)
Wolves -13.34 (30 point blowout to the Warriors says it all.)

A quick comparison to my team ratings should tell us which teams should go up or down.

86 Celtics
85 Cavaliers (DOWN)
81 Magic
80 Hawks
77 Heat (UP)
76 Sixers (DOWN)
75 Raptors
75 Wizards
74 Pacers
73 Pistons
73 Knicks (DOWN)
72 Bulls (UP)
72 Bobcats
71 Bucks (UP)
71 Nets

84 Mavericks
83 Nuggets (DOWN)
82 Lakers
81 Jazz (DOWN)
80 Spurs (0)
80 Grizzlies (DOWN)
79 Blazers (UP)
78 Thunder (UP)
77 Suns (UP)
77 Rockets (UP)
76 Hornets
74 Clippers
72 Warriors
68 Wolves
63 Kings (UP)

Nice to see that my ratings match up pretty well. The Kings are REALLY underrated so I'll try to fix them in next week's update. I'm working on teams like the Bucks and Bulls as well.


Theo said...

hey Rashidi, I'm noticing due to some of the position changes a couple of the players signatures has been changed over (pre patch), if you dont mind, I'd like to adjust them back to the original signatures and then sending them back to you for you to update for your next roster update... some of the players are ; Michael Beasley and Lamar Odom. I know your busy with the ratings and might not have time for this, so I figured I'll do it for ya. Let me know and I'll upload it.

Rashidi said...

yeah thanks, I haven't really paid any attention to signatures yet.

Theo said...

awesome, just uploaded to 2kshare its under "Rashidi Rosters w Sigs" gamer tag iMD SPECTACLE ... I did a couple of position changes and updated the sigs to a couple of players like Odom, Beasley, Maggette, Anthony Randolph & James Johnson to name a few...

StreakShooter McFloorburn said...

Despite what I'm about to say, I really appreciate your logical, well thought out, statistically grounded approach to what you do. I hope 2k takes note and someday soon starts paying you to keep up the good work you're already doing.
Now... do you really think it's appropriate to cite the Suns weak overall schedule when they have road wins against the top 2 teams in the east?
In sports, numbers don't tell the whole story, and bragging rights go to the team that's won against the other top dogs most recently. Their only loss was at Orlando and yes, it was a blowout, but it also was the 2nd game of a back-to-back. If they can beat the Lakers tonight, in L.A. and once again the 2nd of a back-to-back, will you give them their due?
I'm not a huge Suns fan, but I do enjoy using them in the game, and I simply feel that it's a bit of a disgrace not to have their team rating reflect how well they are playing right now.
I'm making my appeal to you because I know your efforts are far more thorough than 2k's. Thanks again for all of your hard work!

Wyte Knyte said...

Hey man I corrected the lineups for cleveland and they are only an 82 overall. I love ur updates and I just want you to know that I think I have something that can save u some time on the lineups. if ur interested message me on Xbox Live. my gamertag is XxWyte KnytexX.

Rashidi said...

Suns were blown out by the Lakers minus Gasol.

Me thinks I can safely stand by my comments.