Monday, November 16, 2009

SRS Power Rankings 11/16/09

I'll be releasing a roster update later tonight. Until then, here are the new SRS rankings...

Hawks 8.74 (Don't look now but the balanced Hawks are the top team in the east)
Celtics 7.97 (Age rears it's ugly head... Pierce played hurt vs Indy and it cost them)
Heat 4.93 (So far so good... but I don't expect them to fare well once injuries hit)
Cavaliers 3.74 (Ben Wallace was quite underrated it seems)
Pacers 2.93 (Dahntay Jones lead the way in shocking Boston)
Magic 2.74 (Rashard Lewis returns this week)
Pistons 1.28 (Injuries starting to take their toll)
Raptors 1.13 (League's best offense still held down by league's worst defense)
Bucks 1.12 (Jennings is the real deal, but an easy schedule has contributed heavily to Redd-less success... they will fight for the 8th seed which is better than most predicted)
Bulls -1.24 (Lacking offensive firepower, which we all knew was coming when Jannero Pargo replaced Ben Gordon)
Wizards -2.00 (Jamison returns soon, but will he be enough?)
Bobcats -5.06 (They're the best of the bad. That's all I can really think of.)
Sixers -6.89 (Just lost Marreese Speights which is very bad news)
Knicks -9.69 (It can't get much worse... until you consider team has been relatively healthy, so they CAN get much worse...)
Nets -11.23 (See above, except the Nets actually are all hurt)

Blazers 7.15 (Mix a healthy Oden with last year's top offenese and we have a winner).
Nuggets 6.34 (Big win against the Lakers this week)
Mavericks 6.09 (Josh Howard down with injury again)
Rockets 4.97 (Just imagine how good they'd be with a healthy Yao & T-Mac)
Lakers 4.00 (Losses to the Nuggets and Rockets re-affirm that this team needs Pau Gasol if it's to stay on top)
Thunder 3.79 (Losing to the Clippers has to be maddening a night after beating the Spurs)
Spurs 3.57 (Team is weak defensively beyond Duncan, whose mins will be limited all year)
Suns 2.56 (Blowout loss to a Gasol-less Laker team reaffirms what I said last week)
Kings 0.29 (Paul Westphal = COTY right now IMO)
Jazz -0.18 (Injuries continue to mount)
Clippers -4.19 (Still trying to hang on til Griffin returns)
Hornets -4.49 (Just lost Chris Paul for a month, which is likely the season's dagger)
Warriors -4.78 (Just gave up 55 to a rookie PG)
Grizzlies -8.80 (Still can't defend for anything...)
Wolves -13.20 (Worst team in the league by far, especially when you consider how banged up New Jersey is... Wolves are only missing Kevin Love.)


Shelb said...

Raptor Update:
Marcus Banks gets 3MPG on the Raps. He's a notorious scrub. He needs to be in the 50's.

Weems is actually decent. Should basically replace ratings with Banks.

Bargs, IMO, needs an update. Who would've thought? He's actually really effective offensively AND decent this year defensively.

Jack is overrated. Needs to be lowered to the 60s. No idea what happened to him this year, but he just isn't doing it.

Wright's defense should be upped a bit. He's the best defensive player on the Raps (which means... what exactly? but still).

Amir Johnson is playing major minutes and being effective too.

Rasho is really only on the Raps for his leadership, his 61 rating is one or two too high.

Anonymous said...

Was Bryon Scott a bad coach? He's been relieved of coaching duties.

GermanNetsFan said...

love your roster..very good job! thanks!
PS: CDR needs a boost :)

Rashidi said...

Scott is a good coach, saddled with a bad roster. He did make some questionable decisions to start the year, like starting Morris Peterson and Julian Wright, though it's not as if the alternatives were any better.

Peja is not a good bet to last the season as a starter. Picking from Mo-Pete, Devin Brown, and Marcus Thornton is a no-win situation any way you slice it.

Okafor isn't the cutter Chandler is, he's more of a post player, which has cut into David West's shots (and thus effectiveness).

Maybe they felt he lost the team, because they were playing really poor defense compared to years past. Or maybe Scott complained about being a lame-duck coach that management was too cheap to extend, and asked for it.