Monday, November 23, 2009

SRS Power Rankings 11/23/09

Hawks 7.77
Celtics 6.40 (Faltering a bit after strong start, but still among league's elite)
Magic 4.20 (Got back Lewis but lost Nelson to injury... will they ever have a full roster?)
Cavaliers 1.53
Bucks 1.48 (Are they that good, or is the rest of the east just that bad? It's the latter, as they were in 9th last week but only went up 0.36)
Heat 0.74 (Falling hard back to mediocrity after ranking 3rd last week)
Raptors -0.26
Pistons -0.97
Bulls -2.15
Pacers -2.88 (losing to the Knicks will do that.)
Bobcats -4.19
Wizards -4.34 (Weren't they supposed to be a playoff team with Arenas?)
Sixers -6.58
Knicks -7.52 (Actually playing well over thier last three games)
Nets -11.87 (Starting to get healthy with Harris back and Lee on the horizon).

Lakers 6.96 (Gasol returns and they're on top after two games. Don't expect that to change.)
Nuggets 6.26
Blazers 6.00
Mavericks 5.98
Rockets 4.90
Suns 4.05
Spurs 3.88
Thunder 3.47
Jazz 1.73 (West's 9th best team would be 4th in the east. What else is new?)
Kings -0.28 (Would be the 8th best team in the east)
Hornets -1.12 (Winning games without Chris Paul, at least confirming Byron Scott didn't have the team playing as good as they should have. Playing Bobby Brown & Morris Peterson over Darren Collison & Marcus Thornton did him in.)
Warriors -2.90
Clippers -3.69
Grizzlies -6.33
Wolves -13.50 (Haven't won since barely beating Nets on opening night. They have a better chance of setting the league's futility record for lowest wins in a season. Nets are 30th in offense and 12th in defense. Wolves are 29th in offense and 24th in defense.)

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