Saturday, December 26, 2009

Association Sim (12-26-09)

Using my latest roster, let's see if association gets anymore realistic...


MVP: LeBron James (31.7 pts, 9.4 reb, 7.4 ast, 2.4 stl, 1.2 blk)
ROY: Tyreke Evans (13.6 pts, 6.6 reb, 6.3 ast, 1.9 stl, 0.6 blk)
SMY: Tracy McGrady (13.9 pts, 2.8 reb, 3.7 ast, 1.2 stl, 0.3 blk
DPY: Josh Smith (18.0 pts, 9.7 reb, 1.8 ast, 2.1 stl, 2.8 blk)
MIP: Chris Douglas-Roberts (15.0 pts, 5.9 reb, 1.3 ast, 0.7 stl, 0.9 blk)
COY: George Karl

All-NBA Teams (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
PG: Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Baron Davis
SG: Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant, Joe Johnson
SF: LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala
PF: Chris Bosh, Dirk Nowitzki, Josh Smith
C: Tim Duncan, Dwight Howard, Al Jefferson

All-Defensive Teams (1st, 2nd)
PG: Tyreke Evans, Rajon Rondo (that's interesting)
SG: Dwyane Wade, Trevor Ariza
SF: Gerald Wallace, LeBron James
PF: Josh Smith, Chris Bosh
C: Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan

All-Rookie Teams (1st, 2nd)
PG: Tyreke Evans, Brandon Jennings
SG: James Harden, Marcus Thornton
SF: Terrence Williams, Derrick Brown
PF: Blake Griffin, Tyler Hansbrough
C: DeJuan Blair, Hasheem Thabeet

This is the first time Tyreke Evans won ROY in my sim, and he's on pace to do it in real life at the moment. I dunno about all-defensive first team but we all know the game looks at reb/steal/block rather than how good a defender the player is.

McGrady won Sixth Man which I suppose is realistic if he were to play a full season off the bench. The reason he doesn't start is he's rated lower than Trevor Ariza, which is why Ginobili can't win it (he'll start over Bogans/Mason every time).


Let's take into account that players rarely get hurt in association sims and thus play more minutes than they would in real life.

James 31.7
Wade 29.8
Bryant 29.3
Anthony 27.6
Martin 26.7
Durant 26.5
Granger 26.1
Nowitzki 25.9
Bosh 23.5
Jefferson 23.4
Ellis 23.3
Roy 22.8
Johnson 22.5
Paul 22.4
Deron 22.1
Pierce 21.9
Parker 21.8 (39 mpg)
Rose 21.6
Stoudemire 21.3
Duncan 21.2
Redd 21.2
Howard 21.0
Harrington 20.5
Yao 20.2

Bosh 16.4 (4.7 off)
Wallace 13.2 (2.5 off)
Howard 12.9 (3.7 off)
Duncan 12.8 (3.4 off)
Lee 12.8 (3.3 off)
Okafor 12.5 (3.1 off)
Lopez 12.3 (3.7 off)
Gasol 11.5 (2.9 off)
Biedrins 11.3 (3.1 off)
Randolph 11.0 (3.1 off)
Love 10.9 (2.7 off)
Murphy 10.5 (2.1 off)
Noah 10.5 (2.7 off)
Jamison 10.1 (3.0 off)
Horford 10.1 (2.4 off)
Nene 10.0 (2.7 off)
Garnett 10.0 (2.3 off)

Deron 10.6
Rondo 10.5
Kidd 9.9
Nash 9.9
Calderon 9.1
Billups 8.6
Davis 8.6
Paul 8.5
Parker 7.8 (39 mpg)
Duhon 7.7
James 7.4
Rose 7.2

Rondo 3.0
Ginobili 2.9
Wade 2.8
Ariza 2.8
Paul 2.6
Bryant 2.6
Davis 2.6
James 2.4
Ellis 2.4
B.Wallace 2.2
J.Smith 2.1
Iguodala 2.0
Chalmers 2.0
Harris 2.0

Okafor 3.2
Duncan 3.1
Howard 3.0
J.Smith 2.8
Perkins 2.6
Haywood 2.6
Lopez 2.5
Bogut 2.5
Yao 2.3
Jefferson 2.3
B.Wallace 2.2
Wade 2.2
J.O'Neal 2.2
Kirilenko 2.2
Camby 2.1
Biedrins 2.1
Ty Thomas 2.1
Noah 2.0
Horford 2.0
Dalembert 2.0 (22 mpg)
Brand 2.0 (30 mpg)
Bynum 2.0
Dampier 2.0
Oden 2.0

As I've maintained in the past, it'd be GREAT if guys actually got hurt in assocations as that's the only thing stopping the game from producing realistic stats.


1. Nuggets
2. Lakers
3. Blazers
4. Rockets
5. Jazz
6. Warriors (only team that won't make playoffs this year)
7. Spurs
8. Mavericks
9. Thunder
10. Suns
11. Clippers
12. Kings (realism! 12th place west team w/ same record as 8th place east team!)
13. Hornets
14. Grizzlies
15. Wolves

1. Magic
2. Cavaliers
3. Hawks
4. Celtics
5. Heat (the top 5 teams, though not in the precise order)
6. Pacers (probably, if it weren't for their real-life injuries)
7. Raptors
8. Wizards
9. Sixers
10. Bobcats
11. Nets
12. Knicks
13. Bulls
14. Bucks
15. Pistons (best explanation i can muster? Ben Wallace missed 17 games which meant 17 starts for Kwame Brown)

1. Nuggets (lose in first round 3-4 to 8th seed Mavs - you have no idea how mad this gets me everytime! The 8th seed wins 1% of the time in real life!)
2. Lakers (lose in NBA Finals 2-4 to 1st seed Magic)
3. Blazers (lose in first round 3-4 to 6th seed Warriors)
4. Rockets (lose in first round 1-4 to 5th seed Jazz - at least they know about the T-Mac curse)
5. Jazz (lose in conference finals 3-4 to 2nd seed Lakers)
6. Warriors (lose in second round 3-4 to 2nd seed Lakers)
7. Kings (lose in first round 1-4 to 2nd seed Lakers)
8. Mavericks (lose in second round 3-4 to 5th seed Jazz)

1. Magic (NBA Champions)
2. Cavaliers (lose in second round 2-4 to 6th seed Pacers)
3. Hawks (lose in first round 3-4 to 6th seed Pacers)
4. Celtics (lose in first round 2-4 to 1st seed Magic)
5. Heat (lose in first round 1-4 to 4th seed Celtics)
6. Pacers (swept in conference finals by 1st seed Magic)
7. Raptors (lose in first round 2-4 to 2nd seed Cavs)
8. Wizards (swept in first round by 1st seed Magic)

Magic 16-4 (NBA Champions)
Lakers 14-9 (Lost in Finals)
Jazz 11-8 (Lost in Conf Finals)
Pacers 8-9 (Swept in Conf Finals)
Warriors 7-7 (beat Blazers in 7, lost to Lakers in 7)
Mavericks 7-7 (beat Nugs in 7, lost to Jazz in 7)
Celtics 6-5 (lost to Magic in 6)
Cavaliers 6-6 (lost to Pacers in 6)
Nuggets 3-4 (Yeah, a 1st seed loses first round in association EVERY TIME. Very realistic 2K.)
Hawks 3-4 (lost to Pacers in 7)
Blazers 3-4 (lost to Warriors in 7)
Raptors 2-4
Rockets 1-4
Heat 1-4
Kings 1-4
Wizards 0-4


Kurt Thomas
Lindsey Hunter
Marcus Camby
Brian Skinner
Adonal Foyle
Grant Hill
Kevin Ollie
Mark Blount

Aside from Camby this might be the most realistic list I've ever generated.

Jerry Sloan (he signed an extension in real life. at least Adelman and Karl didn't retire with him like they usually do)

Kobe Bryant (24.8) - ACCEPTED (he's probably signing an extension in real life so I'll just get rid of this anyway)
Kenyon Martin (16.5) - ACCEPTED (lol, how could he not?)
Shannon Brown (2.1) - DECLINED (as he will in real life)
Tyson Chandler (12.7) - ACCEPTED
Willie Green (3.9) - ACCEPTED
Sebastian Telfair (2.7) - ACCEPTED
Joel Przybilla (7.4) - ACCEPTED (he certainly will in real life due to his injury)
Jared Jeffries (6.8) - ACCEPTED
Nenad Krstic (5.8) - DECLINED (he wasn't happy in game)
Channing Frye (2.0) - ACCEPTED (not realistic, but then, so is being only 63 overall with a 90 3pt rating. Guess I have to take this one out.)
Eddy Curry (11.2) - ACCEPTED (biggest no-brainer of the year)
Peja Stojakovic (14.2) - ACCEPTED (ditto)
Darius Songaila (4.8) - ACCEPTED
Jason Kapono (6.6) - ACCEPTED
Vlad Radmanovic (6.8) - ACCEPTED
Maurice Evans (2.5) - ACCEPTED (somewhat surprising given that he's upset about PT, but also declined quite a bit beyond his displeasure)

Josh Howard (11.8) - DECLINED (this one is perhaps the most debatable in real life since Howard is coming off the bench but money is no object to Mark Cuban)
Delonte West (4.6) - ACCEPTED
Von Wafer (2.7) - ACCEPTED (Awesome, I left him in the FA pool and Memphis signed him to a realistic deal.)
Ryan Gomes (4.1) - DECLINED (that's my fault, I need to improve his ratings)
Chuck Hayes (2.1) - DECLINED (really? guess it's because of Yao, I might have to take that out since he's a bargain at 2 million)
Leon Powe (0.9) - ACCEPTED
Marcus Haislip (0.9) - DECLINED
Bill Walker (0.8) - DECLINED
Eduardo Najera (3.0) - DECLINED
James Jones (4.6) - DECLINED

I should note that I took out a lot of options to prevent the game from screwing up decisions (like 2010 opt outs that LeBron and co make).

1. Grizzlies
2. Knicks (haha, enjoy Jazz)
3. Hornets
4. Wolves
5. Pistons


I picked the Knicks and of their free agents, only Lee, Harrington, and Duhon wanted to re-sign. The rest all wanted to test the market. Nate was upset and refused to even negotiate. I'll pass on re-signing all of them, as my goal this off-season is to sign a big name player. (Though on that note, I wish I hadn't signed my rookies since that will cut into my cap space and the Knicks don't have any picks this year in real life).

LeBron, Wade, Bosh, and Johnson all re-signed with their teams before hitting the market, since teams get the first opportunity to sign them if they don't want to test the market. That is VERY, VERY annoying, as you should at the least be allowed to make them offers before they re-sign with their respective team. I don't even understand the point of re-signing your own players before the draft lottery, that doesn't happen in real life and it shouldn't in the game. The game should be smart enough to let you go over the cap for your own free agents even if they're in the FA pool.

That leaves the following players to pick from

87 Boozer (PF)
86 Amare (PF)
79 Lee (C)
78 Felton (PG) - RESTRICTED (um, what the hell 2K, he was restricted LAST YEAR)
76 Allen (SG)
76 McGrady (SG)
75 Scola (PF)
75 Robinson (PG)
75 Lowry (PG) - RESTRICTED
74 Shaq (C)
74 Hughes (SG)
73 Ty Thomas (PF) - RESTRICTED
72 Gooden (C)
72 Bynum (PG) - RESTRICTED
71 Outlaw (PF)
70 Brown (SG)
68 C.J. Watson (PG) - RESTRICTED (another player who is unrestricted in real life)
66 - J.J. Redick (SG) - UNRESTRICTED (uh, he's only coming off his rookis contract...)
63 Aaron Gray (C) - RESTRICTED (awesome how we have no control over this)
59 J.R. Giddens (SG) - RESTRICTED (sigh...)

The Knicks end up with Kyle Lowry (3 years), Tracy McGrady (2 years), J.J. Redick (2 years), David Lee (5 years, side note, why can't i offer him 6?)

Oh, and Al Harrington automatically re-signed for 6 years and 43 million. Don't ask me how that happened, since I certainly didn't authorize it.

Boozer signed with the Clippers to replace Camby, and to start over the 82 rated Blake Griffin. Can't say I'm surprised (that it's the Clippers making such a dumb move, or that 2K's AI could run the Clipper front office)

Larry Hughes and Luke Ridnour each replaced Boozer in Utah. Each got 4 year deals (though Ridnour's is worth about 2 million a year).

Shaq and Dampier go to Washington. Haywood goes to Detroit to replace Ben Wallace who signed in Minny to backup Jefferson/Love. Krstic replaces Damp in Dallas, while Gooden moves on to backup O'Neal in Miami. Ilgauskas meanwhile regains his starting job.

Matt Harpring re-signed with the Thunder for 3 years and the minimum. Did I mention I have Matt Harpring rated 25 overall? Why is this game trying to meet roster minimums during the FA period? Isn't that the point of the FA period? And why are these multi-year deals instead of one year pacts?

Your 2010 Knicks
C David Lee (79)
PF Al Harrington (76)
SF Wilson Chandler (76)
SG Tracy McGrady (76)
PG Kyle Lowry (75)
SF Danilo Gallinari (73)
PG Toney Douglas (70)
PG Chris Duhon (69) - Swapping him for the 80 rated PG the team drafted
SG J.J. Redick (66)
PF Jordan Hill (66)
PF Jared Jeffries (65)
C Eddy Curry (60)

Realistic? Considering all the 2K flaws and BS, I'd say it does about as good a job as it can get. You guys should tell me, though.


Shelb said...

2K really needs to make each team different. I don't think they've made certain teams/cities more "important" than others, and thus guys like Ben Wallace leave Detroit for Minnesota. If they had each team rating say from a scale of 1-5 for certain attributes (Weather, History, Fan Base, Marketability, etc) and give each player his own preferences (East/West, Hot Weather/Doesn't Matter, Big Market Team, Hometown, etc) and even friendships/"enemies" (The Team USA Squad, The Old Early/Mid-00's Clippers Crew, Nash/Dirk, Kobe vs Kobe, etc) the free agent signings would be alot better. A 7th seeded, first round booted Raptors team is not going to resign Chris Bosh before he even talks to other teams and neither will the Cavs get LeBron if they fail to even make the Finals.

Does editing Durability effect injuries in Association? Maybe often injured guys need a 0 rating?

Other than the Rebounding ratings, which seem impossible to adjust for simming, everything seems pretty spot on.

Thumbs up...

Rashidi said...

Ben had decreased 4 pts overall which strictly made him a backup center. Detroit went younger/better with Haywood, though you'd prefer to see Big Ben stick as the backup center due to loyalty (perhaps that should be higher? too bad you can't edit those like a lot of other association features).

As far as I can tell, that "re-sign free agents" period before the draft is the only time you can offer a six year deal. They need to change their AI and erase that period since it doesn't exist in real life. Either that or you need to alter LeBron and co's personalities so they actually make it to free agency. They rarely do, and when they do decide to explore, they end up re-signing anyway. I find it funny how the 8th seed will beat the 1st seed or the amount of ridiculous trades in this game but when it comes to re-signing LeBron the Cavs will do it every single time.

Injuries do happen in association, the problem is they are minor injuries that don't take the player out of the lineup. Injuries need to be more severe, and they need to actually bench some of these guys when these injuries are giving them -10 overall and there is a suitable replacement on the bench. Either that or there needs to be a risk of further aggravating the injury if the player continues playing through it.

Players should be able to get hurt and miss 3-6 months. Instead it seems like every serious injury lasts one month, maybe 6 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Rashidi, rebounds, steals and blocks numbers are off.

In real life (this and last year) how many players have more than 2 blocks ?

how many with more than 2 steals ?

how many with 10 rebounds ?

Not trolling around but guiding you to check those areas.

I tend to do some edits my self and even without injuries, I dont get such amount of players over those references.

Also, you need to finish your tendencies as players like Rose and Howard would not reach the 20´s if you had adressed them.

Also, how are your team numbers comming ?

Rashidi said...

As I believe I mentioned, it's because of the minutes played, as the CPU readjusts rotations throughout the year. Next time I think I will turn injuries off and control all the teams, to ensure the minutes don't get screwy.

Dwight Howard averaged 20 pts the last two seasons averaging 36 mpg. Not exactly much wrong with him averaging 21 in 39 mpg.

Anonymous said...

You should replace the terrible looking players like Arroyo and Andersen with CAP that can be found on 2kShare. That'll make your roster a little bit better than it already is.

Shelb said...

I didn't mean Ben would necessarily stay in Detroit (although IMO he would) but the chance he goes to the T Wolves were he would be a back up anyway? Nah, I doubt that. Wallace isn't playing for his first ring, but he's not playing for the money either.

And yes, I do see him staying in Detroit until he retires out of loyalty. I'm sure he feels like an asshole for jumping to the Bulls in the first place and Detroit was really the only place giving him a chance this year.

Rashidi said...

Big Ben DID leave Detroit for the money though.

In any event it's not that big a deal as he declined pretty steeply and he probably only had another year left in the league.

Shelb said...

Yeah, I think he's regretted that quiiiite a bit. That was one of the most non-sensical contracts in history. Probably the worst Non-Isiah move in decades. He'll retire a Piston, which won't be too long anyway.

Anyway, the idea of what I was saying was that sometimes I play an Association and in Year 2 I find Wade or LeBron or whomever on some really random teams that could never sign a Superstar of that caliber unless said player was going to be closer to home or was actually not concerned about money (There's the Big Money markets, the Medium of the Road Money Markets, The Low Money Markets and than there's Minnesota). Just makes alittle more sense to have teams like the Lakers and Knicks mean more to Free Agents than Oklahoma City or Milwaukee.

Also, they need to work in the BiAnnual Exception and have traded Draft Picks assigned to correct teams and forbid players from trading two consecutive draft picks. Not to mention splitting the Mid Level between two players and unless I'm mistaken, NBA teams are not allowed to sign players to the MLE, trade them and then sign another player to the full MLE, but in the game we can. I'm nitpicking now though.

Mavic said...

From my experience, 2K is pretty realistic. Your sim results are interesting but I don't think Grant Hill will retire or JJR will come to Knicks (read my blog about the Knicks). Other than that, it's on spot!

Anonymous said...

From 2-5 PM PST, play one of the 2K Sports Marketing Team (Ronnie 2K) on 360. Hit him up for a game on the gamertag Ron2K.


Rashidi said...

Haha I missed it, he wouldn't play me anyway, he knows who I am.

Remy said...

For future reference, when the CPU re-signs your own players without your consent, it's because you simulated past the task. What you need to do is go back to the Off-Season task list, press A on re-sign players and press "Advance past task." It'll warn you about dropping all players in the FA pool. When you click to start another task and choose to simulate up to it, it gives the computer control of what to do. Faulty design by 2k considering you can choose to have the CPU do whatever in the Association customization menu.

Rashidi said...

Thanks for the heads up, I'll make a note of that in future association writeups.