Sunday, December 13, 2009

Jonathan Bender signs with Knicks

This was quite unexpected. I'd read earlier in the year that Bender was making a comeback, and that Knick GM Donnie Walsh would be keeping tabs on him. That was all the news we got until this signing. I have no idea what type of shape Bender is in, or where his game is at, whether he can make a significant contribution to this team, or whether this is just a feel-good story designed to get NY some solid PR.

Bender, now 28, retired in 2006 due to chronic injuries that derailed his promising career. He was a 7 foot swingman drafted out of high school, another player in the "next KG" mold. If you asked me what current player he reminds me most of, I'd say Sacramento's Donte Greene. Greene is 6'11" and notably starting at SG for the Kings right now, and that's the type of player Bender was - a 7 foot guard that could block shots extremely well due to his height and athleticism.

This is why the shape Bender is in is so important. I don't expect he will fly for dunks like he used to, but if he's maintained his shot blocking ability, he is essentially a better shooting Jared Jeffries. Presuming Bender's slower now, he could be more similar to Yi Jianlian now - a faceup PF with decent quickness but a limited post game. In the grand scheme of things, we're looking at a player who is clearly a reserve going forward, and probably a 3rd string. But not every player has to be an impact player. Sometimes, they just need to remind us that hard work pays off, even when there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are my tenative ratings for Bender.


Jonathan Bender

Height: 7’0”
Weight: 225
Hand: Right
Years Pro: 3
Age: 28
Jersey Number: 24
Personality: Neutral
Position: PF
2nd Pos: SF
Style: Faceup

Overall 55
Inside 70
Close 67
Medium 70
3PT 75
LowPost 54
FreeThrow 75
Layup 49
Dunk 58
StandDunk 50
OffDribble 53
InTraffic 45
Handle 54
OffHand 44
Security 40
Pass 30
Block 63
Steal 30
Hands 58
BallDef 40
OffReb 47
DefReb 46
OffPost 53
DefPost 46
OffAwr 55
DefAwr 55
OffClutch 25
DefClutch 25
Consistency 25
Stamina 70
Speed 54
Quickness 55
Strength 37
Vertical 64
Hustle 40
Durability 25
Potential 65
Emotion 25

Role: Bench
Option: None
NT: No
2010: 457K


Anonymous said...

Dang dude you have it all on this site!!! Truely fresh and appreciated...Im updating my rosters now, Im unable to connect my Xbox to Internet so between operationsports and your site this is how I keep my 2k updated. Not sure if you posted or if you have even done it but do you have roster updates for other teams?

Thanks for what you done already,

Anonymous said...

Are you going to be posting the tendencies for each player as well?

Anonymous said...

hey great site and its great to read your updates and blogs.

will you be posting up rating changes for other teams other than knicks and lakers?