Thursday, December 3, 2009

This is what you got in five days?

2K made another roster update after posting one on 11/28. They updated again today when Allen Iverson signed with Philadelphia (something I added to my roster last week, mind you).

Here's a list of all the "changes" made in the roster.

Iverson switch to PG
Andrew Bogut: +1 overall (+10 block)
Luol Deng: +3 overall (+28 OffReb, +14 DefReb, both overrated by about 5 points)
Mike Bibby: +1 overall (+10 close)
Josh Smith: +1 overall (+18 close, undeserved)
James Harden: +2 overall (+14 3pt)

Way to half-ass it.

As I've stated previously, all the usual suspects (Ilyasova, Redick, etc) are still 10+ points underrated while the most this "Insider" can do in 5 days is edit one attribute on 5 players.



Anonymous said...

Haven't been here in a while, but you are still downing the 2K insider?

Dude, we get it. Your ratings are better.... I use them myself. BUt this constant criticizing of the 2K insider like he is your little brother has to stop. Its getting in the way of your great project.

Appreciate the work, but not the atttitude.

Chronz said...

Dont listen to him man, those guys are morons who dont understand the value of APBR. Look man it seems like your more up to sniff than everyone else, but I dont see them always playing out in your ratings. Id like to join your team, think I can help you with integrating and applying those stats into the game.

Rashidi said...

When 2K Sports steps up their game, I won't have a reason to criticize. Their ratings and rosters have always been lacking. It is a major issue that they have not addressed in 10 years.

It is not like their NBA game is the only one with ridiculous ratings either, their MLB ratings have been absolutely horrific (to top off the poor game play).

I'm not saying I could do a better job. I'm saying even a dope could do a better job. They work at a snails pace and even then half their changes don't make sense.

Rashidi said...

I could understand working slow if it meant you were meticulous and got things right in the end. "Slow and stupid" is not the same as "Slow and steady".

TheX said...

2k is fucking awful at revising and editing their games before coming out with on PC and i cant even play online and no patch has come out in over 4 months.....the ratings on 90% of the players are compeltely wrong and the game has 100s of glitches that havent been taken care of.

Furthermore their menu sucks like shit and is impossible to understand and their shot help "prefect","too early" etc is fucking stupid....