Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Center Ratings. Because great comedy always comes in twos.

Thanks to the folks at Sports Gamer, we've got a double whammy of hilarity.

I'll spend a little more time on this one to change it up.

Sometimes, great irony happens by accident. I'm spending this this one talking about the Lopez twins, Robin and Brook. Robin is rated higher even though brother Brook was projected to go as high as 3rd in the draft before falling to 10th. Robin was a lower first round pick that was a reach for the Suns at 15.

Robin is actually tied with guys like Eddy Curry and Rasho Nesterovic for 20th highest rated center in the league. These are guys who have spent most of their careers as starters.

Robin is also higher rated than Joel Pryzbilla, Nazr Mohammed, Mark Blount, and Anderson Varejao. Robin prays every night before he goes to sleep that he will one day be as good as Varejao.

What else do we know about comedy? Tragedy isn't far behind! The Collins twins Jason and Jarron are the worst rated centers in the league after Jerome James, who played all of 2 minutes last year. Isn't there a rule that says one twin has to actually have talent? Horace Grant and Harvey Grant? Ethan Shaw and Jerry Shaw? Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? The Kool-Aid man and Zach Randolph?


RapboY said...

exactly what caught my attention, the lopez brothers i mean.. i actually looked like 5 times to check if i had their names and teams right.. lol.. you're gonna be doing a lot of editing rashidi..

julian said...

I hope in your edit the Nets will get some love. Boone a 71? He had more double doubles in his draft class not names Aldridge. Robin < Brook? wtf.