Friday, September 26, 2008

Stephon Marbury - my first published 2k9 edit

Using the formulas of the 2k Insider, here are the changes I've made to everyone's favorite headcase from the 2k9 defaults. Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome.

Let me know who you'd like to see in the future too!

Stephon Marbury
Overall 80
Close 81
Med 78
3pt 83
FT 77 (up from 72)
Layup 91
Dunk 58 (down from 66)
Handle 96
Pass 80 (up from 78)
PostOff 55 (up from 51)
PostDef 59 (down from 64)
Block 52 (up from 51)
Steal 65
RebOff 61
RebDef 56
Speed 92
Stam 95
Dur 85 (down from 95)
DefAwr 74 (down from 78)
OffAwr 83 (up from 80)
Potential 85 (down from 90)
Strength 78
Vertical 80
Off Dribble 81
In Traffic 81
Quickness 93
Hustle 66 (down from 73)
Hands 94
Ball Defense 76
Standing Dunk 50


Misugi said...

it's gonna be a wait and see for Starbury, cause he said he said he's in the best shape of his life

Rashidi said...

Players say that all the time though. I'll believe it when I see it, and there's a chance he could be even worse for the Knicks or whatever team he ends up with. He did miss most of last season with an injury and will be in a new coaching system no matter what happens.

All that said, this is a pre-season edit for Marbury and as always I'll make any adjustments deemed necessary as the season progresses.

bobday said...

I think he is tired of all the critics and will play with a mad on. That might result bad shots and more TOs tho, but he will play more defense I'm sure :)
But right now lowering the defensive awareness and hustle is well appreciated
we'll see

keep it up

Badwolf said...

I'm new to 2k nba games, but I did a lot of rosters for Live.
It's impossible to rate Marbury as he is atm, we can only rate his old seld. If def awareness 74 means he's an above awarage defender, then it's wrong. I wouldn't give him more then 65. Then again, ratings in 2k9 might work differentlly. Was he ever a really solid 3p shooter? All in all, i'd put him lower based on last yera's performances, but it's hard to say.

Rashidi said...

Good point BadWolf. Marbury is tough to edit because he had an injury shortened season and it's arguable just how hard he was playing given all the distractions surrounding him.

According to my 2k8 ratings and the 2k8 calculator that figures all this stuff out, 74 DefAwr is below average for a starting PG. The average for starting PGs by my 2k8 rosters was 78.

Breaking down Marbury defensively vs the average starting point.
Marbury - Average
PostDef 59 - 59
Block 52 - 54
Steal 65 - 76
DefAwr 74 - 78
On Ball Defense 76 - 80

So I don't think there's any mistaking Marbury is below average for a starter, though he is probably about average when compared to 2nd string backups.