Monday, September 29, 2008

ROTFLMAO power forward ratings.

The PF ratings were just posted on Sports Gamer.

Okay, just glancing at them, here are my thoughts.

Al Jefferson > Chris Bosh


Al Jefferson > Carlos Boozer


Al Jefferson = Dirk Nowitzki


Malik Allen > Chris Wilcox/Nick Collison/Joe Smith/etc/etc/etc


Marreese Speights = Antonio McDyess


Reggie Evans = Malik Rose

You should just kill yourself for that one Insider.


RapboY said...

ok, request for one of your next edits.. DIRK!

wow 91.. i'm a fan, but what the hell, i think he should at least be a 94.. he's just 1 year removed from his mvp crown, and he's got a better system working for him this year (like a much more offensive-minded coach, and jason kidd hopefully adjusting at last..)

so yeah.. you gotta edit my man dirk! thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

You fail, Al Jefferson is the truth, he is absolutely worth what he got.

You have a terrible bias against small market teams.

Rashidi said...

Al Jefferson is a good player. Let me know though when he makes an All-Star team, much less an All-NBA team.