Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rodney Stuckey edit

Since Numero Dos seems hellbent on editing Stuckey the first chance he gets (two weeks from now), I figured I'd beat him to the punch.

As always, comments, questions, concerns, etc are welcome. Suggestions for who my next published edit should be are appreciated too. I've finished 74 players and only shown you two so far.

Side note: There is surprisingly little YouTube footage on a guy who seems to be pretty popular. Even footage of those "legendary" games against Orlando where he filled in for Billups, most of the highlights are of Rip Hamilton, the true hero and savior.

Oh yeah. If Johan Santana doesn't win the Cy Young over Brandon Webb, the award is a bigger joke than I originally thought. I'm pretty sure I say that every year though... (liek I kno, not a baseball blog. yet.)

Rodney Stuckey
Overall 78 (up from 74)
Close 80 (down from 86)
Med 74
3pt 59
FT 81
Layup 93
Dunk 83
Handle 92
Pass 80
PostOff 60
PostDef 64
Block 53
Steal 83 (up from 80)
RebOff 67 (down from 68)
RebDef 68
Speed 90
Stam 90
Dur 80
DefAwr 74 (up from 61)
OffAwr 78 (up from 74)
Potential 71
Strength 72
Vertical 80
Off Dribble 80
In Traffic 77
Quickness 93
Hustle 82
Hands 86
Ball Defense 75 (up from 73)
Standing Dunk 65 (down from 75)


Anonymous said...

Don't pretend you know baseball, Tim Lincecum is the leader in almost every stat category and had the bullpen blow at least 6 wins for him. Stick to hoops.

Anonymous said...

Johan will not even finish in the top 3 as far as cy young is concerned, not to knock him, there have just been other more statistically efficient pitchers. CC Sabathia, Tim Lincecum, Brandon Webb, and Brad Lidge. & I'm not even so sure Stuckey's close rating is that low, but thats just me.

Rashidi said...

Santana leads the NL in ERA and Quality Starts. Off the top of my head he's also tops in innings pitched, and innings per start.

The Mets bullpen blew far more Santana leads than the Giants pen did to Lincecum. I already researched that like two weeks ago.

The only thing Lincecum has is strikeouts.

Santana also did everything in his power to pitch his team into the playoffs, whereas Lincecum's team is far from it. The media members that vote for MVP and Cy Young heavily favor players on playoff teams.

CC only played half the season in the NL though he is the most likely to get it if Santana doesn't. Lidge had a good season but I'm only in favor of giving Cy to a reliever when there are no great starters, and there were three.

Brandon Webb recorded 22 wins, don't get me started on how flawed the wins stat is. He had a 3.40 era and benefitted from great run support.

bobday said...

The three baseball posts show how Stuckey is a major character in today's basketball.
I would like to see a Deron Williams CP3 rating comparism next.

Anonymous said...

"I know there are voters who don't think they can vote for a pitcher who's 17-5, when Brandon Webb has spun a terrific 22-7, 3.24 season off his acehood assembly line. But I'd like all those voters to do me a favor: Ignore the wins column.

Tim Lincecum

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin
Consider this: Tim Lincecum has cranked out a stat line of his own that is not only more spectacular than Webb's (wins notwithstanding), but is historic: a 2.66 ERA (barely second to Johan Santana), 252 strikeouts (most in the NL), a .223 opponent batting average (first in the league) and 10.31 strikeouts per 9 innings (also first). So how many right-handed pitchers can match Lincecum's wins, winning percentage and all those other numbers in any season in history? How about one: Pedro Martinez, in 1999. So forget that win gap.

Lincecum has had five saves blown for him. Webb has had one.

Lincecum has had five starts in which he gave up no more than one earned run and didn't win. Webb has had one.

Lincecum pitched for a team that was 28 games under .500 when he didn't pitch. Webb pitched for a team that led its division most of the year."

Linceum Wins! said...

Linceum has more wins than Santana at the end of season.

i am a giants fan and i should know theres at least 5 wins that Tyler walker himself blows it for Lincecum.

and not to mention Linceucm is playing for the offensive less Giatns and still be able to get 17 wins. as for the mets, they are suppose to be better than this but ya it will all depends on if MEts make the playoff, eitherway Lincecum one more start today, he should win the Cy Yong.

Anonymous said...

if cliff lee wins for AL cy, then lincecum should win .

Rashidi said...

I don't have the time at the moment to show you the stats so here's what you can do.

Go to Tim Lincecum's game log

Check the logs for each of Lincecum's no-decisions. He pitched 11. Click each game and count how many leads the bullpen cost him.

Then do the same for Santana's no-decisions here (he also has 11)

I already did this in a post at GameFAQs like two weeks ago, I'd rather not retype the results again.

Lincecum never went past the 7th in any games until recently, and off the top of my head the Giants pen blew mostly 1 run leads. Santana by comparison had a 3 hitter and a 4-0 lead through 8 innings vs the D'Backs I think it was, and the Mets pen blew it. It's pretty well known how hard-luck Santana was this year, how else can you lead the league in Quality Starts (if you don't know what QS is, it's 3 runs or less allowed and 6+ innings pitched) and only finish with 16 wins?

Rashidi said...

Anyway it's besides the point now as the Mets missed the playoffs and Santana won't be the media now as a savior that carried his team to the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

What would your Joe Johnson edit be, because in 2k9 he is ridiculously rated the same as 2k8. Given, he had a better overall season in 06-07 than last year, but he had as good a 2nd half of last year as anybody (not named Kobe/Lebron/ Paul).

If you really know all of the players and their talents, answer this. How can Joe only be a 89 (in 2k8 and again in 2k9) when Ginobli is a 90 and Caron is a 91. Do Caron and Manu demand double teams on a nightly basis? No, because they have experience all-stars around them.

Boston change their whole DEF strategy vs ATL in the playoffs after Joe ripped them with 20 4th qtr points in gm 4. Even the mighty Celtics were forced to double team him and found out why he has been an all-star two straight years. He does all this without getting many calls and a lot FTs and he can drop 30=ppg on a team primarily shooting mid range jumpers and posting up. How many guys (besides Kobe, Allen, and Redd) can do that?

So Rashidi, how would you edit Joe Johnson 2k9 ratings?

Rashidi said...

Manu and Butler are rated higher than JJ because they are higher regarded defensive players. In particular, both are annually among the league leaders in steals. JJ probably has the worst steal rating of any of the top 20 SGs. Steals aren't everything on defense but both players are generally better defensively, JJ's got the body of a SF so his post defense is probably better than Manu's but that's really it.

One of JJ's strengths is he is a workhorse that doesn't sit on the bench. He plays 40 mpg while Manu is playing 30 (although that makes Manu's equal production much more impressive). Stamina is one of the ratings that does not factor into overall rating calculation. Nor is durability.

Over an 82 game season I would take JJ but when all are healthy he'd probably be my 3rd choice.

Anonymous said...

please do a brewer edit because he is rated lower than almound