Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hey everybody! Welcome to the blog of that lovable NBA 2K roster editor Rashidi! I have been editing players for the NBA 2K series ever since the feature was allowed in 2k3. I am entering my seventh season of editing which should be even more comprehensive than in the past.

Last year's Player Edit Guide can be found here:

Thanks to 2K Sports, who came up with the 2K Share feature, my roster work will now be downloadable via XBox Live (and soon to be whatever they call that PS3 network). Gone are the days of tedious manual updates - you can get my updates and the click of a button. Ahh, technology.

It should be dually noted that 2K Sports also brought the concept of "Living Rosters" to NBA 2K9. They will be updating their rosters on a (hopefully) more than per 2 month basis now as this project will be overseen by the "2K Insider" (Or as I prefer to call him, number two).

The "other" 2K Insider.

Playful jesting aside, this is going to be a very exciting year for me. I've never been tested like this before and I'm looking forward to the challenge. And that only means good things for fans of NBA 2K!


Anonymous said...

I like your stuff but dude you have an ego

jwilde86 said...

This is cool. Hopefully you drop Lebron/Wade and raise Richard Jefferson. ^_^

Rashidi said...

LeBron got dropped, haven't checked Wade out yet.