Saturday, September 25, 2010

John Wall's Official NBA 2K11 Ratings

With the release of the NBA 2K11 ratings, as well as news that rookie Michael Jordan would only be 79 overall, there was quite a bit of backlash when fans found out #1 pick John Wall would enter the game with an 81 rating.

I have acquired Wall's detailed ratings, and you may now critique away.

John Wall
Overall 81
Inside N/A
Close 70
Medium 75
3PT 66
PostShot N/A
FreeThrow 75
Layup 96
Dunk 66
StandDunk 30
OffDribble 71
InTraffic 58
Handle 93
OffHand 91
Security N/A
Pass 84
Block 39
Steal 77
Hands 88
BallDef 84
OffReb 36
DefReb 39
OffPost 27
DefPost 28
OffAwr 82
DefAwr 77
OffClutch N/A
DefClutch N/A
Consistency N/A
Stamina 99
Speed 96
Quickness 98
Strength 46
Vertical 98
Hustle 82
Durability 85
Potential N/A
Emotion N/A

An excerpt from the experts @ Draft Express

The most glaring weakness we can recognize revolves around his ability to operate in the half-court. According to the data we have at our disposal, Wall’s field goal percentage in transition situations sits at an amazing 77%. Once he’s forced to play in the half-court, though, his field goal percentage plummets to just 40%. Similarly, he’s been able to draw fouls in the half-court on just 10% of his possessions, as opposed to 27% in transition.

Wall’s ball-handling skills in tight spaces are currently not up to par with his amazing athleticism. His ability to change speeds and directions when creating his own shot out of a stand-still position is just average right now, as he tends to struggle if he can’t just blow by his defender purely with his first step. He overwhelmingly favors driving left (doing so in 71% of his possessions), and is mostly relegated to either passing or pulling up off the dribble if forced to drove right.

Because he’s a far better slasher at this point than he is a shooter, defenses tend to sag off him and force him to beat them with his still-erratic pull-up jumper. He’s been showing major improvement with it as the year’s moved on, though, so it will be interesting to see how he progresses in this area.

Due to Wall’s struggles and those of his teammates in the half-court, he is exceedingly turnover prone, ranking fourth amongst all draft prospects in turnovers per-40 minutes pace adjusted, at 5.2. He’s forced to carry an awfully big share of Kentucky’s offense—27.2% to be exact—and it’s clear his decision making skills still need work, something that will likely come in time with experience.

I believe it goes without saying that Wall's ball handling abilities were badly overrated. A 10-point drop in Ball Handle and Off-Hand Dribbling would reduce his rating by 2 points right off the bat.

The other concern I have (that DX doesn't mention) is defense. Wall might be good at getting steals and blocks but he is HARDLY a lockdown perimeter defender. He is an athletic 19 year old.

Defensive Awareness
82 Kevin Garnett
80 Kevin Durant
77 John Wall
76 Paul Pierce
75 Stephen Jackson

As a basketball junky who crunches numbers extensively, it is a bit infuriating to me that 2K actually thought John Wall's defensive intellect was only 5 points worse than a player two seasons removed from Defensive Player of the Year (Kevin Garnett), or that a "grizzled" teenager knows more about defense than veterans like Paul Pierce and Stephen Jackson. Get real, 2K Sports.

On-Ball Defense
90 Rajon Rondo
89 Kobe Bryant
85 LeBron James
84 John Wall
83 Andre Iguodala

Apparently, 2K thinks Wall at 19 years of age is on the cusp of an all-defensive team. We haven't even looked up any defensive metrics or references and these already don't pass the laugh test.

John Wall is going to be a great player, and could even be the best PG in the league given time. The point however, is that he's not there yet - he's not even top 10 until he shows us otherwise. Point guard is the deepest position in the entire league, and it is extremely unlikely that Wall will be an elite player right off the bat.


Shelb said...

John Wall's rating is off but there are worse. I really seems like 2K only focused on a handful of players for ratings this year.

Looking at the Heat, Wade and LeBron being rated the same is COMPLETELY about them being the same. They fudged the rating to bring up Wade. I'm willing to bet we'll see this on nearly every team: player x is rated something because he's "supposed to be".

Should make some people happy to know that teams aren't given numeric overall ratings anymore but ranked 1-30.

Rashidi said...

I'm working on all the star player ratings, and made some interesting discoveries for bigmen that will be released in my next post.

Anonymous said...

Ive noticed in pass nba 2k games that when your playing the computer,it has the same problems every year. (1) the computer steals the ball too dam much. (2) its very hard to get offensive rebounds. (3) Also the computer hits almost all there 3 pointers. Somtimes they dont miss at all, no matter how much defense you throw at them. another thing is, if the computer is beating you, you can always comeback by playing fullcourt press and double teaming the ballhandler for an easy turnover 90% of the time. We need sliders that can solve these issues. Rashidi maybe you can come up wit something in the sliders dept that would go with your rosters. That way the ratings you do could work even better with sliders that match up.

Anonymous said...

I thought there would be some kind of new rating?

see if you can find his tendencies.

Shelb said...

Video of all ratings.

Anonymous said...


You gotta try out this NBA Elite game. I just tried the demo and I was actually really impressed. I've bought 2k since 2k5 and I've always tried the NBA Live demos, but ended up not buying the game. This year may be different (haven't decided yet).

What I liked about the demo is that the gameplay is purely skilled based. You control all the dribbling and all the shots. With 2K you have really smooth player animations, but you can't control them and these end up being exploited in the game. But everything in Elite is controlled. As a result you have MUCH more realistic gameplay. With Kobe I was taking runners and fadeaways just like he does in real life. It takes a lot of skill just to break loose of your man and layups are extremely tough to do, almost impossible in traffic. Really the only way you can score on a consistent basis is through jumpshots and in the post, just like in real life.

The only reason I still think I'm gonna buy 2k is because the graphics and overall flow is much more polished. The Elite developers even admitted to sacrificing the graphics in order to create better gameplay.

But all of these gameplay exploits that we've been complaining about for years could be solved in this Elite series. That's why it might be the better game to buy.

Apparently next year, they're REALLY going to fix the graphics. So that may be the year to buy. But I'm just letting you know that Elite may end up being better than 2k in a year or two.

Rashidi said...

It has now been over a decade since I enjoyed an EA Sports game.

No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Read my post. I'm not saying this year. But maybe down the line Elite will be better than 2k.

Anonymous said...

that's then. this is now.