Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rashidi's 95-96 Chicago Bulls

Given that this team is sure to appear in NBA 2K11, I figured I'd get a head start on creating them. I took a look around 2K Share and was ultimately unsatisfied with the ratings of the 96 Bulls floating around. Not going to name names, but the top rated file on 2K Share has most of the backups with really unrealistic ratings.

Here's the job I did after about 2 days of editing. They're not necessarily perfect, but they're pretty darn good in my estimation, and also jive with the Synergy work I put in last month.

Bulls (90.5) - 82 Offense, 99 Defense, 90 Overall
95 – Michael Jordan (SG/SF)
89 – Scottie Pippen (SF/PG)
78 – Toni Kukoc (SF/PF)
77 – Dennis Rodman (PF/C)
74 – Luc Longley (C)
68 – Ron Harper (PG/SG) - 72 overall at SG
65 – Steve Kerr (PG) - 67 overall at SG
65 – Jud Buechler (SG/SF)
64 – Bill Wennington (C)
64 – John Salley (C/PF)
64 – Dickey Simpkins (PF)
63 – Jason Caffey (PF)
62 – Randy Brown (PG)
61 – Jack Haley (C/PF)
55 – James Edwards (C)

This team will be found in my most recent Synergy file on 360's 2K Share. Unfortunately, I can't update the main one (for whatever reason, 2K won't allow me to replace whichever file is my highest rated when I upload).

Now, it's time for the video game moment you've all been waiting for... the epic battle between the 1996 Bulls and the 2011 Heat.

Dwyane Wade meets Luc Longley

Luc Longley rejected by Joel Anthony; Ron Harper drills the trey.

LeBron destroys Jordan and Pippen (John Starks style).

When D-Wade Iso's Steve Kerr...

The Worm meets The King

John Salley blocks LeBron! (I spent 5 minutes flipping out because I could have sworn this was Jordan. Salley wears #22 and is likewise bald.)

Jordan layup in traffic

Michael showing off his hangtime

LeBron crosses Scottie Pippen

Wade blows by MJ for the dunk

The Heat prevailed 109-103, although I'm extremely annoyed that the game called multiple backcourt violations on Chicago on inbounds plays (there is no backcourt on an inbound 2K!), which affected the final score. Still, I've been saying for awhile that the Heat are very similar to the Bulls given their star-studded perimeter, collection of 3pt shooters, and random stiffs down low.

James: 34-5-7-3-0 (15-25 FG, 3-6 3PT, 1-1 FT), 41 mins
Wade: 16-3-3-2-0 (7-14 FG, 1-3 3PT, 1-1 FT), 5 TO, 4 fouls, 36 mins
Bosh: 15-14-3-3-0 (6-12 FG, 3-3 FT), 36 mins
Miller: 14-3-1-1-0 (6-10 FG, 1-4 3PT, 1-2 FT), 26 mins
Chalmers: 4-1-5-0-0 (1-5 FG, 0-2 3PT, 2-2 FT), 5 fouls, 22 mins

Jordan: 31-7-3-4-0 (13-21 FG, 2-4 3PT, 3-3 FT), 43 mins
Kukoc: 23-3-0-1-0 (10-14 FG, 3-3 3PT), 26 mins
Harper: 10-2-9-2-0 (4-8 FG, 1-1 3PT, 1-1 FT), 33 mins
Pippen: 10-4-1-0-1 (5-20 FG, 0-3 3PT, 0-1 FT), 36 mins
Rodman: 8-10-3-0-0 (4-6 FG), 4 TO, 3 fouls, 35 mins

LeBron and Jordan were neck and neck, while Pippen came up with a big stinker in this matchup. Kukoc played extremely well but it wasn't enough to combat Wade/Bosh/Miller.


Anonymous said...

did you make any changes to the coaches profiles?

Rashidi said...

I actually forgot to before uploading the roster, but fixed it after. I'll re-upload later.

Rashidi said...

Simming Lakers/Bulls now.
Kobe is 0-10 at the half (2 pts, 2-4 FT). Jordan similarly has 5 pts on 2-7 FG and 1-4 FT. In a battle of the nutjobs, Rodman has 13 and 10 while Artest has 12 (5-10 FG, 1-1 3PT, 1-2 FT). Bynum has 3 fouls in 11 mins.

Bulls lead 47-37, Bulls shooting 51%, Lakers shooting 34%.

Anonymous said...

Whats the best jumpshot for Jordan?

Rashidi said...

Bulls rip Lakers 106-67

Jordan: 16-4-1 (6-15 FG, 4-7 FT), 31 mins
Rodman: 15-11-2 (6-8 FG, 3-3 FT), 29 mins

Extensive garbage time that saw JAMES EDWARDS get 10 minutes (8 pts, 3 reb, 4-4 FG)

Artest: 16-0-1 (7-14 FG, 1-2 3PT, 1-2 FT)
Kobe: 15-1-2 (5-25 FG, 0-3 3PT, 5-7 FT)
Gasol: 13-20-2 (6-8 FG), 1-1 FT)
Fisher: 3-1-4 (1-8 FG, 1-4 3PT) 7 Turnovers!

Lakers backcourt clearly couldn't handle Bulls' superior perimeter defense.

Anonymous said...

WOW the ratings are pretty realistic. I do agree with almost all of them.

Up to what year (counting backwards) does synergy has integrally their work ? I mean, do they have their full stats gathered for the 1996 year ?

Since 2k11 seems not to come with the 93 SUNS, would you kindly make their roster rating next ? Based on that the series was MJs finals best, statistically speaking, it would be awsome to relieve it using your roster.

Rashidi said...

Synergy only provides 2010 data.

However, based on one's knowledge of the players and their roles, it's possible to make some tendency adjustments. After editing 400 players synergy tendencies, I don't exactly need data in front of me anymore to know how guys play... and if I don't remember, or need specifics, there's always youtube.

All the players have crap tendencies in other versions because they all have the CAP defaults which are hardly accurate.

Rashidi said...

Those Suns are probably my next team. I have no ETA on them but probably some time next week.

MJ23 said...

Listen Rashidi, You dont know jack shit about the chicago bulls. All your players dont even look like themselves. plus Phil jackson is missing as coach. Stop putting other peoples work down, when everybody knows somebody else has the chicago stuff on lock down. Look everybody , at all the player faces...they all went to default. Stick to what you know and leave the exporting teams to the experts that know how to put it together. I guess you dont know what else to do to get people to download your

Anonymous said...

Thats true, its garbage!!!! DoDo, Crap!!!

chicago fan said...

Rashidi, Do us all a big favor and stay with the mickey mouse stuff that you only know how 2 do. Leave this created team stuff alone and do some more research on your roster thats full of jersey number errors all over the place. Also dont make the excuse that there not all out yet...when they all are!!! Also your salaries need work Too. So before you start jumping into stuff you dont really know about fix the mess that you left behind. Thats why your not a top download, and will never be. your 96 bulls created team sucks bigtime...

Anonymous said...

Why dont they look like themselves??? Oh well, we'll wait 3 weeks for the real deal...

Anonymous said...

wow, you talk about copy cats.. when your a copy cat yourself... You copied someone elses team. Then you did you snergy crap to it, then you exported it to your unfinshed 2k11 roster. you also mentioned in other words that the other 96 bulls rosters on 2k share suck. Man you got sum balls. who do you think you are? The MAC DADDY OF 2K ROSTERS... Man go get a girlfriend cause your palms are hurt'n....what a scrub....

1 4 da money said...

You should go to your brothers ps3 next game where no one knows you... Cause your word is shit right now along wit ur rep.

Shelb said...

Jesus, homers coming out the woodwork. The '96 Bulls are arguably the best team ever but it's not like they were loaded 1-12. You guys need to relax.

Anonymous said...

Relax, Please... take a look 4 yourself and stop riding rashidis nutsack... Its garbage, and you know it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Stop putting other peoples work down when none of your rosters cant even stand next to any of the top downloads... Its insulting to say you have the best ratings in 2k share, when you really dont. you should retire!

Anonymous said...

Looks nothing like jordan...You need to learn how to create players that look like themselves, aside from playing like themselves. Another unfinished project....I wanna see what barkley looks like if you create the suns.

Anonymous said...

almost all of those are IcopyNpaste.
notice all the references to 'top downloaded' roster and 'jersey #'s'

and how close in time each post is.
how about you basketcase be rashidi's girl?

hard headed asshole meets annoying chickenhead

Anonymous said...

Damn, Sheed's got a lot of haters. Actually it sounds like it's all the same guy (MJ23, Chicagofan, then just gave up and used "anonymous"). Keep on doing your thing Sheed. No one else spends the time and effort that you do with your rosters.

Anonymous said...

Its a good job on ratings, but a bad job on looks.

Shelb said...

Rashidi isn't here to edit CAP's appearances. Do it yourself if you think you're a better CAP editor. But Rashidi's proven time and time again his ratings stand up to any one else's.

Bulls homers need to stop getting defensive about these too because everyone knows the 90's Bulls were one of the best decades for any team in history. Worry about your team now and not in the past. No one is denying history guys, just get a realistic mindset on things.

Anonymous said...

His ratings dont really stand up at all, and if they did it's because he's the only knuckle head doing it. Who else is doing ratings besides little kids playing around. This game is alright the way it is. We dont need anybody saying theres somthing wrong with it to have an excuse to fix it.

Anonymous said...

well, back to normal comments...

i would like to know your opinion on jordans game. how do you think he would do in todays game? you often make nice analyses on players.

the other player i would like to know your opinion is rodman. would he also today out rebound everyone?

i understand if you won't answer since it could start a bad debatte

Anonymous said...

If rodman was around today in his prime, He would lead the nba in rebounds. In one of his seasons with the bulls, he was out for a couple of months & still had way more rebounds than anybody in the league. Also won the crown for most rebounds average and totals. No one can stand next to him when it comes to rebounding...

Anonymous said...

Funniest part is all the haters are using rashidi's rosters! Gotta love the internet. Yellow Bellies everywhere

Anonymous said...


Rashidi said...

Listen Rashidi, You dont know jack shit about the chicago bulls. All your players dont even look like themselves. plus Phil jackson is missing as coach.

The appearances/settings are from Imperial's roster.

You know, the top rated file on 2K Share? Hate away, Basketcase. All I did was fix the ratings since Imperial had crap like Bill Wennington 85 Handle. LOL, maybe I should check your file for a comparison?

Rashidi said...

Btw, I found this funny.

MJ23 said...
Listen Rashidi, You dont know jack about the chicago bulls.
September 16, 2010 5:58 PM

Anonymous said...
Thats true, its garbage!!!!
September 16, 2010 6:02 PM

chicago fan said...
Thats why your not a top download, and will never be. your 96 bulls created team sucks bigtime...
September 16, 2010 6:11 PM

ROFL the only one who needs to get off my nuts is basketcase.

Rashidi said...

LOL, maybe I should check your file for a comparison?

LOL, oh wait, Basketcase doesn't even have the 96 Bulls in his roster, LMAO

Instead, he has gems like the 2007 Cavs and 4 CAT slots wasted on Celtic/Laker teams that we've already played ad-nausea the last 3 years.

Rashidi said...

By the way Basketcase, for all the hatred you spew towards me, I notice your Evan Turner has EXACTLY THE SAME RATINGS AS MINE

You still continue to copy/paste me even though you talk all this crap about how my ratings suck.

Btw, just curious, why is undrafted PG Jeremy Lin a 74 overall? I thought your roster was 100% legit and the most researched? ROFL sad

If you want to copy/paste me, you know where to find me.

Rashidi said...

Also, ROFLMAO Tiago Splitter 65 overall

Tiago Splitter = Solomon Alabi and Hamed Haddadi and < Daniel Orton in basketcase's highly researched world.

Sherron Collins w/ 68 overall compared to Shaun Livingston 64 overall ROFL

Every rating that you didnt steal from me flat out sucks. Go home.

Alonso said...

Hi Rashidi, could you please make the 1991 Bulls or 1992 Bulls? also could you post the stats (I have PC so I can't download 2K share for 360)

Thanks for you awesome work.

Anonymous said...

more retro team ratings PLEASE!

Anonymous said...


Rashidi said...

Currently working on the 93 Suns.

Anonymous said...

and i thought 2k's ratings were trash. bro you dont know jack about ball.

Anonymous said...


Is this 96 bulls team on your latest roster(12-5-10) as well?