Sunday, August 9, 2009

Insider Look (at my life)

I've been running a little behind on my rating releases. Here's why.

Saturday 5PM: Wrote up Sixers ratings.
Saturday 7PM: Surprise birthday party for best friend.
Saturday 9PM: Playing Beer Pong.
Saturday 10PM: Received phone call from my new job. They're opening two weeks early and ask if I can come in at 11AM tomorrow. I say sure.
Saturday 11PM: I'm drunk.
Sunday 1AM: We went to a bar? I left.
Sunday 4AM: Sleepy time.
Sunday 9AM: Oh ****.
Sunday 11AM: Workin it
Sunday 10AM: Not workin it.
Sunday 11AM: Pissed off that absolutely nothing happened in the NBA while I was gone. Venting on blog.

Right now: Prob gonna play 2k and Marvel vs Capcom to relax.

Monday 8AM: Good ol' steady job that doesn't call me in when I'm in the middle of getting bombed.
Monday 6AM: Holding a rehearsal for my show. I think.
Monday 11AM: Writing up Friday's ratings, and Monday's ratings.

VOTE FOR THE NEXT TEAM YOU WANT! Presuming you read this far, of course.

1AM: Just busted Cavs and Rockets asses using the Knicks online.


RoyPDXmvp said...

Hawks, Celtics, or Thunder my vote... Thx Rashidi!

jerry_kelvin said...