Thursday, August 27, 2009

NBA 2K10 ratings

I downloaded NBA 2K10 Draft Combine, and we're welcomed to a number of changes.

For one, we are now on a 25-99 scale instead of 50-99. This is to allow for greater player depth as well as the implementation of the D-League.

More importantly however, there are new rating categories, including the ability to edit clutch ratings I've been asking for the last 7 years.

2K also threw in descriptions for their ratings, which was about 5 years overdue. We were left guessing what ratings like quickness and offensive awareness really affected. Now we have concrete interpretations.

Bold denotes new ratings categories.

Shot Inside - Ability to shoot from underneath the basket.
Shot Close - Ability to shoot from close range.
Shot Medium - Ability to shoot from mid-range.
Shot 3PT - Ability to shoot from 3PT.
Free Throw - Ability to shoot free throws.
Shot Low Post - Ability to shoot from the post.
Layup - Ability to make layups, contact layups, and alley layups.
Dunk - Affects dunk success, ability to dunk in traffic, and alley dunks.
Standing Dunk - Ability to perform standing dunks.
Shoot in Traffic - Ability to shoot while in traffic.
Shoot off Dribble - Ability to shoot while coming off a dribble.
Ball Handle - Affects the type of dribble moves the player can perform.
Off Hand Dribbling - Ability to perform dribble moves with the non-dominant hand.
Ball Security - Ability to secure the ball while dribbling.
Pass - Ability to throw accurate passes.
Offensive Low Post - Ability to perform post moves.
Hands - Ability to catch the ball.
Offensive Rebound - Ability to grab offensive rebounds.

Defensive Low Post - Ability to defend in the post.
Block - Ability to block shots.
Steal - Ability to steal the ball.
Defensive Rebound - Ability to grab defensive rebounds.
On Ball Defense - Ability to guard and react when defending the ballhandler.

Hustle - Ability to dive for loose balls.
Speed - Affects how fast the player can run at full sprint.
Stamina - Affects the fatigue level while on the court.
Vertical - Leaping ability on dunks, rebounds, blocks and jump balls.
Durability - Ability to avoid injuries.
Quickness - Affects player agility while moving around the court.
Strength - Determines how successful the player will be when backing down in the post.

Offensive Clutch - Ability to perform on offense during late game situations.
Defensive Clutch - Ability to perform on defense during late game situations.
Emotion - Affects the type of reaction to referee calls.
Defensive Awareness - Help defense ability when picking up the ballhandler.
Offensive Awareness - Ability to react on loose balls and double teams.
Consistency - Ability to keep a shooting streak or get out of a shooting slump.

There are six new rating categories, not including the now editable clutch ratings. Here are my thoughts on each.

Shot Inside: This rating is music to my ears, because it takes away from the grey area of close and mid-range that we see in the NBA's hot zone charting that 2K employs. Inside shots are 6 feet and in. Close shots are 6-15 feet. Mid-range shots are 15 to the 3pt line.

Shot Low post: We now have Low-Post divided into two ratings. The shot rating will determine the success of shots, while the actual low post rating will determine what types of moves the player is capable of performing. We can now give a player like Ron Artest a solid post repetoire yet keep his success rate relatively low.

Off-Hand Dribbling: Honestly I need to see this one in action. In theory, it's nice that players will no longer be ambidextrous on the court. PGs will still be able to use both hands but it will surely penalize centers and other players that shouldn't be handling the ball.

Ball Security: This was another necessity, dividing the ball handling rating in half. Nate Robinson is a flashier dribbler than Chauncey Billups, but there is no question who is better at protecting the ball.

Emotion: I'm assuming players play better/worse if their emotions get the better of them.

Consistency: Hopefully this will fix the broken hot/cold shooting system. Role players shouldn't be lights out just on every shot just because they got two fastbreak layups.


Shat Attack said...

Hey, appreciate your work, can you do the Toronto Raptors ratings, thanks a lot!

kenrick said...

Hey.....Consistency was in 2k9 already...

kenrick said...

Hey.....Consistency was in 2k9 already...

Rashidi said...

Yes but it was hidden and not editable.

Anonymous said...

can you tell me wether shooting a midrange shot near the 3pt line is also affected by your 3pt rating? and why with 92 inside scoring rating i still get b- xD